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Monday, March 12, 2018

The silent majority is getting louder

Support the Patriarch of the appeal on the prohibition of abortions in Russia is called the standard reaction of the anti-Catholic parts of society: where to climb the ROC, what right does the “public organization” to impose on the whole country their views? And the same familiar suffering over the government, which is in Union with the Church pushes us into the middle ages.” While actually in Russia is becoming more real democracy, i.e. the power of the majority.

The last parliamentary elections, in which all the liberal, cosmopolitan and simply Pro-Western parties in an amount not scored and five percent of the votes, caused the traditional reaction of the self-proclaimed “best people”. If in 1993 it was the “Russian nuts”, now – “the people and the cattle slave.

“People have every right to change the laws, making them relevant to their values”

The idea that this Russophobia is the main reason for the marginalization collinearly political forces, is not too popular among the losers always blame the other. In this case, the people who tolerate Putin.” Terrible power and obscurantist – but it relies on the same obscurantist people say the most advanced of our cosmopolitans. And it would be already a great progress for marginalized politically, but not resource groups – to recognize the objective reality, that is, the lack of local support among the people.

And if after that still refuse rated in the 90s habit to impose on the people their own values as universal, declaring their superiority over the “outdated and reactionary” values of the people, then if not the current liberals, although he would “liberalism” gradually rehabilitated in the eyes of Russian society. But our liberals are unable to become defenders of minority rights – that is, themselves. No, give them all – all the people, all over the country pound the iron hand of Russia in the brave new world, that is, to accustom her to the “right values” – a political, ethical, family, cultural, anyone.

What did not work and will not work, they could understand ten years ago. And start to retrain in the superintendent,” that is, to protect her, not pretending to be someone else’s right to live their way of life. But the categorical rejection of the meaning of the saying of another monastery, and its Charter (called including dizziness from success” of the 90s, that is, from capturing command posts) causes liberals to repeatedly step on the same rake. And after each new blow to the forehead are worse I see happening in the country.

There is no obscurantism and the reactionary neither the government nor the people. Neither Putin nor the Patriarch nor the ordinary Russian people do not want anyone to do badly – they just want to return, to restore, to create what they love, what they think is right, what you love. To build, organize, help – a normal school, family, social relations, culture, urban space, country. This requires including and debris heaped up in the post. To remove the kiosks from the metro stations, the cult of pleasure and profit from the culture of the offshore companies from the economy, kickbacks from customs nomenclature, the concept of services – from school, “cringing” – thinking “elite.” Remove fake universities and banks, artificial “idols” and false “values”.

This is a big and complicated job, and those who disagree can fight it and resent, but first should at least recognize that the people and the authorities are the values that underpin what is happening in the country changes. These values other than they have – but they are for real, genuine, meaningful and hard-won. And if they are shared by the majority of people, then it has every right to implement them, to reform the laws and the state in accordance with them. This seemingly should be an axiom for those who consider themselves a Democrat and a liberal. But, alas, we see something completely different.

We see the conscious discrediting, ridiculing all traditionalist, conservative, national the steps that the authorities of that society – all of these braces”. The appointment of a new Minister of education and the Commissioner for the protection of children among the Orthodox, the signature of the Patriarch under the call to fight abortion – all this occurs in a noisy campaign of “obscurantism comes.” With that, and in the case of education, and in the case of children’s rights, and in the case of abortion, an Orthodox appreciation of the issues can be factored out. No, Orthodoxy and Russia are inseparable – but suppose the reverse to better understand liberals.

Because for them Christianity is a token, which they note “the enemy”. Indeed, the Orthodox faith is incompatible with globalization and the “universal values”, which is the only instrument of its promotion. And they are the real idol of our liberal cosmopolitans. Make it harder for them – talk without Orthodoxy. And it turns out that traditional values (family, ethics, and public morality, the role of education in education, collectivism, that “Patriotic package”, including a strong state, I think its most of our people. Regardless of whether they call themselves Orthodox, Muslims or atheists.

And “the horror” of the situation is that the Kremlin is increasingly this involves the majority in control of the country through his active, caring representatives, whether it be a mother and Creator of NGOs Kuznetsova or Professor Vasiliev. And many others – from the most secular “Soviet” to churched, people in uniform to journalists. They are representatives of the silent majority – conservative, value-oriented, Patriotic. They want to build, not destroy. But, of course, they don’t like much of what you’ve done in Russia over the post-Soviet era. While the majority of this majority, there is no thirst for revenge or desire to get even with those who did something that just insulted people, no desire to “crush the minority.” No, just get out of the way, do not disturb, do not harm, do not distract.

The history of the prohibition of abortion, which the liberals are trying to scare society – it is in fact not a trivial ban. It’s about what the majority believes abortion is murder and wants to build a Russia in which they would be the exception to the rule. The building is not banned, and change the atmosphere in society, support for family values, maternity, the care of children. And those women who want to quit or even kill your unborn child. But bans, more complexity, limiting the possibility of abortion, is necessary, including to create a different attitude among young people.

All this supports the majority of the people. It is most referred to Putin just because it supports Putin – and so it is just Russian, folk, normal. Normal in its own sense, argue the liberals – well, even so. But this is it, this majority, the country, and it really is the majority – the vast majority. And who can prevent him to build their country the way it wants?

Minority, seized at the time of power and still retaining a separate command? Funny. This is possible only for a limited period of time, but that time is ending before our eyes. Russia 2020 will not similar to Russia in 2010 not because people will be different, but because the majority begin to rebuild the country for themselves, for their own interests and principles.

This is a painful process only for those who considered themselves entitled to impose their own ideas about “perfect” for others or simply denied the existence of any values. And for most of that power, and not one Putin finally speaks it most, the voice is a definite and very important achievement.

Because only in this case, it becomes possible to actually change Russia – when we speak the same language, as we see in power just like we are when we realize that we’re one blood, one faith, one’s principles. When there’s trust – that is what keeps any lasting and perceived by the Russians as their own power.

The power of the majority, which will not destroy the fundamental principles upon which Russia.


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