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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The medical community praised the appointment Skvortsova

The medical community was enthusiastic over the news of the appointment of the new head of the specialized Agency

May 21, 2012, 19:23

Text: Nikolay Guryanov


The Ministry of health will be headed by former Deputy Tatyana Golikova, academician of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences Veronika Skvortsova. Famous doctors and experts in the field of medicine believe that the country’s leaders listened to their opinions and they left it with such a Minister, what they wanted.

The Ministry of health and social development in the new government will be divided into two departments: the Ministry of labour and social protection and the Ministry of health. Latest appointed to lead the former Deputy head of the health Ministry Veronika Skvortsova. This was announced on Monday President Vladimir Putin approved the composition and structure of the new Cabinet.

As follows from the information posted on the website of medical University named after Pirogov, where she heads the Department of fundamental and clinical neurology and neurosurgery, the new Minister – a hereditary doctor. Corresponding member of RAMS, Professor. He is currently Secretary General of the European Council on the stroke, Director of the world stroke Federation, Vice-President of the National Association for combating stroke.

Skvortsova is the author of over 300 scientific papers and holds seven patents.

Thus, her expertise in healthcare is beyond doubt. This is confirmed by the reaction to her appointment to the medical community, which also notes that a new Minister would say her management experience and personal qualities.

“Congratulations! Finally. The Minister of health – a sane person and good professional,” – wrote in his Twitter the President of the National medical chamber, children’s doctor Leonid Roshal, who has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the policy of the former Minister Golikova.

“This is a professional person with whom humanly possible to work. I think it will benefit health. Most importantly, she knows how to listen and consult. Has its views,” Roshal said in an interview with RIA “Novosti”.

“It’s a brilliant decision. This is the best option of all those discussed. Because Veronica Igorevna has gone from a practical public health, worked as head of Department, and in such a complex field as strokes, serious neurological disease. She worked for four years as the Deputy Minister. While it is a very decent man and in no way seen, contact. Exactly what was asked of the medical community, and it was heard by the country’s leadership,” – said in his turn, the Chairman of the Commission on control over reform and modernization of the healthcare system and demography of the Public chamber of Russia Nikolai Dayhes.

“I am sure that a professional of such high level as Veronika Igorevna Skvortsova, many years working in healthcare and knowing the industry from the inside, is the perfect candidate for the position of Minister. The Deputy head of the health Ministry it has earned recognition from the medical community, has consistently enjoyed a well-deserved reputation,” – said the newspaper LOOK first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on health Tatyana Yakovleva.

“The new Minister, on the one hand, a wise and experienced Manager, and with another – a representative profile of the industry. That the health Ministry will now be headed by a doctor, in my opinion, of course, a positive thing. Besides, Veronica Skvortsova is a health worker with impeccable professional reputation. She knows the problems of health and has a clear programme to address the challenges. Her appointment will ensure continuity of the ongoing course, there will be revolution and bounces back,” – said the Deputy.

A government source familiar with the situation confirmed to the newspaper view, that the Minister has all the necessary qualities to work in the new office.

“The separation of ministries is a good impetus for the development of both directions. It is the allocation of health care in the Ministry was allowed to appoint the Minister of a person with special knowledge and education,” said the source.

“Mistaken are those people who believe that she is not able to organize the work and to hold their line. The impression could arise due to the fact that she’s human and deeply subordinated correct. Her organizational skills have shown, for example, her work for the adoption of a 323-second law (the law on health protection – approx. OPINION). Despite the ambiguity of this law, she managed to achieve at least some public consent,” – said the source.

According to him, Skvortsova will have to recycle legacy Golikova (former head of health Minister Tatyana Golikova – approx. OPINION), and for this work need a person who, on the one hand, because of professional competence I am confident in the decisions made, and on the other not so brutal to insist on their mistakes.”

“Skvortsova competent in all areas of medicine: and in the practical field, and in the matter of medical education and medical science. Another man now would have been difficult,” – said the newspaper VIEW the member of the public Council of the Ministry of health, Professor of the 1st MSMU named after I. M. Sechenov Evgeny Achkasov.

As a member of the Public chamber Achkasov could see how relevant the future Minister. According to him, she caused him to have “absolute respect” for its work on the law on health protection. “This is the man that he thoroughly delves into all moments, not just takes his place and directs subordinates,” – said the expert.

“During the two-hour session in the Public chamber she had used up 10 sheets of paper, making notes on each speech, and then comment on them constructively and significantly. I sat beside her at the podium and saw how it works,” said the Professor.

According to experts, the new Minister faces a number of important and large-scale tasks. “The key issue is the training of health personnel in universities, the rise of medical education. It is the cornerstone. Now we have high school is in a very sad condition,” he said.

Achkasov said that Skvortsov was directly involved in the development of the steps to change the situation in this area. “I’m with her he was said. Can any assure that she has an understanding of what to do with medical education and what are the painful points,” he said.

The expert explained what specific problems to be addressed in medical education.

“It is a matter of clinical databases – both in universities to train doctors to have practical skills. This is very important because many universities do not have clinical databases. Now the issue of how universities can fully use the potential which have a medical institution in their city. The second system of conversion of our training programs on preventative medicine. Our medicine is now focused more on treatment. The third point – the system of postgraduate training. It is impossible to prepare the doctor for one or two years, as is now happening,” he said.

Also, according to the expert, Skvortsova will solve the acute problem of shortage of health personnel at the periphery.

“The important task is to solve the issue of decentralization of quality-of-care. We have now the medicine is well developed in the cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg, and rural health care is in a very sad condition. There is a shortage of medical personnel which can’t work is not something that the high-tech medical equipment, but in General there is no one to help. Shortage is 50%” he said.

Achkasov said that in Russia there is an acute issue of Informatization of medicine: “we are now developing high technology, telemedicine, but, again, it is all developing in the cities, where they have a lot of professors, specialists with whom to consult. Same distant hospitals difficult to get expert advice. In addition, it is important to establish processes for the transfer of patient information from hospital to hospital, electronic medical records and so forth.”

Another important point, which the expert said, is a dialogue with the professional medical community. Apparently, with this new Minister exactly no problems.


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