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Saturday, February 17, 2018

China has warned the United States about the risk of the outbreak of war

China sent two destroyers to disputed area of the South China sea. This should be an additional argument to the Chinese warning to Americans – an accident could trigger a war in the region. According to experts, now the Chinese are quite capable of demonstrating power, and in a few years will be able to compete with the US, at least from their shores.

The commander of the Chinese Navy, Admiral Wu Shengli has called US actions in the South China sea “provocative”, noting that “a minor incident could provoke a war in the region. His statement of the Chinese Admiral did during yesterday’s video conference with his us counterpart Admiral John Richardson.

“China is fully capable to send 50 to 60 warships in the disputed Islands”

We will remind, on Wednesday, the us destroyer “Lassen” defiantly entered the 12-mile zone from one of the reefs in the Spratly archipelago in the South China sea, where Beijing is building several artificial Islands with a full-scale runway. Spratly Islands and adjacent part of South China sea dispute countries of the region: in addition to China, part of the territory claimed by Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.

Commenting on reports about the appearance of a US destroyer in the waters that China considers its foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the United States should not “create a new incident from scratch”. In response, the Pentagon said the freedom of navigation, explaining that the passage of the us destroyer near China artificial Islands in line with international law. US officials did not rule out that such flights will be regular, said Reuters.

We will add that yesterday morning in the South China sea amid rising tensions between Washington and Beijing began joint naval exercises the US and Japan. Note that Japan, clearly fearing the gain the great continental neighbor, has its own territorial dispute with China over the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands. After the start of the us-Japan exercises the official representative of the Chinese defense Ministry Yang Yujun said: “We urge the United States not to go further down the wrong path. However, if the US would insist on, we will take all necessary measures. We firmly and resolutely determined to protect its sovereignty and security.”

On the eve of the representatives of the naval forces of the United States and China through a video conference held talks at the highest level, however, the relief is not necessary to speak. Despite the agreement, the risks of collision of the us-Chinese military-naval forces remain, emphasizes Reuters.

The Agency recalled how in 2013, the American rocket ship was forced to make a sudden maneuver to avoid a collision with a Chinese naval vessel, which he tried to block the path in the disputed territory in the South China sea. A year later, the US officials said that Chinese fighter jets flew within 30 feet (9 meters) from one of the aircraft of the U.S. Navy, in connection with which the White house expressed “deep concern at the provocation.”

“The military is fraught with complications”

The Chairman of the all-Russian movement of support fleet captain 1st rank Mikhail Nenashev said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that Beijing is fully capable to send 50 to 60 warships in disputed Islands”.

Note that the representative of the Chinese defense Ministry stated: in the direction of the archipelago, Nansha (the Chinese name of the Spratly Islands) advanced missile destroyers “Lanzhou” and “Taizhou”. The ships are part of the southern fleet of the Navy of the people’s liberation army of China, and the Spratly Islands are included in the operating area of the fleet. Another disputed archipelago, the Paracel Islands (also claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan) – is a zone of coastal defense of the southern fleet.

By the way, that the composition of the naval units included the aircraft carrier “Liaoning”, the first and only ship of this class of the Chinese Navy (till 2012 – the aircraft carrier “Varyag”, purchased in Ukraine and refurbished in China). There is an assumption that the infrastructure artificial Islands involves the construction of bays, capable of taking “Liaoning” is the largest ship of the Chinese Navy, not to mention other combat units.

From the message, the Chinese defense Ministry should: the exercises, which will involve destroyers “Lanzhou” and “Taizhou”, have a legend that involves action in a situation of “real confrontation”.

But, says now, from the confrontation now do not reach all limited to the “war of nerves” and verbal exchanges. “I think that before the war the sea far away, – said the source. – China in your spirit begins warning. USA in preparation for the TRANS-Pacific agreement demonstrating their protective role in the eyes of the opponents of China (as it is known, artificial Islands in South China sea cause a lot of issues and China’s neighbors – Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and others)”.

In any case, according to Nenashev, a verbal altercation will be maintained another year. “But in the future, such a verbal duel can lead to military complications in the region of the Pacific ocean”, – says the source.

“No international law decision would not be recognised”

The danger is that none of the parties is not going to take the position.

“The fact that China is and will continue to not acknowledge any international legal decisions on this issue and will continue to hold the line is a fact. China feels the force of the law”, – considers the now. “No international legal disputes in their own territorial waters or near the territorial waters of China will not be respected”, – he added, commenting on the position of Beijing in relation to the jurisdiction of the Hague court. We will remind, on Wednesday, the government of China refused to participate in international arbitration, Permanent court of arbitration in the Hague on the territorial disputes in the South China sea – it was about the dispute between China and the Philippines who patronize US.

This is “the situation for decades”, said Nenashev: “China clearly tells US – you have nothing to do here, we are going to find a common language with its neighbors. Americans more and more will give you understand it.” But, said Nenashev, and the United States will not recede, given that now the country is a hegemon was in the “situation of the offended party world geopolitical events”, including taking into account the growing power of China and its cooperation with other world powers, including Russia.

“In five years, China will be able to compete with the Americans

“The Americans are certainly surpass China’s naval power, but it’s a matter of time – in five years, China will be able to compete with the United States in the degree of presence of the sea in the region near its own territorial waters,” – said Nenashev. The Chinese Navy now, it’s definitely weaker than the us. For comparison: China has one aircraft carrier (US Navy – 10), 24 destroyers (USA – 84) and 12 nuclear submarines (71 Americans). But the process of modernization of the Chinese Navy is underway.

In particular, in early October, Reuters with reference to the IHS Jane’s Defense Weekly reported: recent satellite images suggest that China is engaged in the construction of the first aircraft carrier of its own design – it is expected that China plans to complete the deployment process of such ships by 2020. In September it became known that China is modernizing destroyers project Senjen”, taken into service in the late 90s – in particular, it is planned to equip the ships with installations of vertical start-up for anti-aircraft missile complexes.


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