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Sunday, March 18, 2018

New victim Evgenia Vasilyeva: 2.5 years in prison for the purchase of apartments

Recently in the case of Minibrowsers was sentenced Muscovite Yulia Pereguda. She was accused of fraudulent misappropriation of the apartment of the military people on the waiting list.

This is just one of the tiny branches of the many-headed Hydra of Minibrowsers. All the blame Yulia, the former financial Director of a Moscow firm and mother of two young children, is that… she just bought an apartment from the old serdyukovskaya of the Ministry of defense.

photo: pixabay.com

This scheme was prosecuted several hundred throughout Russia. Only in the case of Yulia Nikolai — 13 defendants. They received real time from 2 to 8 years.

Now the mother of convicted requires to be summoned for questioning to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Vasilyeva and Serdyukov. “Because these people must answer before the law, not my daughter”, – said Lyudmila Pereguda.

“How could condemn Julia in this case, even if the two civil court recognized my daughter right in this house?” – never ceases to ask yourself this question, 63-year-old Lyudmila Mikhailovna.

No relation to the army of Julius Pereguda had. She might even words such did not know — Minibrowsers. The story of the mother, the situation was as follows: in 2011-m to year, my daughter decided to improve their living conditions. She grew up a little Jan, expected replenishment and friends were invited to purchase “kopeck piece” on the street Luhmanovskaja, which, they say, had previously refused military waiting. Per square meter Yulia Pereguda paid about three million rubles — which, of course, little by Moscow standards, but who can blame the person that he was lucky to buy an apartment cheaply?

Julia Pereguda checked in, made repairs, and gave birth to another son, designed the privatization, obtained from the Registration chamber of Moscow the certificate of ownership. That is, did everything required by law — but in the end turned out to be a criminal.

According to investigators, since 2010, the year the members of the criminal community headed by warrant officer Valery Danielyan massively have fabricated the documents to military apartments, which are then translated into private property and sold in the housing market at a lower price than they were worth (same kopeck piece Yulia commercial was estimated at about six million). It is clear that such dubious flats flew like hotcakes. It is clear that covered these scams … But neither the realtor did not find fault with — the documents were all issued correctly, and in order to roll out this scheme it was necessary to dig from the top.

And here at the end of 2012, the year the whole country found out about the pink sneakers Evgenia Vasilyeva… Billions of dollars in theft of Minibrowsers multiplied and multiplied. Began an investigation into the care left hundreds of military apartments.

13 owners of housing in Moscow, including Julia Pereguda, opened a separate criminal case. From this it followed that all of these citizens were well aware of the origin of property, but still joined in a criminal conspiracy aimed at committing by deception and abuse of trust for selfish motives illegal purchase of an apartment owned by the state represented by the Department of city property of Moscow and the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation”.

Daughter arrested in early August. I fell on all this horror… she is survived by two children, Jan 8, Dima only 3, our care of the elderly pensioners were Julia’s grandpa and grandma, one 88 years, the other 84, my mother fractured femoral neck, dad is a war veteran, I am already retired, but investigators’t even listen to him wished that her daughter is the sole breadwinner, not holding back tears L. M. Pereguda. – The only daughter. The only granddaughter… Raised her without a husband. Trained as an economist, the work was good in the firm. Julia to the last I was spared and not devoted to these things. So now I’m in absolute confusion, where to go? Who to contact for help?

As I understand it, there were several civil courts, the claim of Department of property of Moscow to Yulia the Pereguda about the return of the apartment in the city, and the law sided with your daughter. The apartment was maintained for her.

Yes, the Moscow city court left the living space for Julia and the kids, we were convinced that this is proof that she is innocent. But it ended badly. I know that among the same as the daughter of buyers was even one doctor, who also got caught. If necessary, take this to your apartment, return my daughter.

As I understand, you want to Yevgeny Vasilyev and former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov was questioned in connection with the case of your daughter? Though they may be, they were not aware of what is happening — it’s too small.

Yes, I want them interrogated. They also bore the responsibility. Vasilyeva has no children. She doesn’t know what it is when the mother separates from the child. Grandchildren still ask: where is our mother? I still cheat to Yana, say mom is in the hospital. “But why don’t we go see her?” – how do I respond to the words of a granddaughter, she’s an adult, she sooner or later finds out. My daughter is not a criminal. And the real criminals who embezzled billions from the state budget, had a great time under house arrest in a luxury apartment in the center of Moscow or even escape punishment. I was hoping that Julia will let go or give conditionally, but not as, not so… an elderly woman unable to speak because of the tears.

“Our law actually allows you to postpone the execution of punishment if there are young children up to 14 years, but in the case of Yulia Peregudova this was not done, – says Maria bast, Chairman of the Association of Russian lawyers for human rights. – Probably, it’s still a matter of humanity. As for the case, officials to criminal liability were not involved, and criminal proceedings were instituted against ordinary citizens, thereby creating a cover for some other criminal cases upon plunder of budgetary funds allocated for the construction of military housing.”

Five years should have been spend in places of imprisonment of 37-year-old head of Minibrowsers Vasilev — but the actual time she was reduced to semi-months in a Moscow prison and 34 days in the Vladimir prison, then the stately lady was safely released.

Its the same age as the 37-year-old Julius Pereguda waiting 2.5 years of this colony.

The Legacy Of Serdyukov. Chronicle of events

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