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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Military prosecutors staged total check invocatory commissions and military units

By order of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation – Chief military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky, the military prosecutors carefully studying the conditions created for realization of the autumn call-up in 2016. The test has undergone all stages of campaign — from the passage of the draft Board before the arrival of the recruits to the place of service. In parts of the military prosecutors to check the readiness of the location of the young recruits, ensuring the recruits with food, uniforms and medicines.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As explained “MK” in the Main military Prosecutor’s office, the task of military prosecutors is to help new recruits to adapt to military personnel. Traditionally, each recruit will be issued with a memo–pad military ID with information on the rights and duties of the soldier, other useful legal information, addresses and phone numbers of the military Prosecutor.

In order that the legal support of the call across the country, military prosecutors of garrisons, districts, fleets and the Main military Prosecutor’s office has been working around the clock 152 legal Advisory points (138 cities).

In Moscow you can contact the reception GWP at: Khol’zunova pereulok, 16, building 1, ask question on the phone: (495) 693-62-44, send an email to: priemnaya@gvp.rsnet.ru

In addition, the capital may get advice at the Moscow city military Prosecutor’s office at the address: Khoroshevskoe shosse, 38 “D,” page 2, tel.(495) 693-59-49, (499) 195-05-10; vp_mgvp@gvp.rsnet.ru and military prosecutors garrison level.

With military prosecutors can be contacted on the websites of the Main military Prosecutor and the military Prosecutor of the district level and receive a response online.

All addresses and contacts are available on the GWP website www.gvp.gov.ru

For reviews of servicemen and their parents, this method of communication has a proven track record in the past. So, during a spring appeal of this year by military prosecutors for legal assistance and other issues addressed over two thousand citizens. More than half of them expressed interest in the procedure of medical examination. Others asked for clarification of the grounds and rules for granting benefits, the order of suspension of study in the educational institutions, enrolling in subsequent military service under the contract, the distribution on genera and species of troops, etc. the Part of the citizens interested in the peculiarities of military service by conscription, the rights and social guarantees of servicemen, their family members and the manner of their implementation.

“Everyone helped.” – said “MK” in GWP.

Special attention to military prosecutors pay to the suppression of unlawful acts of fraud, offering recruits the services of the alleged “liberation” from military service.

So, in may of this year, according to the military Prosecutor of the Western military district, in the Republic of Karelia held liable for the illegal activities of the organization “Recruit of Petrozavodsk, offering on a commercial basis to draw up a “fake” delay.

In Abakan, military prosecutors of the Central military district monitoring electronic media and Internet sites installed and brought to justice the person offering such “services” for a fee.

An important focus of military prosecutors think and the return of soldiers who for various reasons left the place of military service. According GWP, in the last 10 years have been returned to the legal field, more than 3.5 thousand people. Most of them have completed service by the due date.

“Those who have not yet made a decision, but wants to return to a normal life, you need to go to the nearest military Prosecutor or other law enforcement agencies”, – suggest to the GWP.


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