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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Holland classified version of crash of “Boeing” in Ukraine: the media silenced

The largest Dutch newspaper decided to initiate a lawsuit against their own government due to the fact that it wants to retain control over news about the results of the investigation of the crash over Donetsk in the summer of 2014, which killed three hundred people.

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“Volkskrant” “NОS”, “RTL” – “Narodnaya Gazeta”, private media group Nederlandse Omroep Stichting and TV company RTL, and some other media, are outraged by the outbreak in the Dutch press censorship about the outcome of the investigation. Appeal of journalists on the right was printed “Narodnaya Gazeta”.

Now the Dutch press is allowed to write only what comes directly from the government, no private opinions and judgments should not be, as they say, it is done solely for the sake of the memory of the victims. Or ...

“JIT must be rewarded for their work,” says Dennis Schouten, Vice-President of the society “the Tragedy of MH-17”, the man quite satisfied given the evidence against the militia. “Maybe that’s a small step, but a few small steps become a huge step,” pretentious he said.

Robert fan Heiningen in the crash of MH17 lost brother and his family, daughter-in-law, seventeen-year-old niece. The results of the investigation also embraced with enthusiasm. In his opinion, all evidence is properly documented and is that the number of suspects is so large — almost 100 people. “There is no doubt what happened, but one thing is unclear, whether the button is pressed, an empty rocket plane, a conscious decision or just an accident?” The Robert declined to release accident.

The opinion of relatives of other victims are not so clear, the majority kept to himself a year ago and don’t want to rehash the past. William Gus lost in the crash of his twin brother, however, the JIT report had left him indifferent: “the results of the study to me. I have no need to know exactly who exactly pressed the button, how and where. What’s in it for me?” – Gus does not attend regular meetings of the families of the victims and call perpetrators to account.

Fifteen-year-old Gita Weigel lost his mom. Before the girl was a special entry in the video blog, and her heartfelt and sad speech on the national Day of memory made a big impression on the country. Now she only wants to “forgive and release”.

Many believe that these people made “indifferent” the controversy surrounding the investigation. The one who pressed the button, according to my Dutch fellow citizens, if alive, likely to have given a subscription to the secret services about the silence. Few believe that it is really Putin. In the end, the theme of the death of MH 17 is very conveniently used in the Netherlands for political games and struggle with competitors.

However, the real results of the investigation are actually able to influence not so much on the attitude to Russia, how much more relevant the current relations between the Netherlands and Ukraine Ukraine and the EU. Therefore, most likely, and want to silence the media — that there was mass hysteria around the recent agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU.

“Honestly, we ordinary citizens of this country, already fed up preferences in relation to Ukraine and by Ukraine itself, which hung on the neck as a poor and unfortunate family member. Our Prime Minister Rutte hugging Poroshenko interested in their own benefit Ukraine promises to Europe, anything but what we, the citizens of the European Union will get in the end?” – says one of the Russian-speaking residents of the Netherlands in his blog.

The only one who still comes off on the theme of “Boeing” (at the risk of being blocked by the state) that our bloggers: most of them believe that the results of the investigation are controversial and premature. Someone calls from three sides, including Russia, involved in the wreck: and this, first of all Ukraine itself, which is still somehow refuses to give out numbers from the radar. The Dutch are accused Americans who were not allowed to voice data of its satellite reconnaissance. And why still not surfaced the results of the listening ground of negotiations, which Ukraine allegedly confiscated?

But, most likely, bloggers, too, will soon be silenced — because “witch hunt” has already begun. Three accounts in the popular Sisli was officially banned recently. Forbidden, however, for the promotion of racism, but this is the first swallows, a precedent the like of which the hitherto free in the Netherlands never had before.

The Collapse Of The “Boeing”. Chronicle of events

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