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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Soon the play: Zakharova accused the US of “flirting” with the terrorists

Official representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova, the once rigidly commented on the actions of the White house. This time the diplomat has criticized the US desire for as long as possible not to advertise the details of the agreements with Russia on Syria. She called these actions as nothing less than flirting with the terrorists.

photo: youtube

The performance of the American side in the security Council of the United Nations, according to the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry, nothing like a political show.

“The fact that the US is now doing in the security Council, like the show, flirting with “an-Nusra”, play games called “moderate opposition, immoderate,” unfortunately, it will end badly… I wouldn’t be so sure, if it were not objective tendencies in the world, and if the United States for over 15 years we haven’t had such lessons… we Also remember similar of Washington’s flirtation with the criminals who were in the North Caucasus… They are also called “heralds of liberty”, who oppose the regimes fighting for independence… Why repeat again the same model?”, – expressed his opinion Maria Zakharova in an interview kp.ru.

“This show in order to divert attention from the… of America’s failure to fulfill its obligations… Because you need to explain to the world why the Syrian resolution does not go further. Who is to blame? Russia! Supposedly we have to prove the seriousness of his intentions. But we proved by sending to its people… Although the States have something to prove after they destroyed Iraq, Libya, “walked” on the Middle East, breaking all conceivable laws of existence in the region… to Prove the sincerity of their intentions in Syria and do what they see it as a state and not a colony” – said the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

At the same time, in her opinion,

“throwing US with the desire to publish the documents on Syria, and then followed closing the drain in the media and publishing unilaterally this package of documents indicates the absence of the Western coalition unified position on Syria.

“There is a tremendous struggle inside… there Is a service of some immediate interests. Apparently, the stakes are too high,” she added.


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