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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Winning on his head

No, I do not question the formal results of the elections to the state Duma, which we all know: “United Russia” has achieved a record result, having received a constitutional majority. But to write the word “winning” without the quotes I still can’t because when I go and know it all inside, then just hand does not rise so to write (I was a candidate in Kuntsevo single mandate electoral district №197 in Moscow). So, who have we “won”? Well, first, candidates from the ruling party. Secondly, all those who voted for them.

Among the newly elected deputies from “United Russia” a lot of new faces (about 70% or even more). There a large number of quite a nice people who have achieved significant success in their profession: doctors, teachers, TV presenters, etc. No, read the biography and the question remains: are decent people.

But the question I would like to ask these worthy people. It is obvious that the ruling party shameless use of administrative resources to ensure that voters know only their candidates. Outdoor advertising using all sorts of tricks began to be used for these purposes long before election day. Take the glassed-in Bulletin boards each (each) entrance, the area which was occupied only by one party and its candidates. And posted on these boards the candidates from the ruling party was impossible.

Or the work of the authorities conducted with heads of homes (porches), for the promotion only one (and we know whose) candidates. In my constituency thought that was allowed in the houses of those peddlers campaign materials (where applicable), which will call the “three code words”.

Or instructions to the janitors to withdraw leaflets and other printed campaign materials to “foreign” candidates from mailboxes and merciless way to strip them on the street, where they suddenly see. The problem is that they stripped even since information stands, which were specially (by law!) allocated for election campaigning.

This list of using the notorious administrative resource it is possible to continue and continue. Another question. Question to the very people who passed from the “United Russia” in the state Duma with the use of this resource. You agree that all of this is, to put it mildly, unfair? Of course, I agree. Or not? Well, it’s obvious, I just don’t want to clutter up newspaper space and more new evidence of the use of the notorious administrative resource.

Tell me: what is it, to win elections like this? With the “old” frames are all clear, they were already there in this government, they have ruined it. But I wonder how to treat newcomers?

Tell me: why no one protested, said that he wants to win fair and square? So quickly have become “his” for the powers that be? Which all share the opinion that in this case, all means are good?

In General these elections are different from elections to the state Duma in 2011, that their result was provided, first, a decrease in turnout (no wonder the voting day was moved from December to September, when still not over the holiday season). Second, the power of all the administrative resources were involved in the pre-election period. Scale to cheat on the voting day — counting of votes as in 2011, — power is not risky, so the desired result is ensured in another way.

And I would like to say a few words to those who provided the “victory” of the ruling party — its voters. You and a lot and a little: “the majority of the minority” — that has called you because of low turnout.

As it is unpleasant to realize, but voted the “right” way people should also know that your victory is not a fair victory. Understand: you do not want to admit it. Do not want, and have, for the the administrative resource was, as they say, everywhere.

Think it’s okay? If only there was no war? All good? No, this is not normal. And with the tacit approval, support through voting, these things happen.

But I would still like to talk about something else. I wanted to say about your responsibility for the future of the country because you chose those MPs who will decide that future.

First let me remind you the sad results of the work of the authorities that we already have. Last year: the decline of the economy (GDP) by 3.7%. The current year indexation of pensions in February by 4% when the actual inflation by the end of 2015, at 12.9%; the absence of any increase to the pensions for working pensioners; deindexation of the parent capital, payments to the honorary donor, etc., etc., In General, the General authorities ‘ failure to execute social obligations of the state.

The latest decision on pensions — 5000 rubles as a one-time payment in January 2017 — or as a defiant evil will not name. But many — if not the vast majority — bind all these economic difficulties, primarily with the sanctions of the West, that Russia is hurt. Moreover, we have, as you know, even the authorities have linked the impressive results of the elections with sanctions against Russia.

I, as an economist, as a person, professionally measure all these indicators that our life is getting worse, now simply proves that it is not in the sanctions.

In the first half of 2014, when there were no sanctions when there was no drop in oil prices, the Russian economy has almost stopped growing: the GDP was then only a token 0.8% compared with the first half of 2013. Remember that the annual rate of GDP growth before 2014 have fallen consistently (without any sanctions!) from 4.5% in 2010 to 4,3% (2011), 3,5% (2012) and 1.3% (2014); it becomes quite obvious: the Russian economy still would have entered the crisis. Again, without sanctions and without falling oil prices.

So excuse temporary difficulties with sanctions well in any way does not pass. And will have to accept this fact because he proved in the above figures. By the way, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev almost admitted it in his article “Socio-economic development of Russia: finding new dynamics”, published in the journal “Questions of Economics” a few days after the election.

Looking at today’s economic indicators. Exactly the next day after the election, Rosstat issued statistical information at the end of August 2016: real disposable income dropped by 8.3% compared to August of 2015. This is a very strong fall. In 2009 this was not. People’s living standards have seriously declined.

But the Russians have consistently voted for the ruling party, whose policy led to the fact that life is already seriously deteriorated. What is it like? It is in what country is this possible? In my opinion, only in Russia.

And in this case, it is won by those who actually voted for the continuation of such a policy, which leads to a decline in living standards of people? Didn’t win anything.

I think that things will change in the near future? Promised the same, right? Economic growth — is he coming?

You “won” because he voted for the party of the winner, I want to say the following: the standard of living will continue to fall, there is no turning to economic growth in the coming months will not. Just as an example: already prepared the proposal to index pensions to working pensioners in the years 2017-2019. Money in the Reserve Fund will end in 2017.

The responsibility for this development will be in power, and those who chose this power. Or, again, we seek out the mythical liberals in the government?

Actually, thinking about those who voted for the ruling party, despite the fact that the socio-economic results of work of the authorities can be recognized as inadequate, remember our wonderful film “Brother”. Remember how Daniel tries to persuade his girlfriend in the film World to go along with him, and she is not crying from despair, her husband is a monster? Perhaps it is such a national trait of all our people: he, to put it mildly, make it worse, no bright future is not in sight without any change, and he’s still willing to leave it as is. In any case, the results of the elections testify eloquently.

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