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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Poland runs new anti-reception

The West needs to answer the question, not whether Russia is the Creator of radical Islamic terrorism – the proposal was made by the Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz. The Minister wants to save Poland and the Western world from “Russian aggression”. This is not the ravings of a madman – Macierewicz just enunciating what could be the next stage policy to discredit Russia in the West.

In the report of the Minister of national defence of Anthony Mazarevica prepared for the conference of the Center for European policy analysis in Washington, says that “the clash of Pro-Western aspirations of Ukraine with the flagrant intervention of Russia is a clash of civilizations.

“The perception of a conflict between the West and Russia, as the confrontation between civilization and barbarism is a traditional topic in Russophobic propaganda”

Also in the context of a clash of civilizations it is necessary to consider the terrorist threat and the migration crisis in Europe, says Macarevich, noting that the West needs to ask the question, “and not whether Russia supports and is the Creator of radical Islamic terrorism”:

“The answer to this question can be crucial for the survival of our civilization.”

Macarevich, known for his crazy statements – mostly Russophobic. He Warsaw uprising of 1944, saved the Western country from occupation by Russia (because it slowed the advance of the red army to the West), Russia is to blame for the Volyn massacre of poles (arranged by Ian* in the Nazi-occupied territory). He believes that Putin killed Kaczynski – that is, the catastrophe of the Polish presidential plane near Smolensk in 2010 has been organized by Russia.

A sick person? Well, you, is a perennial member of the Seimas, and last year the Minister of defence of Poland. Macierewicz calls Poland a front-line state and strongly urges the West to confront Russia – is one of the most prominent Eastern European politicians have relied on the constant escalation of the conflict between Russia and the West.

Moreover, this conflict is considered by Metservice as a civilization – what they often say and Baltic politicians, and representatives of the Kiev regime, including Petro Poroshenko. The perception of a conflict between the West and Russia as a confrontation between civilization and barbarism (and this is the meaning of the term “clash of civilizations”) is a traditional topic in russophobian propaganda. Her 300, and by and large – and 800 years.

In the East are not Christians, and schismatics, said Roman pontiffs in the 13th century, in the East live wild Muscovites in the East are terrible Cossacks in the East are the kings of aggressive, violent Communists, aggressive Putin. All this is as old as the world – but no less true for the Western establishment. At least the conflict with Russia sooner or later it comes to the accusation of the most heinous crime, the designs – that is, the dehumanization.

The poles in this sense, falls the thankless role. Being Slavs but Catholics, losing their lands under the onslaught of the Germans, they are traditionally first used by the West to curb Russian, and then become the victim of another campaign of the West against Russia.

However, many poles conservatives and Christians, that is, would have to see that the real threat to them are now going to the West, the processes of globalization and de-Christianization. That is the main threat to the Polish identity, but, as in 1939, Warsaw is considered an enemy of the East, not the West.

The same Macierewicz still recognizes that the policies of the European Union on the refusal of the Christian roots of Europe is harmful for Poland – “we are forced to abandon our cultural identity.” He sees this as a threat and Poland, and Europe – but does the same Russophobic conclusion: “such a policy of Brussels makes the EU even more weak in the face of Russian aggression”. That is the main threat – Russia. Which does not claim to be the Polish lands, nor the right to set the poles of your laws or the ideals of tolerance”.

Russia, out, threat, and Europe does not understand the full extent coming from her. So, Europe needs to convince, scare. In principle, the same deal and the US – both independently and using people like Macierewicz. Allegations that Russia is using the Islamic factor against the West, have already been made in the last year – but, as a rule, about the refugee crisis that has engulfed Europe. This “version” has been advocated, however, not the politicians, and some “experts”. Russia intervened in the Syrian conflict to strengthen the flow of refugees to Europe – something like that.

But the topic has not received much development, and not only because of its complete artificiality. Atlanticists were limited to a simple enumeration of comma-separated major threats to humanity – LIH*, Russia… So did Obama, Cameron and NATO leadership. But to tie together the two main “enemies of mankind” was still not accepted.

But now we see an attempt abrupt transition to the next stage of demonization. It turns out that Russia is using Islamic terrorism to the fight against the West, moreover, it it created. This is evidenced by Macierewicz – still in the form of a question, not a statement, but it is clear where this is going.

Is it possible to treat it as a delirium of the pole-Russophobe? . But you can look at it as a redirection topic in defence Minister of one of the NATO countries. No, Macierewicz says about it on their own initiative. But the fact that the patient Russophobia in language, a sober Atlanticist mind.

During the next exacerbation of the geopolitical conflict between Russia and the West the theme of “Russian are manipulated Islamic terrorists” (e.g., “are sending to Europe terrorists LIH”) may be adopted by the Atlantic propaganda. There is no such nonsense that can not be used in the information war.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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