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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Why Pamfilova will be able to defeat fraud and carousel with absentee

The head of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova has made two proposals for the modernization of elections. She believes that it is appropriate once again to move a Single day of voting to another date (for the last 4.5 years he postponed three times already). And cancel absentee ballots, replacing them with opportunity for each voter to vote from any section of the country. The CEC, as you know, has no right of legislative initiative, however, members sometimes listen to the wishes of the leaders of the CEC and change the law at their request. So it makes sense to discuss these proposals Pamfilova.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

A single day of voting, Ella proposes to move another one to two weeks ahead, at the end of September or beginning of October. This, she thought, might improve attendance. The world experience shows, however, that the turnout a little depends on dates. And our democratic practice. There were elections in April, which did not come, and the elections in November that voters were not, it was already too. But in the severe frosts of December 2011, the people went and came. It depends more on awareness and the degree of control than degrees on the thermometer. If ended on 18 September campaign, the CEC briefed very badly, if the majority of voters they simply did not know — that never came. And two weeks later would come the same way.

Now, about the possibility to vote from any precinct. Ella somehow told about the creation of a unified database of all voters in the future tense. Have to disappoint her, but this base is fully formed a decade ago, it is stored in the system gas-Elections and is constantly updated. When the voter comes to the precinct, before the ballots, he signs the sheet that lists the address and name. These sheets the printer prints from the same single database. Pre-GUS-Election of sorts the addresses of the polling stations. You can not do this, everything will be just easier. However, there is one “but”. To explain, back to the question about why the vote count this September (at least in Moscow) was delayed for an extra day, until Tuesday morning.

The CEC has decided to save on system administrators CEO-Election and seconded only by one of the territorial Commission. Now oil painting. Take for example the TEC Yasenevo. One system administrator was introduced into the gas-Elections from eight in the morning on Sunday, data from 69 plots on turnout, and after the counting of votes in the districts data summary protocols. All by hand. Multiply 69 sites on the two protocols (for lists and single-mandate constituencies) and multiply by 40 rows in each Protocol. Add to this that the system does not accept the protocols immediately, but first tests on their control ratio. Add and fatigue of a living person. In the end the sysadmin each phase takes tens of minutes (and that’s if he’s a good sysadmin, and the system does not hang). Here you have the extra day that members of precinct election commissions held in the queue. If system administrators were only two times more, as in the Supervisor — problems would not have arisen.

Now Pamfilova proposes to increase the number of system administrators not two, but 60-70 times. After all, to the vote of any citizen from any area possible — you need at least one system administrator GUS-Election to every precinct, where the presidential election will be over 20 thousand. After all, if a vote from any location, the administrator must enter information for each voter who received the ballot. Technically this was possible a long time ago.

By the way, this is what I tried to implement predecessor Ella Pamfilova.

— To connect the system gas-Elections for each polling station in the dedicated channels that do not overlap with a Global network, planned by 2014. This would allow each voter to vote from any site and prevent voting more than once. But the automation program was suspended due to economic problems, — told “MK” a former member of the CEC, the Chairman of the Board of the Russian public Institute of electoral law Igor BORISOV. — If to speak about international practice, there is a cheaper system, e.g. in Estonia. Each citizen has their own identity “card of the voter, which he can vote not only from any area, and even through the Internet. But it’s a small country and even there the system debug over a decade or two. In addition, in our conditions, there will be a risk that the employer will start to collect these cards with the employees and the vote itself.

Therefore, the proposal Pamfilova on the replacement of the absentee vote from any section you can put only one diagnosis for the presidential elections, we definitely will not have time to do so. Although the system has long been ready.


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