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Monday, March 12, 2018

Elena Malyshev about circumcision, about orgasm and about life in General

Elena Malysheva is a fine man. And a great job! And you don’t know, don’t say that. She is responsive and willing to help everyone. And helps! Therefore we so love. But since the opportunity presented itself, I want to ask. About the different: about circumcision, about orgasm with all its bells and whistles. Yes, and about life in General. Physiological and not.

Photo: courtesy of the press service

“Recently I was told that I meme”

— Len, tell me you’re serious man?

— What!

— But you know how to laugh at themselves.

Is the sign of a great mind. Sense of humor is a higher brain response. Even people who can joke, parody to do, are among the very highly educated. I’m not talking about the actors, and those who wrote it. Intelligence in the writing. I certainly can’t write a humorous play, it is one hundred percent.

— You don’t. Your image is already in the annals of all Comedy programs. I think this is called glory.

— We are easy to parody, because we talk about what superinterface, but sometimes people don’t know how to talk about it. Therefore, it is necessary to make a parody — and superinteressante will. Thank God.

— Parody can only be the identity. But tell me, when you are laughed at on the Internet and you become anecdotal meme, how to treat this?

— With surprise. Because I am obviously a different generation. I recently at the meeting of our young editors said I meme… first, I didn’t know what it was; I explained. I sent my picture and under it the caption: “This is normal”. I like it, pretty clever.

— Do you know how to be offended?

— Of course. Not in this case. The insult is always addressed to the people closest. Because you can only hurt someone you love. But if it’s someone you don’t like or do not know how it is possible for him to be offended. Of course, I might be offended. But I forgive you. That long to be offended, it’s pointless.

— That you are very educated, intelligent man. Finished school with a gold medal, the University with the red diploma…

— Yes, I was the winner of the all-Russian competition of young scientists, wrote two theses. I really relate to people who love science, constantly forming and education put above all else.

— Are you in school was not a “nerd”?

— Maybe to some extent it was… But I was the organizer of all of Kvny. I was in the Institute was engaged in Kvny. But “nerd” is wrong. “Nerd” is a person who leads a closed life, and I was always in the thick of things.

— Allowed to write off?

— Can’t even remember. But to learn I have always been interested. You see, I was special growing up. I have the same douney brother. Therefore, a completely different childhood and youth. All this proceeded in two planes, because when you have a brother, here is a (and has an older sister, she’s older than us by five years) when you grow up together with the boy, you have inevitably formed other relationships with men. Very friendly and very open. When you’re the one girl for you, every encounter with the opposite sex is an event. And when the opposite sex is your douney brother and it exists in your life from morning till night, and another nine months you spent in utero… Roughly speaking, this floor is not for you mysterious, so I with many people friends since childhood, and as an adult. Exactly friendly. This mass of women and to dream did not dare. And I know this because I have a brother and he’s my friend big. We were brought up so that I was a girl, I have time to be home, to see me have Alex…

— That is, you kept a tight rein?

Well, I’m from the generation where the was no concept of women’s pride and maiden of honor. There was Turgenev girl. This is a concept that is now necessary to explain, right? And we wanted to be Turgenev’s girls. Still to these concepts I treat with great respect. I’m with them stride through life.

— So did you, saving women’s pride and honor, to remain Turgenev girl?

— Well, what I’m a girl. I am now, by definition, much older! I’m more of mom Turgenev girl. But I have two sons.

The Beautiful Helen and her boyfriend Herman Shaevich. Photo: courtesy of the press service

“A story with a circumcision — a lot of hits on the Internet!”

— About the friendship between a man and a woman. It is?

— Of course, one hundred percent.

Herman Shaevich from the program “Live healthy!” your friend?

Herman Shaevich my friend from the Institute’s pores. And a true friend, loyal. And I am also a loyal friend, he knows it. Of course, it’s possible.

“So for friendship you took it to Moscow, to his program a little bit to earn some money?

— Gera Gandelman was the smartest, most talented, most famous child Prodigy of the city of Kemerovo and our medical Institute. It is one of superabrasives people.

