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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The scientist said that soon people will become immortal

In the not so distant future, memories and personality will be can be recorded on electronic media. It is, in fact, give the person immortality. With so quite a fantastic forecast made by a California researcher, Micho Kaku.

photo: pixabay.com

The scientist has assured that already in the foreseeable future, the transfer of human personality to digital media will cease to be fiction. This, according to Kaku, will allow to give new life to dead people. To communicate with those who continue to live in the present at birth the physical body, people granted digital immortality, could use the hologram. As a result of such communication in many aspects practically will not differ from normal, the scientists said.

However, only at first, the people who are continuing life “in digital form”, will suffer from the absence of full physical body — in the future they will be able to “dwell” in the robots or in some other way not lead less full lives than when living in a body of flesh and blood, suggests Kaku.

The scientist expressed confidence that over the last 15 years on the principles the human brain works, it became known more than ever before in the history of its study. It gives the specialist the confidence that relatively soon will be solved all the mysteries of this important body, which in turn, will record the identity of the person on the digital media.

However, the scientist emphasizes that “digital immortality” can be not only a consequence of a deeper understanding of how human consciousness. In the future, experts predict, a person’s memory can change and, even at first glance, manipulation of this kind seem very immoral, under certain conditions, according to the scientist, they can be directed in a good direction — for example, “write” directly into the brain of certain knowledge and skills, greatly reducing time for education.


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