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Monday, February 19, 2018

Members of pink Floyd recorded a new album

The London trio Morcheeba have already entered in the music history on a par with such bands as Massive Attack, tricky and Portishead. Their music is a mixture of triphop with elements of other genres. They never stayed in their experiments. And recently two members of the team Ross Godfrey (keys, guitar) and Skye Edwards (vocals) have started a new project called “Skye & Ross”, recording a self-titled album. “MK” has talked with Ross about the new brainchild and thorny creative way.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the group.

Ross, tell us what kind of project did you do with Skye? How is it different from what makes Morcheeba?

– Actually it is not much different from his main band. We work together intermittently for more than twenty years, looking in the same direction, feel each other, so it’s just a logical continuation of our co-creation, where we are again experimenting. If we’re talking about some of the differences, this music, in my opinion, it sounds more “natural”, closer to a live performance. We tried to make the most “alive” and our album, to listening to the tracks in the recording, people imagine how they sound live.

Ross, at some point you decided not to take the group Morcheeba permanent vocalist or a female vocalist, collaborating all the time with different people. However, it so happened that Skye became a member of “Golden train,” and fans take it along with you. How did this happen?

Is destiny (laughs). Indeed, we have long held the opinion that the team does not need a permanent vocalist, but the more time passed, the more we realized, what is the contribution of Skye in the project, when we work with her. Her voice is so naturally fits into the tapestry of sound that it would be foolish to deny it — it is unique to us. And I am happy that we just did another project together, recorded a wonderful record, because working with her is a pleasure. Besides, Skye is always with his head immersed in the process, give a hundred, she’s really devoted to art.

– In your music you mix elements with completely different styles and genres. Than important for you experiment?

– We always listen to a lot of different music, trying to grasp how she transformered, develops, to show the audience something of their own. One who does not go beyond, doomed to walk in circles. It’s not close us the way. I think the future is not pure genres, they to some extent have outgrown themselves. Today, a time when eclecticism, different splice variants of different directions there is something new and interesting. These combinations are endless, I’m sure. And it is very inspiring to me. Although, of course, the basis for the experiments are long-standing, clean the genres.

– When you feel a little more comfortable — in the beginning or now?

Today I feel more comfortable. We already have a lot of experience, we act on stage as a single living organism, and it is a very pleasant feeling. You can do anything you want, to improvise, to try something new: we understand each other perfectly. Skye became much more confident: in the beginning she was very modest, sometimes even stiff. Today she is a real singer. Moscow audience will again be able to see this at our concert October 2 at Yotaspace.

I know that one of my strongest albums – “Blood Like Lemonade” – you wrote, being in different countries. Was it hard?

– Not really. We have clearly thought through the concept of this album in advance and, in addition, has made some achievements, when we were together. Then each understood their function, he knew what he must do. We were satisfied with the online conference, so the distance did not affect the result.

– As the years changed your ambitions?

– Now we are very interested to play songs from the new album, to observe how they fit in with our old material, how the public reacts to them. In addition, I hope in the future we will be able to collaborate with other talented musicians. A lot of them, and we are always encouraged to join in a worthy collaboration. Believe that we will make the fans of unexpected experiences.


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