But then he left…

— He went to Israel, we’re almost 18 years apart, then we met in America by accident. He had a difficult life. And I invited him as superpromoter doctor. Initially not even planned that he would be leading, after all, very hard to have a host from another country. But it turned out that not only is he smart, he is charming, awkward and beautiful in itself on the screen. It may not be to others. In General, all leading us are what they are. Hera in this his clumsiness burned me accidentally on the set. Thank God, burned to the ground.

— Frostbite. In a good way. Like you.

— He is the most popular in our program! I would never assume this could not. He, incidentally, also from our kaveenovskoy team of our medical school.

— But in Israel, he demanded?

— Yes, he is a famous doctor, works in the cardiology center Kaplan. He is a physician of high class.

— From Herman Shaevich let’s cut to the circumcision. Who invented it? The Jews probably got you this question?

No, Jews then I was invited to their holidays — Purim, etc. Invented to show the circumcision of my elder son. He is creative producer of our project. Now I’m a hero to a younger audience. And we’re on TV did not take into account this audience, which really creates a different culture in the country. It’s sad. We orientirueshsya only those who at this time sits at home. And the story of circumcision a bunch of hits on the Internet! That to me in the dream could not dream of.

— And if you live someone took my pants off — it would be ten million hits.

— We-the pants are not removed. We showed virgin beautiful story, telling the essence of the process, without showing any authority. It was innocent, it was informative.

And, as said Andrei Mironov in “Ordinary miracle” is a little bit different about it, “quite funny and very, very nice.”

— Why funny? I still don’t understand. I talked about this with trepidation, as the mother of two sons. That, unfortunately, the foreskin is the cause of severe inflammation in boys. Sometimes the seasons it does not urinate. This procedure was introduced in grade hygienic today. I wasn’t rubbing her hands: Oh, we now show you! I have no such. I sincerely told Herman Shaevich awkwardly something there snapped. We filled it with confetti… Why so excited people?

— Well, Yes, of course, is not ashamed. This is probably one of your principles?

— I believe that the divine human body is so wonderfully created that, in addition to admiration, it is nothing.

“We “Kaka”, and then just not show”

— As you easy to talk to, you’re so natural, simple, not ashamed and does not blush.

— Well, Sasha, I’m a doctor by profession. If you come to me sick man, and I’m going to blush, instead of helping, I should be deprived of a diploma.

— That you discussed in your morning on those famous bunches during orgasm…

— We have a project called “Normal?”. He coined for the program “Live healthy!”. The essence of this project lies in the fact that millions of people consider many parts of your body are not worthy to discuss with the doctor their problem. It is in principle a great tragedy for many people. Men are afraid to say it to your mom, wife. Women are afraid of… Well, okay, they were afraid to say it to each other — they are afraid with the doctor to discuss it. So we made a project where the person is not visible, it is located in a closed chamber and can ask us any question. I always say: look for doctors who will tell you, fear them not. If not found, come to us, don’t wait until we tell. And here we are, without offending the personal dignity of people, responsible for millions, fear not: this is the norm! Or Vice versa: it is not the norm, you need help, go ahead.

Great. Nothing but what you say about natural departures early in the morning when people eat Breakfast?

— Sasha, but you in the morning, excuse me, do these departures? I suggest to you not to repeat them. Each person has the choice to watch or not to watch. We’re talking about is so banal, everyday things that everyone should know and understand. But we want to share the fun and joy, not to torment people with his high medical science. And we are never vulgar. Yes, we have published a story called “Art crap”. What? This problem is so globally important for people that this bill came out of recommendations of the world health organization. We “poop”, and what we just showed. After this broadcast, millions of people told me that, thank God, they have the problem solved. If you ever imagine that every day can’t go to the toilet… It’s hell. The tragedy is that people embarrassing themselves are driving themselves somewhere. We have helped thousands — is that bad? There is a concept of hypocrisy, hypocritical virtue. When people say: Oh, just do not know, I am a very virtuous man. It is a crime if you’re a doctor. There is an issue and you need to solve it. Not to help people is a sin. Point.

— Remember Kashpirovsky? He’s treated people on TV. Someone recovered, but someone seemed to get worse. Shouldn’t the doctor speak with the patient only, and no TV.

