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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Congress for the first time overcame the veto of Obama: the impact can be global

The us Congress for the first two presidential terms of Barack Obama managed to overcome his veto (this requires a vote of two thirds of both houses). Thus is in effect a bill allowing the families of the victims of the September 11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia and its citizens were 15 of the 19 participants in the 9/11 attacks). About the geopolitical implications of this event, we talked to an expert.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Obama has imposed his veto on the bill on 23 September. The President of the United States is explained by the fact that the adoption of the law would complicate relations of States with partners in the antiterrorist coalition and would have other negative consequences.

“Dangerous precedent,” he described Obama is the current decision of the congressmen. According to him, the bill is dangerous because now in the US around the world can be taken in response.

It is well known that the U.S. Congress regularly expressed disagreement with the policies of Obama. It is, for example, and the question of arms supplies to Kiev – Congress is openly Pro-Ukrainian position. The US President, in turn, for not providing lethal weapons to Ukraine.

Why had the Congress failed to unite in opposition to Obama, and now – on the decline of his presidency – managed?

“For me personally the current situation is played performance. – said in an interview with “MK” chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vassilyev. From that moment on the backdrop of the campaign began to gain momentum requirements to make public the report of the presidential Commission to investigate the September 11 attacks, it became very clear that the opportunity for the families to sue will appear.

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Afghanistan – a poor country – the financial claims to present, it was difficult, the expert emphasizes: “But Saudi Arabia is a rich country. And it was obvious that the Americans are playing some complicated game: it’s kind of the beginning of the reformatting of the regimes on the Arabian Peninsula, because the US is not satisfied with the monarchies of the Persian Gulf.

Scores of Saudis from the United States old, and the current decision of the Congress was preceded by other important events. “In mid-may, us Treasury, fully accountable to Obama, published a report on the number of securities in the amount of $123 billion at the disposal of the Saudi government. – reminded Vladimir Vasiliev. But the main part was that by secret agreement, reached even the Nixon administration in the early 1970s, the Americans pledged not to disclose data regarding these securities, since the Saudis bought them on the so-called “petrodollars”. This arrangement, in turn, has caused some damage to the United States. The Americans from the time have a grudge against Saudi Arabia.”

Publicize data on securities, Washington reneged on the earlier agreement and it could not happen without the knowledge of Obama, emphasizes the expert. “From April-March, the Saudis began to threaten that will throw their paper that they have $700 billion and they are able to derail the markets. But immediately it was obvious that any shock, their actions will not result. And Congress, the business community, society sent a clear signal that you can move on that the threat to the Saudis is empty. And this contributed to Obama.”

The American President, in the opinion of Vladimir Vasiliev, wanting to make history, doesn’t want to be in the role of a man personally opposed the Saudis: “Therefore it was to play such an attacking move. In the election campaign, the 15th anniversary of 9/11, it was clear that Congress can easily overcome a presidential veto. Obama has gotten away with it – technically he did everything he could, and then said the congressmen”.

“What we see today – the “second edition” on September 11. – the expert believes. First, attention was paid to Afghanistan, but this, again, is a poor country, there is nothing to take, and the look has shifted to Iraq, a country rich in oil, etc.. the Logic is to gradually “translate arrows” on the Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia and, possibly, reformat one of the modes. We must not forget that the US is a country anti-monarchist, and if tomorrow one of the monarchies there have been revolutions, such as those that we witnessed during the Arab spring, the Americans would not mind. So today, given the difficult situation in Saudi Arabia, they began a gradual economic, geopolitical offensive”.

However, it is, of course, not only about relations between the U.S. and the Gulf monarchies. “The consequences of the adoption of the law run the risk to be very serious and can have a direct bearing on Russia. The fact that the decision of the Congress coincided with the announcement of the results of the investigation into the crash of MH17 is not an accident. Now the prospect for international claims and in the attitude of the Russian side. Here the Americans, so to say, played a doublet, and opened the “Pandora’s box” – said espert.


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