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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Nevzorov: Urine and feces were the main guns of the patriots

Alexander Nevzorov has commented on the scandal with the closure of the Moscow exhibition of American photographer Jock Sturges, who was quick to blame the propaganda of pedophilia, and then some activist doused several of his works in the urine.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Alexander Nevzorov

Nevzorov believes the whole story is a disgrace for Russia. He was outraged that the exhibition was closed without experiment with some well-deserved professional pedophile with two or three convictions”, which would help to establish whether the photos of child pornography or not.

The journalist lamented the fact that the Russians have voluntarily decided to return to the middle ages. “As a result in the urine all — and officers (“Officers of Russia”, which blocked the entrance to the exhibition – approx.) and visitors, and the author, and work. Generally, from this story it smells. But you do not forget that the patriots have long been, so to speak, and urine and feces are the arguments to which they resort to,” Nevzorov said in an interview to “echo of Moscow”.

However, the highest point of insanity has not been reached, the journalist said. “Now the deputies will begin to thank Russia for what they have the opportunity to receive 800 thousand a month, do nothing and above all fun. They will raise taxes. They will increase the severity of charges for public utility services, as already announced, for gasoline, for transportation. People still feel what is called, “kiss Volochkova” from outside DePuy corps,” he said.

On the request to clarify my words about the kiss, Nevzorov said that “Volochkova ialovaia all the beaches, all sand, all wood and all floors, however, it does it through the splits.”

The Exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment” was held in the Moscow Center of photography behalf of the Lumiere brothers. Sunday, September 25, the entrance to the building blocked 17 people from the organization “Officers of Russia”. Social activists angered that the exhibit presents photos of Nude teen girls from nudist families

Then a few works of American photographer poured urine public figure and a member of the Serb Alexander Petrenko. In the end the organizers had to close the controversial exhibition. It is worth noting that later, the head of the “Officers” Anton Tsvetkov backpedaled and stated that it did not violate Russian laws.

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