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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Experts believe that the US has invited the terrorists to Russia

Sassy the statement of the representative of the state Department of the USA John Kirby about what Russia is waiting for a series of terrorist attacks in case of continuation of hostilities in Syria, unfortunately, are not unfounded, experts say “MK”. However, in their opinion, this should not affect the Russian position regarding the Syrian war.

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Are unable to respond to such a provocative statement of the American figure and in the defense Ministry.

– As for the threat Kirby of possible losses of Russian aircraft and send Russian soldiers home in “body bags”, and say the following… In this dialogue should be excluded even hints at threats to our military personnel and Russian citizens. To ensure the security of Russian citizens, wherever they were, bargaining will not. This is our primary and absolute priority, ” he said on Thursday, September 29, the defense Ministry spokesman major-General Igor Konashenkov</strong>.

He also explained that the Russian side is well aware of the size and location of the “discreet “experts” involved in operational planning and direction of operations of the militants.”

The acting employee of the Russian special services (for objective reasons, asked to keep the anonymity) confirmed the “MK” that the statement of the state Department concerning the strengthening of the terrorist threat is not unfounded:

– In this situation the principle “my friend – your friend, my enemy — your enemy.” The US controls the “moderate opposition”, and that in friendly relations with ISIS. Of any impending attack is always known to a certain circle of persons. for example, with the September 11 attacks. Here likewise, apparently, was information.

According to experts, the fact that Russia has not come a wave of terrorist acts who have already experienced Europe, the merit of the Russian special services. He recalled that the vigilance of ordinary people is also important:

– Safety measures are old, nothing new here can not say: focus on ownerless things, suitcases, packages. You be careful in the metro and transport. While on the other hand, to identify and to isolate in the crowd of a terrorist at the same his opinion (shifty, haughty detachment or Vice versa), may not always. In addition, terrorists now particularly resourceful: not explosive, get in the truck and drive into the crowd…

Chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko suggested that the statement of the state Department – a kind of call to action against our country.

Such statements most of the evidence of growing discontent with U.S. military successes of the Russian army in Syria. This can also be interpreted as a veiled threat and a kind of unspoken invitation to terrorists to conduct a series of terrorist acts in Russian cities. Of course, it is possible that it was just a very bad political statement. But, it may be a planned action. In any case, the Russian military can continue to fight terrorists in Syria. In this situation it is necessary to take into account (and it already has shown and practice) that the United States is an unreliable partner, which continues to operate under double standards. And America should be regarded not as a partner but as, at best, a traveling companion. And especially try not to focus on the interests of the United States.

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