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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Working pensioner — enemy of the state

From the Soviet history, we remember the various “disenfranchised”. First it was the remnants of the former ruling classes (the bourgeoisie, the nobles and just rich people like the kulaks), and then in their place came the repressed peoples, and in General, the “fifth column” someone closed the door to power and even to a prestigious University. This list got a small but active dissidents.

1991-1992, it would seem, has done away with such practices. But at this turn we see that our state appears again a definite enemy. This is not a specific Smith and not even the mythical “fifth column”. This clearly delineated social group called “working pensioner”.

When February 1 this year people from this group do not have indexed pensions even at a measly 4%, I had the first suspicion that this is only the beginning of a long campaign of dispossession of millions of working pensioners. It turned out that I was right. In the media leaked information that in some ministries started to discuss seriously the question of what if a working pensioner annual earnings exceeds 500 thousand (in another version — 1 million rubles, it is not necessary to pay pension.

Of course, this is only unofficial discussions (ongoing, by the way, in the first year). But the fact that it is not some marginal experts, and quite a serious people from high offices to discuss it, suggests that the chance for such a decision is. The story of a 4% indexing this outcome only confirms. So I still would like to comment on the merits of the issue.

1. The justification for another large-scale infringement of the rights of working pensioners with relatively high wages is actually ill-concealed desire to pit the supposedly wealthy people with those who are poor. Figure 0.5–1 million rubles, of course, makes an impression on those who no longer works and is forced to survive on one pension. Its size is usually really small: the national average is about 13 thousand rubles. per month, many elderly people get even less. In these conditions, the government is very comfortable to channelize the latent discontent of many pensioners on those who are still working and earns a lot relatively.

It is purely class approach, which, for example, was practiced in the dispossession of the kulaks in the 30-ies, when, need I remind you, it’s not just “the rich” but upper-middle peasants who did not exploit the labor of others. But in the twenty-first century in fact, to play off one social group to another, using the Bolshevik principle of “blame the rich”, seems very very outdated even on the background of our “specialness” and “spiritual braces”.

2. Another justification is the chronic deficit of the Pension Fund, which is actually observed. To solve this problem now using, for example, has a four-year freeze on contributions to the mandatory funded account (which is already more than one hundred billion rubles per year). An even more powerful weapon — introduced last year, the so-called point system accrual of pension rights of workers, which allows to gradually devalue those rights. Actually talking about that younger generation, who prior to retirement is still far, gratuitously transfer part of their future retirement benefits to current retirees. Also, incidentally, another form of dispossession, however, held in very veiled form — in order that no one would know about it.

By the way, to working pensioners life sugar did not seem, now, when the annual recalculation of their payments increase a penny. Everything eats the notorious point system accrual of pension rights. But if we add the already mentioned discrimination in indexation, and it turns out that working pensioner has become the major enemy of our state.

Somehow forgotten that the current Russian pension system is insurance, not sebetovsky. The difference of the former from the latter is very simple: insurance suggests a desire for equivalence of the amount of accumulated contributions and payments, and social security is funded exactly as they gave money to the state budget. Working pensioner receives the pension, but to a large extent provides its own contributions. It is easy to calculate.

For example, a person receives an average pension (13 thousand) and an annual salary of 500 thousand rubles, or 42 thousand per month. When the rate of contribution 22% Pension Fund receives monthly 8 thousand roubles of the annual salary of 1 million rubles, this amount increases and completely covers the 13-th pension. It turns out that working pensioner already saves our state a lot of money. And it is also trying to Rob…

Now let’s look at this situation from the other side: is there any benefit to the government from the deprivation of the pensions of those who earn more than 0.5–1 million rubles per year?

By depriving this year’s 4-percent indexation of pensioners, the labour market, the surveys show that lost 1 million contributors to the Pension Fund. These people just stopped work or left in the shade. And that’s when the deprivation only (if you start from the average pension of 500 rubles per month. And if the person will lose 13 thousand rubles? I think that the Russian economy suddenly lose hundreds of thousands not the worst of hands. And this is another hole in the already leaky state Treasury.

But, from a purely fiscal point negative impact of the proposed step does not end, and only really begin.

Who are these “rich” who are receiving a pension, earn 0.5–1 million rubles per year, or 42-84 thousand?

First, it should be noted that in the second quarter of 2016 the average across Russia the salary amounted to 37 thousand rubles. per month. In most far Eastern and Northern regions, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, it was significantly higher. So the retired, working, in particular, in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, the capitals have a good chance to lose their pensions? Are not formed is on the map of our country and whole regions in which a blow to the working pensioners will be massive? If this does not cause extra economic difficulties?

It is very likely, if you look, secondly, what these “rich” are doing. 0,5–1 million rubles per year in Russia are paid “in the white” not for beautiful eyes. In order to receive such income, it is necessary to work in the oil and gas sector, to take leadership positions in industry, financial sphere. The relatively high salaries are the most valuable to the researchers, people of art, including many retirees. And, of course, we must not forget a significant part of our officials and deputies. Their contribution to our GDP is much more important than arriving for their contributions to the Pension Fund and their modest pensions. So why score a cow if she regularly continues to give milk?

And another important question. In the proposals to once again infringe on the working pensioners I have not heard anything about the same I respect retirees from the Russian army, MVD, FSB, Prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies. They often retire even earlier than the generally established age (60 for men and 55 years for women). Many of them continue to work, receiving relatively high salaries. These people deserved also fall under the proposed mass appropriation of money? If not, then, apparently, those clever heads in the government who come up with this kind of “innovation”, afraid to touch those who can give an adequate response. If Yes, then this answer can be very fast to run.

I understand that to warn the government against such harmful measures in our political system in any way possible. Power in recent years, breaking this part so much firewood, despite all the warnings of experts that the best way out should be to reset the situation. Some cosmetic measures of the pension system will not return to financial and socially balanced situation. Need, unfortunately, another pension reform, which is the result of profound research and public consensus. Then it will be a long haul.


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