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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The artists shared a pill bomb

The Garage this season decided to cure not only modern art but also classical. As doctors speak of a person are not the most reliable and mentally balanced, but checked and the famous: Francisco Goya, Sergei Eisenstein, Robert Longo, the Slovenian collective NSK, Chinese Yin Sujani. Every drug is different, but the effect of them is one — a radical change of attitude.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

On the facade of a lit neon sign “well, No, she could know what it…” by Boris Matrosov. To understand who she is, what all and what in the end, it is necessary to know the work of the participant of legendary group “world Champions”, the most daring enterprises of the late 1980s. the Text, as if torn from the speech stream and taken out of the picture Matrosov, more suitable for intimate conversation, and therefore confuses ideas about personal and public. Generally, it becomes unclear what the Museum has in mind is a serious thing or a joke.

The questions are multiplying in the lobby with a 12‑metre red-and-white “medicinal pill” Yin Sujani. Capsule is embroidered with hand-me-downs, and in the course went 200 square meters of fabric. In the pill and the entrance features a: inside ceiling metal design hang sleeve shirts, jackets, scraps of rags. Don’t worry, all clothes clean, without smell. They collected all the world on social networks, cleaned at the dry cleaners. Then the Chinese began sewing installation.

Launched in Moscow exhibitions of modern and classical art (22 photos)

Used garment for Sujani favorite material. Sewing taught her mother a seamstress since childhood. And in adulthood, the artist realized that the clothes helps her to reflect on the changes in Chinese society, to address the world issues such as globalization and ecology. But this requires not only textile and clothing — “second skin”, as he calls her Sujani. Then the material particles carries a personal memory and symbolizes the lives of individual people, different cultures, eras…

Yin, why the red-white pill? From what you want to cure our capital?

Colors symbolize: red refers to red square, white — for your pure metro, which is a full-fledged Museum. But at the same time, it resembles the tablet: spins, splits, changes the human condition. Only within my job no fuss. I hope that visitors, once there, can feel their body and to hold a session of self-medication.

In any case, who can not — the exhibition “Evidence” where the American artist Robert Longo was joined by Sergei Eisenstein and Francisco Goya. Though masters from different eras, they all survived the chaos of revolution, civil unrest and wars. Goya served the Church and king, Eisenstein, state, and Longo — the contemporary art market. Yet they are United in their attitude to the nature of image: black and white language and simple graphical tools, the artists reveal the relationship of government and society.

It is felt in 49 Goya etchings (he 280), which has built on the second floor of the space is an octagon. They are from the collection of the Museum of contemporary history of Russia, are being shown publicly for the first time. Here reigns the war: the bombing, the wounded, the devastation of the deadly… Continue the theme of large-format drawings, Longo, like in the photo. Here’s a nuclear explosion, and next — image of the offices of Freud and Einstein, without which, says Longo, nuclear weapons would not have arisen.

As for Eisenstein, then 43 not previously exhibited his drawings. Them feels like the wizard fanatically worked the line into a frenzy looking for the perfect composition, images. They seem to come alive on the screens in slow motion scroll of the film. By the way, the drawings for the exhibition Longo took away himself: he has long been impressed by the work of Sergei Mikhailovich (the doctor thinks his mental illness that led him to make two research trips to Russia, to talk with leading expert on Eisenstein — Naum Kleiman to study the archive of drawings of the Director.

While some people treat installations, other graphics and cinematography, third — team NSK — ran to all forms of art. It is not surprising, because the team consists of architects, artists, photographers, philosophers, actors… They make fun of the history of art as such, but more of them gets rich with a bad taste. Here on the walls of the reign of a head of a deer with bedside rugs, lurid paintings are creepy, but “bohatyr” frames. There are photos, videos, and installations that in every Troll of the Nouveau riche… In General, everyone treats as you can look these drugs may look doubtful, but inside it is deep and profound.


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