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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Why Russia did not reach Switzerland

Russia has become more competitive. According to world economic forum ranking of Global competitiveness index of 2016-2017 years” our country has climbed two positions to 43rd place. Thus, in 2012, when Russia was in the list of WEF 67th place, she jumped already 24 degrees. As explained by the authors, such results have contributed to strengthening the quality and coverage of education, innovative capacity, and improving the business environment.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Promotion WEF – definitely good. However, the real changes for the better from that, unfortunately, a little bit. The fact that rating is built on the basis of formal indicators, but our officials are virtuoso masters of drawing up beautiful plans and reports. Only often they are not implemented in practice, therefore, de facto the situation has not changed. A number of initiatives and remains a beautiful glossy measures proclaimed, and even supposedly implemented, but with this error, which literally negates these good beginnings. For example, the possibility of introducing tax holidays for small and medium business, adjusted for the unreliability of their adoption at the regional level has led to the fact that to obtain this benefit, in practice, can one. The decrease in the number of scheduled inspections of entrepreneurs are more than “compensated” for unscheduled inspections.

With the fall of the ruble twice our well-being fell. This is really felt almost all categories of citizens – from the public sector to businessmen. What kind of competitiveness and its growth is it? Besides the macroeconomic situation, our country failed at the 51 position with 40 seats. And if not a small amount of debt and substantial foreign exchange reserves that is much higher than any figures from Western countries, the situation would be even worse. Therefore, it is recognized that the rating scale of the WEF is simply not designed for such a radical change, and proportion of this indicator is clearly insufficient.

As the authors of the document, the Russian business was no longer considered a major obstacle to its work of corruption. However, we must understand that the crisis is survival of the fittest companies with the most flexible approach, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that corruption has moved to 3rd place among the most important problems no.

Inflation and taxes have become a major obstacle for the surviving companies. Formally, let the income tax we have is not the highest, but non-tax payments to the Russian classification put Russia among the leaders of the rating of countries. The total financial burden on employers on average 46% of the profits. This is the many different fees that the entrepreneur is obliged to pay. For example, various port charges, fees for disposal of waste or the same scandalous toll of trucks on Federal highways. Only at the Federal level, according to the chamber of Commerce and industry, about 50 of such payments, and at the regional level even more — up to 70. Ahead on the so-called “non-tax” payments are mostly poor African countries.

In addition, exports from Russia in January – July 2016 decreased by 26.1% compared to the same period in 2015, almost maintaining last year’s pace, but the decline in imports almost stopped. For 7 months of this year, imports declined only by 7.7%. That is our enterprises have not earned at full capacity. We can’t live without imported goods – is the main indicator.

Now, even banal packing is made from imported raw materials. That is, the localization of the blowing of the necessary forms from imported raw materials are all import substitution.

And measure the ephemeral quality of education under the current system, use and distribution of diplomas of Universities left and right, and also to talk about the illusory reduction of administrative barriers in our country – it is futile. And really paper.

The rating of competitiveness in 2016-2017

Rank Country

1 (1) Switzerland

2 (2) Singapore

3 (3) of the United States

4 (5) Netherlands

5 (4) Germany


28 (28) China

39 (55) India

42 (50) Panama

43 (45) Russia

44(43) Italy

47 (49) South Africa

53 (42) of Kazakhstan

81 (75) Brazil

in brackets the place in the rankings 2015-2016

Help “MK”:

The global competitiveness index is calculated on the basis of 12 major indicators. We are talking about institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomic environment, health and primary education higher education and training. Also take into account the market efficiency of goods and services, as well as labor market, financial market development, technological level, market size, business sophistication and innovation capacity.

A constant leader in the competitive ranking among 138 countries is Switzerland. For the eighth time in a row it occupies the first position in the list. This country shows the best results in 4 key indicators. In particular, the efficiency of the labour market, level of innovation and business development. Second place in the rating continues to be assigned to Singapore. And the top three short of the United States.

Anna Vovk, a member of the chamber of Commerce


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