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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lithuania powerless to stop mass emigration

In Lithuania published a new, even more impressive data about the record decline in the population of the country. Now the largest population group – the one that is over fifty years old. As explained by demographers, a disastrous trend was a direct consequence of the country’s accession to the European Union and freedom of employment of Lithuanians in the rich countries of the EU.

After 20 years in Lithuania a third or even half would reduce the number of working population. Such a forecast on Wednesday published the Lithuanian Bureau of the Baltic portal Delfi with reference to the calculations of demographers. According to experts of the Vilnius University Vytautas, every hour of the Republic, leaving 4-5 people in a day is almost 100 for the year – 35 thousand.

“The state has to address itself to the creation of jobs, to think about the economy. Make friends with the neighbors, with Russia”

Only during the first half of 2016, the Lithuanian has left 23 thousand persons. This is 6.5% more than for same time in 2015, said the Professor of the Department of sociology Vlad Stankuniene. “Unfortunately, the good news will be,” warns Stankuniene. “Since 1992, the population is reduced. If you rely on data for September (2016), then we had to 844 000 less. This reduction decreases and becomes more intense,” says the sociologist.

As previously noted the newspaper VIEW, according to statistics, last year the emigration from Lithuania increased in comparison with 2014 from 25%.

“These specialists in Lithuania do not stay little”

The immigration primarily affected the working population. Earlier in the comments the same, ” reports the Deputy head of the Confederation of employers of Lithuania Vaidotas, lewickis is said that in the first place in the number of immigrants – welders. “These specialists in Lithuania is practically not delayed, despite the rather big salary. Leaving the builders, those engaged in interior decoration. Although the demand for them in Lithuania large,” he said lewickis is. Leaving highly skilled workers – primarily chemists and IT specialists.

In July, the Deputy of the Lithuanian Seimas, Chairman of the health Committee Antanas Matulas lamented the fact that the Lithuanian doctors migrate in great numbers in Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK. “Not so long ago I visited a hospital near Brussels. The head of the hospital told me that they work twenty-four participants from Lithuania (doctors and nurses). It is only in one hospital!” – stressed the Deputy.

“Reduced the number of residents in a group of up to 50 years. Becomes much less young people, middle aged people. Consistently, a growing number of people of retirement age,” says Stankuniene. According to her, most people in the group 50-59 years.

Brexit emigration is not an obstacle

In recent years the main target for immigrants from the Baltic States was the United Kingdom. According to the authorities, in the United Kingdom has at least 180 thousand 100 thousand Lithuanians and Latvians.

In June, the TV channel LNT said that living in the UK, Latvians EN masse to complain to the attacks faced on the street, in public transport, cafes and restaurants, as well as at work and in schools, hear from neighbors and colleagues from offensive words and the call to pack your bags and leave.

However, Brexit had no impact on emigration from Lithuania to the UK, said Vlad Stankuniene. “Wages in this country, where Lithuanians go in 4-5 times above, than in Lithuania. The same situation is with the minimum wage. Believe me, the main motives are economic,” – said the sociologist.

“Returned item”

The Deputy of city Council of Klaipeda, the Chairman of the Klaipeda branch of the political party “the Lithuanian Russian Union” Vyacheslav Titov noted that the mentioned rate of emigration correspond to the reality. “These are very serious figures, there is no need to collect statistics. If you look at friends and acquaintances, it is evident that emigration continues. It’s awful. Return the unit! As most people aimed to go to work in the West, where States care about their residents,” – said Titov to the newspaper VIEW, adding that the country remain some pensioners and civil servants.

The politician said that the authorities believe that in Lithuania still, investment will come. “They believe that the investment will create jobs, and help them abroad and all by itself reorganized. I do not believe these stories. The state has to address itself to the creation of jobs, to think about the economy. Make friends with the neighbors, with Russia. Search is not energy independence, but the cheapest energy to the market was competitive,” – said Titov.

To increase the influx of population in the country, the current party are lobbying for the allocation of quotas for refugees. “But ordinary people excited. How is it that people come from another culture. Someone sympathetic. But today people from third world countries we have very little. We have serious social benefits. And those who came did not stay long. Went on to Germany and Scandinavia”, – he said.

For Lithuania this is an unsolvable problem

Head of the Centre for post-Soviet studies of the Institute of Economics, an expert on post-Soviet States, Leonid Vardomsky agree with the main theses presented by Professor Stankuniene.

“People are leaving Lithuania to work, strive to improve their material opportunities to find an interesting use of your powers, it is clear that some part of them returns but population decline still is”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW. According to Vardomskii, this is a normal process for the European Union.

“On the other hand, it reflects an objective fact: in Lithuania, the limited opportunities for finding work, low wages, lack of prospects for young people and workers are not satisfied with the quality of work”, – he explained.

Also the economist believes that in Lithuania it is difficult to do anything in order to stop the outflow of population. “New jobs are being created not by the government, and private business, Lithuanian business itself is weak, and foreign capital is not attracted to Lithuania. Mechanical action in the form of limiting out or the ban on travel cannot be taken, this will violate the rules of location of Lithuania in the EU”, – he believes. Also, according to Vardomskii, does not solve the problem of outflow of the working population and the influx of refugees – on the contrary, it would aggravate it because of the jobs the refugees will not create.


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