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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Banned in Russia new video of Robbie Williams

Whether the British actor was seen on the Russian parties, where he was repeatedly invited as a chief singing “meals”, whether someone told him how difficult it is living to ordinary people than with the elite, but he obviously decided to speak out loud. Robbie posted on the page in the social network clip “Party Like a Russian”, which appeared before the audience in the image of the Russian oligarch.

photo: youtube.com

However, the outfits that Williams chose to shoot (especially in the first frames) are more like domestic not to impress the rich, and the garb of a Conquistador. Maybe this move was done on purpose — to emphasize not only that they have money but no taste. Although it should be noted that the “bland” interior “Rublevsky” the mansion of Mr. Williams still was much more refined and “delicious” many of the originals. The plot of the movie the hero is resting in a luxurious mansion surrounded by pretty girls-maids. They turn into dancers in flamboyant cabaret dancers, participating in the abstract of a rock band with guitars, the revolutionaries ran with torches through the alleys, reminiscent of the famous Park of the Catherine Palace. The owner, between the verses screaming “thank you!” they serve all the Russian rules as, apparently, is their own artist: bring him boiled eggs on a plate and packaging with the words “buckwheat”. “Have fun as Russian, dismiss talk! Dance like you fell on your head!” — joyfully sings Robbie. “Disturbing” the spirit of the riotous oligarchic way of life is emphasized in a Cycling quote “Dance of the knights” from Sergei Prokofiev’s ballet “Romeo and Juliet”.

In the Wake of mass hysterical prohibitions of concerts and exhibitions, which began in Russia, has trendy socio-political trend (remember the posters with poor paintings of Hieronymus Bosch or not so long ago closed an exhibition of Jock Sturges), the public began to discuss not the artistic value of the work of the musician. The main question that interests most discussions — whether to prohibit “provocative” live in our country and not to block if Robbie the way here? And, of course, a serious concern is the condition of some of the deputies who can see the clip. Scary to imagine, for example, what will happen to Vitaly milonova, who desperately fought for something to do to ban concerts of foreign artists in the country. Behind him, the heart can seize, and many others. And can happen and Vice versa: what if the Russian government will and the praise of the British people for their support in the fight against oligarchy and corruption. The reaction is unpredictable. In the end, Sergey Shnurov and group “Leningrad” calmly continue to sing and do after no less fervent, though somewhat different in meaning clip about the Russian “gay” life “In St. Petersburg to drink.”

Why Williams decided to address this topic is clear: the can not be called revolutionary-minded guy from the people, standing up for the rights of the disadvantaged. After all, Robbie is officially the richest British artist, international album sales exceeding 55 million copies. The singer has toured extensively and is a frequent guest expensive private parties.

Watch the video on “Robbie Williams said in the new clip like hanging out in Russian


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