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Friday, March 23, 2018

The rhetoric of the United States reminds us of a bit

States seem to raise the geopolitical stakes are not just tough rhetoric, such statements, which are perceived in Russia as a call for “a streetfight”. While it is unlikely that Washington understands what and why will Russia’s reaction to such behavior – both society and state elites.

Clearly a growing feeling that the mutual misunderstanding and conflict between Russia and the United States generated not only by objective differences between the countries but deep differences in what can be called cultural-linguistic context.

Vladimir Putin has never concealed how much impact did the yard Leningrad childhood on the formation of his personality”

Wednesday, September 28, the official representative of US state Department John Kirby said:

“The consequences are that in Syria a civil war… a group of extremists will continue to use the vacuum to expand its operations, including, no doubt, the attack against the interests of Russia, perhaps even in Russian cities. And Russia will continue to send home the bodies of soldiers, to waste resources, perhaps even aircraft.”

No matter what is the meaning of Kirby (and, as a consequence, the US government) invested in his words. Was it an alarming warning or direct threat. And maybe for the state Department, it was just the positioning of the US as the main geopolitical player and the world’s policeman without any judgment.

Only thing that matters is how these words were perceived by the Russian leadership, both civilian and military. And it turned out all just. To the words of the USA look like hitting lost the shore street Gopnik, and armed.

The Western world for many decades diligently to cultivate in its citizens the ban on resistance to violence: if you are threatened by a robber, give him what he demands, and go to the police; if you five – hit kindergarten age, talk to the teacher, she will understand and will punish the bully.

This setting is rational and works well in circumstances where there is an external authority to which to appeal – parents, teachers, police, state. It’s only meaningless in situations where this external referee is missing or completely inaccessible, and you are in a situation of confrontation face to face with scalps of the enemy.

Unfortunately, world politics refers to the second case. No, after the Second world war was made a relatively successful attempt to create a system with the referee – with the UN in the role itself. But all the real progress on this issue has long disappeared, and the illusions finally melted over the last couple of years. International politics has returned to its millennial status quo: who is stronger that and the rights.

In this sense, probably, is not so bad that modern Western standards are not too widely spread in the Russian society. Streets and yards remain an important school of life for many people. And, as a consequence, the habit to deal with problems independently, without the involvement of “adult” skills to resist verbal or physical aggression, including a superior enemy, are part of nature, perhaps, most Russian men and a considerable part of women. The same Vladimir Putin has never concealed how much impact did the yard Leningrad childhood on the formation of his personality.

So it’s no surprise that the words Kirby in Russia many eyes were bloodshot, the hair on the nape stood on end and his fists clenched themselves.

If the press Secretary of the Russian President was limited to a brief diplomatic review, calling the statement Kirby “clumsy”, the foreign Ministry called the statement of guidance for radicals.

Well, the defense Ministry does not stand on ceremony in the choice of words for the answer. Including followed a clear hint that the order in Syria could become the Western military “experts” who engaged in “operational planning and direction of operations of the militants.”

Perhaps this is the biggest danger of what is happening.

When States raise the geopolitical stakes are not just tough rhetoric (as, for example, the fresh promise of “consequences” for peace plan failure on Syria), and utterances, which are perceived in Russia as a challenge to the “dismantling yard”, they probably don’t understand that in this case Russia included a long time ago already standard actions in a similar situation. And one of its principles is Putin’s sacramental “If a fight is inevitable, strike first.”

And not the fact that the West is ready for such consequences and it would make him happy if this algorithm will be launched into action.


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