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Sunday, February 25, 2018

If Russia threatens the us “list Aleppo”

American authorities are considering possible measures against Russia in connection with the situation around the Syrian city of Aleppo. To Moscow can be sanctioned with different levels of focus to, as they say in the White house, to prevent the offensive of the official Damascus to the Eastern part of the importance of the village. As reported on the condition of anonymity to CNN, us officials, consultations on this issue is already well under way in Washington.

photo: pixabay.com

According to the Obama administration, the attacks on so-called moderate opposition in the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo can not do without military support from Moscow. In turn, the Russian side says about the bombing only concentrated in certain parts of the city to the militants of the recognized terrorist organizations, pointing out the problem of the disengagement of the moderate rebels from the “immoderate”.

It is obvious that Russia’s arguments do not impress the American side, which in the person of Secretary of state John Kerry has threatened to break contacts on the Syrian issue. If the state Department has already decided on the “punishment” that the White house is in no hurry to settle on a particular set of anti-Russian measures, according to officials from the Obama administration, who spoke with CNN. By their own admission, one of the options could become a “Ukrainian plan” — that is, as explained by the channel, the set of sanctions “the non-military character.”

“The US can impose economic and personal sanctions — says “MK” orientalist and political scientist Andrei Serenko. — Will appear “the list of Aleppo” — the type of the “Magnitsky list”. Those pilots who struck blows can get into the sanctions list. Will attempt to identify them, which is not so difficult to do. Maybe there will be sanctions against the military, who are there. As the apotheosis can occur the idea of an international Tribunal for Syria. A great game involves a large scale. The Americans could intensify contacts with Turkey, including through NATO, tilting it to the implementation of Treaty obligations, to make relations between Moscow and Ankara was less complimentary. This factor can not be discounted. I don’t think Americans will take some kind of force”.

“The Americans in Syria to fight with us will not be, — has declared in conversation with “MK” head of the Center for foreign policy studies of the mechanism of the US Institute of USA and Canada studies Sergey Samuylov. They will not do: Obama is too peace-loving President. But I want to remind you that the Republicans control both houses of Congress. Over the years, they are pressuring the President to return ground troops to Iraq and that they were at war with ISIS (a group banned in Russia. — “MK”), because Iraqi troops are not able to do it on their own… Obama, very careful in the use of force, will not go on confrontation with the us in Syria. But he is the outgoing President, and the power he has lost. We can expect some provocations in Syria according to the type of strike in Deir al-Zor, because the Pentagon is in relation to Russia is more rigidly”.

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