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Friday, October 21, 2016

The termination of cooperation between Russia and the United States in Syria: experts have evaluated the consequences

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry warned Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Washington is preparing to suspend cooperation with Russia on Syria. On Wednesday said state Department spokesman John Kirby. What are the implications of this statement, said the experts of “MK”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Sergei Lavrov

Last week Russia and the United States tried to agree on the resumption of the cease of hostilities. However, the attempts failed. Kirby stressed that during the conversation, Kerry made clear to Lavrov: US and partners believe that Russia is responsible for this situation. Kerry said that the U.S. is preparing to end cooperation with Russia on Syria as long as Russia does not “take immediate steps to stop the offensive in Aleppo and restore the ceasefire”.

Researcher, Institute of Oriental studies Irina ZVYAGELSKAYA:

“The agreements that were reached, Lavrov and Kerry, including the creation of a Joint Executive center, and was a serious breakthrough. The fact that now it is a fragile understanding of the collapses is a huge negative. This statement was made in the election campaign to show a willingness to follow through and be decisive. The only way out of this situation, there is a political will, because none of the parties can not count on military victory. The only thing you can do is to sit again at the negotiating table. However, this would be 2 times harder.”

Andrei SERENKO, an expert on the Middle East:

“In the middle East neither war nor peace are not final . This statement is situational and not surprising. It would be rather surprising finding compromises. Then, most likely, there will be no serious agreements or acute conflict. We too are serious about each other. Such statements reflect the relations of Russia and the USA, and they will change. They can change tomorrow and will change in a week. Are still other statements.”

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