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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

FSB General: threat from Syria is real, save only vigilance

The appeal of the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova to Washington with the request to transfer the whole Moscow available to US information about possible attacks on any Russian cities, mentioned by Mr. Kirby”, does not approve of the General-the major of FSB in reserve, member of the Council on foreign and defense policy Alexander Mikhailov. He believes that “the statement of our opponents made in the subjunctive mood”, followed by “too painful response, able also to sow panic.

photo: morguefile.com

In this case, I don’t quite understand the reaction Zakharova, because my point is this: well, Kirby said this phrase. But talking about it and our leaders and our intelligence officers, and the heads of special departments. Everyone understands that only our vigilance can save us. Today, each of us working and living in this country understands that no one is immune. From what we are beginning to warn our opponents to predict anything, nothing changes. Because each of us understands: today and tomorrow could go. Maybe not jerk. I don’t understand why we start these things so responsive. It seems to me that if we are talking about controversy, it should not be as rough Board, you can’t cling to every thorn. It seems to me that when we start to cling to everything, we reduce its credibility. I have to say: thank you, we will respect. And that’s all. And Zakharov responded too painful.

– Still, the foreign Ministry today warned Russian citizens who are abroad, about possible provocations, attacks in connection with the September 30 “world day of anger and protest”. Did not had to do that?

– We are all in God’s hands. And who is predestinated, and will happen. As a fatalist, I understand that you can even be in the midst of the attack and stay alive. And there were cases when people left alive after the attack on Board the plane. The issue is that each of us, and each of the officials responsible for a particular portion of the work should minimize the inflamed perception of our citizens. Vigilance is one thing. And hysteria is another.

– How then, in your opinion, need to talk about it?

– It seems to me that when we talk with our citizens, neighbors, friends, should proceed from the following: everyone should do everything possible to ensure that the tragedy did not happen. All tips related to the prevention of terrorist attacks, long since known: I Saw a suspicious object — report. Saw a suspicious man, let me know. I saw in the stairwell, a stranger let me know. We must proceed from the fact that the salvation of the people living in Russia, directly depends on the degree of dialogue between citizens and law enforcement. And when we all are participants of system security, each in their share, then we all normally happens.

– That is, citizens should be especially vigilant? The Ministry of foreign Affairs their to this and calls.

– We have a huge number of terrorist attacks have been prevented by signals of citizens. A huge number of improvised explosive devices did not explode only because people reacted the right way. But we have to assume that vigilance is one thing. A panic is another. Especially when it comes to the first persons who believe that respect, to which listen. During the Chechen wars, I was wildly resented the facts, when the leaders of various service levels, said: according to our data, in Moscow needs to happen attacks. This know how is called? You, Vanya, defend themselves, and I am behind the police ran. Here this is strictly not allowed. If we have such data, we have to talk about that, let’s work together to test them and work together to counter terrorist attack.

– What do you think Americans have such data? Or is their assumption?

– When it comes to statements in the subjunctive mood, even our enemies and let it made with some kind of subtext, what we react to this? Each of us can say that we assume and allow for the possibility of terrorist attacks. But that doesn’t mean you can throw the threshold for this threat.

– Nevertheless, the words came, the date named. How do you think our intelligence agencies have now something special to be mobilized?

– From the fact that someone made a statement in the subjunctive mood, for special services, nothing changes. They are now actually working in emergency mode, constantly in a state of high-readiness. Our intelligence services know, and without American colleagues or opponents about what this threat is, that it is real and it must be fought. Therefore, we overseas partners add nothing from the point of view of the forecast for the development of the operational environment.

And citizens what to do, once the threat is so real?

– The first thing to remember is that each of us is subject to the national security of the Russian Federation. And what is in sight and hearing of each, with proper law enforcement response, is a guarantee that trouble will not happen. No need to panic, but we must understand that today our security services are quite capable to prevent terrorist attacks of any level. But without our participation, without the participation of every citizen who saw something, heard, learned, without us, of course, they can’t see everything. So, something learned, seen, reported on time — this means we have helped not only myself, but our intelligence services, which have prevented the death of large numbers of people.

Meanwhile, Sergey GONCHAROV, President of the International Association of veterans of division of Antiterror “alpha” recommended for those who is abroad, “to go about their business – what came there. In this case, the veteran alfover still advised before you go outside, look out the window.

– If near the hotel or house you will find a crowd of people with bats, petradi — any signs of riots or provokacii, of course, it is better not to go outside, and immediately call the police.

To contact the police need anyway, if the situation somehow gets out of control, and behave so that not to provoke a tragedy.

The deployment of Russian troops in Syria. Chronicle of events

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