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Saturday, October 29, 2016

USA is ready to firmly respond to events in Syria

The military successes of Bashar al-Assad has alarmed the administration of President Barack Obama. According to Reuters, the White house began to discuss tougher measures in response to the assault on Aleppo by government forces of Syria with the support of Russia.

photo: morguefile.com

The failure of the diplomatic settlement in Syria has forced the Obama administration to consider alternative options, most of which involved the use of force, Reuters has learned.

Among them — the permission to the allies in the Persian Gulf to start supplying the Syrian rebels more sophisticated weapons. This clarifies that arms supplies would not include portable anti-aircraft missiles for fear that they may fall into the hands of the organizations included in the list of terrorist.

More rigid variant — strikes on the bases of the Syrian air force, near the site of fighting between Assad’s forces and rebels. It is considered less likely due to the fact that the blows may fall the Russian military.

Among other possible responses — sending a larger contingent of special operations forces of the US for training and consultation, Kurdish and Syrian rebel groups, as well as the deployment of additional U.S. and coalition air and naval forces in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea.

Interlocutors stressed that before taking any of these measures, Washington will first have to perform a “threat to Kerry, and to terminate the cooperation with Russia on Syria.” It is noted that the discussions while held at the level of the staff, and any specific proposals to US President Barack Obama has been presented.


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