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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

“Communal” was sentenced to the reform

Today social networks are full of hashtags #cold #canopied and #codaccutane. The theme of housing is always in trend. Meanwhile our dear in all respects, the housing and utilities sector is in the process of unprecedented change, which almost nobody knows. There is a reform of the system of calculation and administration of utility payments, in which the keen eye of experts already saw some signs of corruption.

photo: Elena Minashkina

The main component of the reform was the Public information system (GIS utilities), the site where 1 July is the one and only source of official information on public accounts of the Russians. Yet — only in a few pilot regions of the country, and eventually everywhere.

For the establishment and operation of the GIS utilities the responsibility of the Ministry of communications and mass communications. State customer was subordinated to the Ministry of communications FSUE “Mail of Russia”.

According to the curator system, Deputy Minister of communications Mikhail Evraev, GIS, housing was developed and launched in just two and a half years, but usually the implementation of such a project needs at least five years.

As planned, the GIS utilities should be made information about the whole housing stock of the country, and also about the owners of housing, operating and resource supplying organizations, plus all the data on the payments for utilities. That is, that every citizen was able to obtain free information about your property and accounts. Here you will need to pay the “communal”. It is “necessary” because the GIS utilities will be the only payment option for an apartment. Program developers believe that the system will post and show how much money and at what rate assessed, and when and how much funds


However, according to expert estimates, the speed of execution was not equal quality. Industry experts noted that the new program does not account for much. For example, in a situation when money a citizen has already sent, and the payment hasn’t come in yet, confusion is inevitable.

The following problem is the fact that the country is home to dozens of elderly people for whom the big problem is registration on the website. Many elderly people have never used a computer. Hard to imagine how to pay for housing people who are accustomed to doing it in a savings Bank on the date of receipt of the pension. Representatives TSZH even more fun — they need a special private key of an electronic signature. In order to obtain and use, you need to have the appropriate hardware and software. Paid, of course.

The idea of giving transparency of financial flows moving through the system utilities, is very good. However, such a complex matter, as the creation of a single all over the country system explicitly requires a much more lengthy and painstaking work. GIS in its present form was absolutely crude, and the developers are hard at pulling program on the market. Particularly zealous in this case the Deputy Minister himself, stubbornly promoting a product with many defects and are not corrected while numerous complaints of users. One gets an impression that an early launch of the GIS housing and communal services why-that is very much needed. How else to justify spending 2.4 billion?

Many experts believe that the spent on the creation of an information system the sum is obviously overestimated. Moreover, according to some estimates — almost twice. Until now this assumption had not come to the attention of the competent authorities, but always to drive so can not. Here and there was a desire to quickly write off the archive project. In this way the activity of “implementers” looks more than strange, isn’t it?

His assessment of the GIS utilities have already given to the working group of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs. According to the speaker, “the system is unstable: its layout and interface often change and there is no clear legislative regulation between information providers and the operator (“Post of Russia”).

The members of the RUIE Commission for housing and communal services emphasized that GIS housing and communal services should be exclusively information system containing verified information, and should not be construed as a payment system.

The Chairman of the Kostroma regional Association TSZH and ZHSK Andrey Pinchuk also is skeptical about the current state of GIS: “it is difficult for Me to assess the functioning of the State information system HOA, since in fact we have it doesn’t work yet in the full sense of the word. It has been implemented, it is mandatory to fill in credentials, but filling it with the necessary information is difficult.”

He recalled that work in this system involves introducing huge amounts of documentation, its verification, even the registration process homeowners associated with the receipt of paid electronic signature key. “To work in the GIS program utilities each TSZH, ZHSK or UK you need to purchase the key of electronic signature. Its price is about 4000 rubles per year. It’s a tiny amount for the HOA, which unites several apartment buildings, but for the owners of houses in rural areas can cool to hit the budget,” — said the expert. According to him, the introduction of the GIS utilities will increase the complexity and the payment of maintenance by 10%.

But, despite all these remarks, Mr. Evraev insists on early launch of the GIS utilities in operation across the country. Even in this unstable functioning. From 1 January of the following year, on his initiative, an organization that isn’t working in the system will be brought to administrative responsibility.

Meanwhile, the incorrect operation of the GIS is able to disrupt the interests of citizens. For example, if the system will creep error, no systems of arbitration and control of correctness of charges is not provided. That is, the GIS utilities acquires the features of a higher power, a substitute for any laws until the Constitution. What about this, for example, consumer advocates, of course.

So, theoretically, need and advanced information system is under implementation becomes compulsory introduction of raw and non-working product. According to experts, the nationwide launch of the GIS utilities in the form in which it is now, instead of creating a transparent system of control over activity of management companies and TSZH will further confuse the market of utility payments, and in theory — and even provoke social tensions. Why do we need the Ministry of communications and it, Deputy Minister — absolutely incomprehensible.

Left unmentioned is another important point — the protection of personal data of the residents, almost all of which somehow relates to system utilities. If personal data is any information relating to a particular individual, and the housing authority will be required to place them in the system almost in the public domain, a logical concern is whether the attackers to take advantage of this legal conflict? And it’s not just that the will become public housing and the availability of debt for the “communal”, — with due diligence, it will be possible to calculate, for example, on what days the citizens are paying for utilities. And it already looks outright use the criminal element — GIS work here as a “spotter”.

So is it worth to torment our already nbspproblems the housing sector? Maybe not rush, give the professionals time to adjust, to learn to work with GIS those whom it is supposed to, protect personal information, and only then announce the total implementation in the whole country?


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