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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

For a breakdown of dilution of power in the Donbass may be the West

Ukraine disrupts the process of withdrawal of forces in the Donbass and threatened the agreement of the contact group. The LC, on the contrary, following the clauses of the agreement. On one of the specified sections of the separation line is now no soldier. Experts see the failure of the agreements, the interests of the West, which needs new levers of pressure on Russia on the Syrian issue.

Scheduled for Saturday the withdrawal of forces in the village of Petrovsky in the territory of the unrecognized Donetsk national Republic (DND) thwarted by the Ukrainian side. This was announced by General Sergei Medved is the representative of the Russian side in the Joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire (SCCC) in conversation with the command DNR.

The unilateral implementation of

“Collective West activates all possible methods of pressure on Russia, including the so-called Donbas crisis – civil war in the South-East of Ukraine”

According to Medved, the representative of Ukraine in SCCC major General Borys Kremenetsky told about the readiness of their units to withdraw, “however, signal that the APU (the armed forces of Ukraine) began to move in the rear areas, was not followed”. The withdrawal is postponed to a later date, which can be best on Saturday night.

Moreover, the Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin told about the survey data, which revealed close to Petrovsky of the Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles.

“Our investigation continues to identify the facts of finding banned weapons APU in the area of “ATO”, the line of contact. So, in the Petrovsky district, where there is a dilution of the parties, the detected concentration of two tanks, two infantry fighting vehicles and seven vehicles with ammunition”, – he said, adding that four kilometers from the contact line in the area of Bogdanovka marked the arrival on the territory of the plant “ALTCOM” seven trucks with ammunition, accompanied by a BTR-80.

In turn, the head of Department of the people’s militia proclaimed Luhansk national Republic (LNR) Oleg Anashchenko reported that representatives of Ukraine through JCCC declared unwillingness to take the forces and means in the area of Stanytsia Luhanska.

“Reiterate that we are ready to perform the framework agreement and all the tasks that we set (for removal). But Ukraine is not ready to withdraw its troops, the causes currently being investigated, and this will be announced later, said Anashchenko. – At the moment in the direction of Gold all the actions provided by the agreements and all activities performed”.

Later, the headquarters of the national police said, near the village of gold the withdrawal of forces is completed. According to the Deputy chief of staff Michael Filimonenko, left positions at the line of demarcation now no soldier of the LC.

“We took their units to the previously set distance, thereby fulfilled his part of the conditions of withdrawal of forces and means from the line of contact. The positions previously held by units of the people’s militia of LPR, not a single armed soldier as they require the Minsk agreement,” he was quoted Lugansk information center.

He spoke about the mine and dismantle the checkpoint at the Gold and equipment new items for our units and the completion of the demining “section of the road in this area.”

Another representative of the militia Andrey Marochko reported willingness to withdraw forces in stanitsa Luganskaya: “was taken, was filed machines for the evacuation of personnel from forward positions, also had prepared all things military. All ready to lead our forces and resources, we will wait for a response from the Ukrainian side”, – he said.

And at the headquarters of the defense Ministry LNR, RIA “Novosti” reported that the Ukrainian security forces shelled positions of the national militia near the village of Lugansk. “October 1, 2016 at 00.35 shelling from the direction of Stanitsa Luganskaya from small arms at our positions near the monument to Prince Igor,” – said in the headquarters.

Moreover, the APU is not allowed observers of the Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE to cross the bridge in the city Happiness of the Luhansk region because of its mining. “APU stopped and not allowed OSCE SMM to cross the bridge in Happiness due to the min Violation “of Minsk”. The SMM is able to observe, but she interfere,” – said the press service representative of the mission in Ukraine.

Three pilot plot

The decision of the Contact group on Ukraine about breeding forces in the Donbas was signed in Minsk on September 22. Agreed and the proposal of the OSCE in the three areas of the breeding effort and money. The document defines the procedure of breeding units of the opposing parties in the three pilot sites: petrivs’ke (DNI), and the Village Lugansk and gold (LC).

The armed forces are discharged by the parties to create a security plots not less than 2 km wide and 2 km deep. The whole process of withdrawal of forces and means, including preparatory activities, has no more than 30 days for each of the sites. The document also notes that its action extends on additionally agreed areas of breeding, which may be identified during further consultations”.

The fact that Ukraine will break the timing of the withdrawal of forces, has not previously been excluded Eduard Bacurin. “Breeding parties scheduled for October 1. We are fully prepared. Whether provocation from the Ukrainian side? Let’s see,” he said this week.

22 September, the Ukrainian media reported the refusal of the commanders of the APU to comply with the agreement on the breeding effort.

Puppet “the collective West”

Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov indicates that Ukraine from time to time breaking the agreements, it becomes completely predictable in the Minsk process. He did not rule out that in fact such behavior is “collective West led by the United States” to exert more pressure on Russia and to adjust its actions in Syria. It would not surprise me that later in the disruption of breeding forces in the Donbass, the West blamed Russia, not Ukraine.

“Collective West activates all possible methods of pressure on Russia, including the so-called Donbas crisis – civil war in the South-East of Ukraine,” – said Martynov newspaper VIEW, adding that this also applies to history with the publication of interim results on the crash of the “Boeing” over the Donbas.

He stressed that to put pressure on Russia to use all possible instruments, including the escalation in the Donbass. “Human sacrifices do not excite them. They do not care for it. No matter how many people were lost, this again can be attributed to the “evil Russian”. That’s all”, – concluded the expert.


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