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Friday, March 23, 2018

Warehouse of useful things

Looks like international business has decided to turn our country into the exhibition of achievements of commercial farms. Active in this field, for example, IKEA. It is less than a month managed to open a furniture factory and start building the largest warehouse complex. But for what?

photo: pixabay.com

28 Sep little Esipovo village, Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region, attracted the attention of a fairly heterogeneous audience. To employees distribution centre Esipovo IKEA” and passing on a busy Leningradsky motorists added serious businessmen, officials and even diplomats.

And the thing is that in this day in this settlement has been scheduled is not the ordinary event: started construction of the third stage of the warehouse complex, which, as promised, after completion will be the largest facility of its kind in our country.

In General, the distribution center of the retailer came under Solnechnogorsk in the fall of 2003 far. Then its capacity was “only” 60 thousand cubic meters.

As the years passed, the business grew. Accordingly, the warehouse to grab stopped. Had to extend the center for up to 180 000 cubic metres.” More than half of this capacity, as assure of the company, accounted for fully automated storage facilities.

Now, 13 years later after the construction of the first phase of the distribution center, it took a new, much more serious expansion, as the construction of new stores and the development of online trade requires an increase of storage capacity, for which the complex will grow to 190,000 “cubes”.

In General, no wonder the official start of construction of new capacity has gathered the status of spectators. Arrived in Esipovo, the Swedish Ambassador to Russia Peter Erikson arrived delegate from the regional government — Deputy Chairman of Moscow region government, Minister of investments and innovations of Moscow region Denis Butsaev, there were many representatives of the retailer.

As stated by the General Director of the distribution services of the company in Russia göran Hansson, development of distribution center is of strategic importance for the company. “As you probably know, we recently launched under the Great Novgorod the factory of the company. However, the development of our business requires not only increasing production capacity but also strengthening of the logistics component. Imagine that after construction there will be cranes, which in seconds will be able to raise the pallet of goods to a height of 16-storey building,” said Hansson.

By the way, here is one of the furniture factories of the company. She specializiruetsya on the production of furniture. Other businesses are dispersed across the European part of the country. The geography is vast: in Leningrad, Kirov region and the village of podberez under mentioned Veliky Novgorod.

As for the stock, freight turnover of which shall be 7,500 tons, to complete the construction of the third phase of the distribution center is planned in 2018.

The whole tonnage, according to representatives of the retailer will be handled, including using the unique for the Russian logistics system is a fully automated high-Bay storage. “Most of the processes will be automated to increase turnover and efficiency of all warehouse procedures — from receiving the machines and unloading the goods prior to collection of orders and their shipment to the stores,” explained the event göran Hansson.

But what kind of cargo will move first in Esipovo, and then shopping? According to the commentary of Deputy General Director of retail chain IKEA in Russia Jan Gardberg, mostly all the goods first flock in Esipovo, and then distributed to retail outlets in different cities, go to Moscow, Petersburg, Ufa, down to Novosibirsk. Only in our country there are 14 shops of the company. Together with existing scheduled appearance of one in the Metropolitan area. According to General Director IKEA CentresRussia Milena Gencheva, who took his current post less than two weeks before the ceremony, Esipov, only in the Moscow region the company is reviewing 30 sites for new stores.

And yet the representatives of the retailer saying that the level of localization, which determines the amount of local goods, by 2025 it is planned to overcome 80%, now it exceeds 50%.

Use for business only half the truth about stock. The ceremony was separately noted that the distribution center will be one of the largest employers of the area. The commissioning of new capacities will require the creation of 250 new jobs. Certainly jobs will be attractive for residents of nearby cities Solnechnogorsk, Zelenograd, Klin. The salary promised “very competitive”.

According to Geneva, “the company is actively investing in the Russian economy, and in the coming years the amount of investment exceeds 100 billion rubles.” With these words, Genchev recalled previously announced the company’s intentions regarding its presence in our country.

If so, it seems, will have to wait for international business and other nice achievements.


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