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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Kerry admitted to the Syrians that he “outwitted Russian”

The American media got an audio recording of the meeting U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry with representatives of the Syrian opposition, which he frankly admitted why Washington cannot openly fight Assad and supplying weapons to the rebels. Furthermore, he stated that he “outwitted Russian” and invited civil activists to overthrow Assad through a fair and peaceful election.

photo: AP

John Kerry.

The New York Times has obtained an audio recording of conversation of Secretary of state John Kerry with representatives of the civil society of Syria in the presence of diplomats of several countries, which took place on 22 September after the expiration of the truce in Syria between Assad’s forces and the opposition.

As follows from the submitted records during this meeting, Kerry lamented the fact that he was outsmarted by the Russians, and expressed disagreement with some political decisions of Obama.

In addition, Kerry explained why the US is acting cautiously in Syria. He said that unlike Russia, Washington adheres to the international rules and in order to force to help the opposition, you need to obtain a UN security Council mandate, but there this decision will veto the Russians and the Chinese. He also acknowledged that Russia acts in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate regime, and if such an invitation would be from the United States, they could be more active. Kerry called another circumstance that would allow Washington to use force in Syria “if we were attacked”.

Explained Kerry and why the US hesitates to supply the Syrian opposition weapons. He stressed that in this case will behave more actively and the other players – Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, “al-Nusra” (banned in Russia). Saudi Arabia and Turkey. “But in the end will destroy you,” Kerry told the participants of the meeting.

The publication notes that in the words of Kerry is clearly revealed his “disappointment and disagreement with the Obama administration”. However, at the state Department to comment on this audio recording refused, saying that the conversation was private.

The note also reported that the Syrian participants in the meeting left her demoralized.

Especially impressed the audience with the offer Kerry the Syrian opposition to go to elections in which you may participate and the current Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, against whom they are fighting. Kerry believes that Assad can be removed through fair and peaceful elections.


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