— Whether the doctor alone to speak with the patient? Of course, Yes. There are problems with which people, unfortunately, do not go to doctors, and it leads to severe diseases? Unfortunately there are. Can the TV people to help? It is fortunate that there is such a possibility. This type need to be vaccinated or not? Some say “need”, others “don’t.” And if you look at the statistics: 97% of Russian citizens vaccinated. But heard that these are rare, which muddy the waters. Exactly the same here. Millions of people grateful to us for assistance, and muddy water units.

“How is that possible? He had relations without a condom?”

— We now have a trend on spiritual ties, tradition, the Church. How do you feel about early sex education?

— I can ask this question as a father. If you know there’s a deadly disease — AIDS, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, how best to proceed: do not tell your daughter that she needs to be protected in an intimate relationship? But as an adult, you know that it will have the kind of relationship you want to or not. And it’s probably not going to put you on notice that she will have some connection. So how do you moral as a father to tell a child that there is a threat to her? And for girls it’s not only the threat of sexually transmitted diseases, but an unexpected pregnancy… Or to hide it? And when it comes to you with AIDS and pregnant and say, “Dad, how could you not tell me?!” When you will make it easier, explain?

— To tell you the truth, I’m with your daughter on these topics have never been spoken. Maybe I’m very old, but for me it’s impossible. I, myself don’t know a lot. For me it’s so delicate area…

Wait, your daughter is facing a sudden pregnancy and two fatal diseases! This part of the education you bring to the Internet, at school, at Church, right?

— I’m his daughter throughout the trust. It is so adult, responsible

— You’re in luck. But imagine if your daughter got pregnant at 15-17 years. You gonna blame? That’s what I call hypocritical virtue. You do not — then I do it for you on TV. So thank God that I am not doing this matter. I’m doing this superremote, relying on the most modern advances today’s. And my boys I told everything, even in 15 years.

I always someone somewhere to suit you. That calls me friend: her son is 17. Diagnosed with AIDS. I said, “How is this possible? He had relations without a condom?” “I don’t know, we never spoke.” That’s the price. As is now living the mother? Will she blame herself or not?

— Well, you’re becoming such a wonderful woman, as all learned in girlhood?

— Recently we met with my classmates. One told me: “all my life I was in love with you. But I knew that if we meet, you will have to marry, or your brother Lyosha give the forehead”. We otherwise lived. We didn’t have drugs. Now they are, and they are available. We had no sexual revolution. Now it happened and we can’t control it. Today, for the parents a thousand times more difficult times. I am a responsible mother. But in our generation, remember, were the slogans: “Who if not you. When if not now?” This is absolutely my principle of life.

On many occasions doctors have to speak out as a community. Regarding breast cancer, for example. Because today is self-examination breast cancer solved this problem. Cancer has become superano be identified from 95% ten year survival. Just because women show you how to examine your Breasts. On the Internet, by the way, when we showed it, began to write, I massaged the breast. I was even awarded the “Silver Shoe” for breast massage. But I have not massaged. I was doing a breast self-exam to detect cancer.

— How do you feel about programs about alternative medicine? Stas Sadalsky with his “Pill” removed. And remember, Malakhov, Gennady Petrovich?

— I live on the other side of the screen. I remember once in this Malakhovskaya program talked about the toadstools. Recommended for the treatment of pain in joints to lubricate them with essence of mushroom. So, I filmed the program at the clinic of nervous diseases at the First med. A woman there brought her husband, he was sick all the joints and the spine. She just smeared with tincture of mushroom. And the brandy mushroom is neuroparalitical poison. And it completely paralyzed. And how do I then refer to such a program?

Another example. Gennady Malakhov said that a 1 diabetes type, insulin can be treated with squats. A thousand sit-UPS a day and you can cancel insulin. A woman with a child, hoping it cancels him insulin. A child in a coma was admitted to the hospital. Well, I again refer to this program?

— How you are treated in the medical community? Not serious? As to the pop diva from medicine?

— About me hard to say lightly, because I am a Professor and doctor of medical Sciences. But when our viewers come to doctors and say, but Malyshev said on TV… Maybe someone is annoying. But in this case to get annoyed will only be a bad doctor. Good never.


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