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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The expert explained, what is the complexity of the fateful battle for Syria’s Aleppo

The main point of tension in Syria is Aleppo — Eastern districts of the city, which is controlled by terrorists, attacking Syrian troops, which is extremely worried US because the full control of Aleppo will strengthen the position of Bashar al-Assad (if you can not decide the outcome of the entire war). The state Department has already begun to scare Russia a “threat from the terrorists of ISIS” (banned in Russia).

The expert told us, what is the complexity of urban fighting and why the battle for Aleppo goes so hard.

photo: structure.mil.ru

Colonel, member of the expert Council of the military-industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski:

– General the specifics of the fighting in the city – the practical impossibility of using long-range high-precision weapons, as there is very limited visibility range due to the dense residential and industrial infrastructure. And that’s assuming removing the brackets, from a military point of view, the presence of the civilian population.

In addition, the city has a lot of positions over a variety of obstacles, obstacles that allow you to successfully conduct a defensive battle. Therefore, for the fighting in the city, usually created assault specialized teams that include engineers, infantry – motivated and highly prepared, as well as a powerful means of fire support melee. Typically used tanks, guns for direct fire, ATGM, flamethrowers, etc.

As shown the fighting in the city in recent years – for example, we have such experience of fighting in a major city, Grozny – very much depends on the individual training of people and the overall combat coordination of this assault team. Otherwise, if men such qualities do not possess, begins a continuous destruction of the city.

In Syria we have seen in the city of Kabani, when he was seized by a militants, and then to clear them, used Kurdish. They had well-trained troops, and eventually the aviation coalition in the U.S. basically bombed the city to dust. Only after that the ruins of captured Kurdish.

In Aleppo the situation is exacerbated by the fact that there still remains a large number of civilians – by some estimates, between 400,000 and 500,000 people. And so, even though the line of contact in the city itself is small, but there are key points – junctions, some major buildings that dominate the terrain, which can be far in the rear to be – but when they are bombing inevitably arise, as it is called in the military, collateral damage and civilians.

The deployment of Russian troops in Syria. Chronicle of events

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