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Saturday, March 17, 2018

New Russian army: robots, exoskeletons and “Barrage fire”

1 Oct your professional holiday is celebrated by the army. Before this event, an interview with “MK” was given by the commander of Land forces, Colonel-General Oleg saliukov.

Photo: mil.ru

— Oleg Leonidovich, what promising samples of weapons and equipment developed for Ground forces? What’s new suggested Ground troops of the defense industry in the forum “Army-2016”?

— In the course of International military-technical forum “Army-2016” enterprises of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation demonstrated their advanced developments in statics and dynamics. Most of the samples have been familiar, as developed by order of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

So, in the course of the forum the dynamic display of running features and demonstration firings of advanced models of armored vehicles and armament of the tank “Armata”, BMP “kurganets-25” and “boomerang”.

Besides the enterprises of the industry has been demonstrated many innovative developments in the creation of robotic systems for military purposes and unmanned aircraft, which are widely used elements of artificial intelligence.

— How are rapidly developing missile troops and artillery (Rvia), air defense forces, reconnaissance Ground troops?

— Given the modern degree of development of means of armed struggle leading armies of the world the ultimate goal of building Rvia armed forces defined their transition to a qualitatively new state — reconnaissance and firing system.

Currently in the final stages of the development of a new interspecific artillery system “Coalition-SV” with the innovative shooting mode “hail of fire”, during which several shells were fired from the same gun at different angles at the same time reach the goal. The combat capabilities of the complex in 2 times exceeds all existing domestic and foreign samples.

Created jet system of volley fire a new generation of “Tornado-s” with the increased performance in range, accuracy and new rockets of high power. The jet unit has received multiple rocket launchers “Tornado-G” that have the ability to auto-targeting combat vehicle on the purpose.

Antitank units are equipped with a new anti-tank missile complex “Chrysanthemum-s” with the unique ability to penetrate the armor protection of modern tanks in night and adverse weather conditions.

Created and fed to the troops of new means of radar (radar “Aistenok”, “Zoo-1M”), sound (ACP-7M), optoelectronic (PDP-4A) intelligence. Also in artillery formation received complexes of unmanned aerial vehicles, intended for reconnaissance and service of fire of artillery.

And, of course, not to say about the re-equipment of the missile forces with missile complex “Tochka” and “Tochka-U” at the present “Iskander-M”. To date, the majority of the rocket brigades has in his Arsenal this complex.

The company continues to equip air defense units with modern anti-aircraft missile systems. This is primarily vysokopoligonalnye SAM “Buk-MH”, one self-propelled unit which is capable of simultaneously firing 6 air targets. In combined arms it has to do anti-aircraft missile complex “tor-M2”. Today it is the world’s only complex of its class weapons, able to conduct reconnaissance of air targets and shooting on the move. Being equiped and modern MANPADS “Verba”, one of the best in the world in its class.

Photo: mil.ru

— Please tell us about the progress of the deliveries to troops of the new military combat equipment of the Land forces “Warrior”. What are the prospects for this equipment?

Combat outfit “Ratnik” is the military-industrial complex not only the Land forces and airborne troops, Marines and special forces including. At the moment, the troops received about 100 thousand sets, which are widely used in the process of combat training.

Experimental troop operation showed that the outfit is comfortable and ergonomic, specific complaints from the military is, therefore, the issue on increasing the annual supply of up to 70 thousand sets. But the improvement process does not stop, and now experts are working on ways to improve elements of the set in the research work of the “Warrior-3”. I think that the most successful technical solutions of “Warrior” in her will, but it will be equipment of a fundamentally new level on all components, systems, protection, destruction, life support, management and energy, with the use of an exoskeleton structures, the system displays the information and the targeting visor or goggles, climate control and monitoring the status of a soldier.


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