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Monday, March 19, 2018

The specter of the “Boeing” of the world: an investigation into the crash of MH-17 “dictated” from the United States

The Dutch Prosecutor’s office announced the first interim results of the investigation of the crash of flight MH17 under the Donetsk held a group of representatives of five countries: Ukraine, Australia, Malaysia, Belgium and the Netherlands under the leadership of the Dutch Prosecutor Fred Westerbeke. The Russian side responded to the findings of foreign investigators: speaker of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called them “biased” and “politically motivated”, the representatives of the concern “Almaz-Antey” – are based on incorrect technical data.

photo: youtube.com

The conclusion of the international investigation did not surprise anyone: Boeing-777 was shot down from the ground missile complex “Buk”, which was brought from Russia. The launch was performed from the area of the settlement Snow, at that time controlled by the militias. After the missile launch “Buk” was back on the Russian territory.

Details read in a material “Published the full text of the outcome of an international investigation of MH-17”

…Nothing new, neither in the evidence nor in the position of the investigation. All the same allegations that were heard a year ago. Only this time they are more firmly and clearly, though they all rely of the same dubious, or “secret” evidence and data so-called expert-journalistic groups like Bellingcat, who focus in their research on the Internet rather than the evidence provided by the experts.

Newly updated just details. For example, it was said that investigators consider suspects of involvement in the crash of 100 people, their identity is not disclosed. The investigation has not yet found out was the start that led to the disaster, intentional.

That is, the principle is this: considered the new evidence, and suck the old and on the basis of specified charges. Not surprisingly, this approach to the investigation has caused, to put it mildly, bewilderment in Moscow. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has noticed that around the theme of “Boeing” has grown an enormous amount of speculation, unprofessional information — a number of countries did not submit or hide the real data about the disaster. Press Secretary of the President urged to focus on data, materializedview officially provided by the Russian side.

But to focus on data that can realistically be considered facts in the Netherlands nobody was originally not going, but because nothing else from today’s speech of the Prosecutor of the Netherlands to not expect. Apparently anticipating such a development, before the publication of the report, the Dutch Ministry of defence gave a private briefing, where he denied the version of the Dutch about the shooting, “Buka” of Snow. Moreover, the data that was presented here – the testimony of the medical and rescue locator at the time of the disaster exciting the specified area of Snow – impossible to refute. It’s not a word, not a photo, not a computer drawing. Is the primary technical information that was not subject to any form of treatment – and because its just impossible to fake. And it proves that the area no shooting air defenses was carried out.

Read the story “report on the crash of the “Boeing” over the Donbas: the defence Ministry is preparing the cards”

But Dutch investigators have a curve, saying that all of these materials the Russian side, of course, will still be studied, but they now they are in doubt. Interesting approach: concrete information with the trace locator causes doubt and overheard the negotiations militias with strong fake smell is one of the main arguments of the prosecution.


Preparing for such charges were long – all those two years, while there was a consequence. And was it behind closed doors, despite the political passions seething around him. Facts – the last thing here called attention. So today, in the Western media prevails one point of view: the Boeing was shot down by separatists. By mistake.

No proving anything other technical arguments of the Russian side – the testimony of radars, satellites, photos of traces of air guns on the hull of the liner – could not reverse the opinions of Western people. In the world, which he took as a given: in the death of flight MH17 Donetsk separatists are to blame, and therefore Russia.

But if someone from Western politicians and break at least some echoes of doubt in the truthfulness of the accusations, these politics to stay in the General trend, they themselves are trying to address these doubts and to silence, habitually resorting to anti-Russian rhetoric.

For example, Samantha Power is a former journalist, Pulitzer prize winner 2003, and more recently, the US representative to the UN, at the emergency meeting of the UN security Council again the other day and yelled out accusations against Russia for the downed Boeing.

Apparently, according to the old journalistic habit, she, too, lightly questioned: “the Technical complexity of the control of anti-aircraft missile system SA-11 (“Buk” in NATO – Ed.) such that it is unlikely that the separatists could effectively use it without the help of experts…”

But these are just doubts, just the first part of the sentence. What further conclusion does Ms. Power, based on their deep knowledge of equipment of the Russian air defense? Of course, the indictment: “Therefore, we cannot rule out technical assistance from Russian personnel in the management of the complex.”

So she doubted – she invented an explanation – itself at the UN gave it as a fact – she was charged. In General, all very, very, very…

Exactly the same scheme was originally built and all charges of the West in the Malaysian Boeing. In the world history of investigation of air crashes have not yet had a chance to wreck smoldering fragments of the plane, and the perpetrators have been named. In Donetsk Boeing it happened the first time: President Barack Obama himself in the first minutes everything was “investigated” and he announced the name of the culprit – Russia. He even named the weapon which they shot down the plane – the complex “Buk”.

And you think that after this “investigation” where there may be other investigators who will dare to say: Obama was wrong, the facts prove that the plane was shot down by Ukraine?

Such investigators in the West today, no. There are others for which exit in the created situation: to look for evidence of the innocence of the main American “investigator” – the President of the United States. And only them. Are not? It means to waste time. And there, as they say, either a donkey, or the padishah…


Is today anyone has the slightest doubt that if Washington at once had the facts, even indirectly pointing to a Russian trace in the case of the Malaysian Boeing, the investigation would have lasted more than two years? I think in this case the prosecution would have been swift and hard.

Again, in two years the average Westerner much has been forgotten. For example, as gathered evidence at the crash site. This fact is a shock from the experts to this day – when you tell one of the aircraft for further calculations was taken, the other left, saying that they are too inconvenient to transport.

And who now remembers that at first neither the militia nor the Malaysians or the Dutch never found the downed plane submunitions missiles “Buk”? Apparently, only Obama knew they were there, and turned out to be remarkably astute.

Less than six months, as the Dutch TV channel RTL News announced: journalist Jeroen Akkermans in November(!) 2014 visited the crash site and found a few metal fragments. Experts from Germany, UK and Poland immediately rushed to study them and came to the conclusion that fragments of the warhead missiles, the Russian system “Buk”.

And anything that they found at the crash site just a couple of pieces? Maybe Western experts are not as good as Samantha Power, are familiar with the technique of air defense, and that they also knew (have no strength to repeat the obvious): launch of any air defense destroys the object, not hitting the bull’s-eye, and torn at a distance, forming a cloud of thousands of submunitions to destroy flying object with great speed. This means that even theoretically it is impossible to assume that the disaster zone is not initially found at least hundreds of submunitions warheads, which were to become the main proof version with a “Buck”. They should be stuffed with all the trim, parts, Boeing, passengers ‘ belongings, their bodies.

Do the relatives of the victims, as one, silent, knowing that the remains of their loved ones is stuffed with iron pieces of the rocket? Why they didn’t get to use as evidence? But no such evidence (of a pair of glands that are found within six months, somehow even uncomfortable).

I do not remember about that – and it is now also well known that the launch of air defense can be seen visually due to the smoke plume, which is kept in the air for a few minutes. Successful target engagement is also possible to look for flash cotton, a small cloud of smoke… And when immediately after the tragedy I had to take comments from the air defense officer, he confidently said, soon we’ll know exactly the place of the accident – densely populated area, start paleosol missiles there to ignore simply impossible.

But it wasn’t noticed. Local residents interviewed in the early days, no start from the ground were not observed (I do not take those “witnesses” who much later wrote stories about “Beech” Ukrainian television). But eyewitnesses at the time of the disaster clearly discerned in the sky military aircraft. On their radars saw him and Russian military MiG-29 or su-25). Moreover, according to them, at some point, he gained altitude and turned from Boeing on distance of 3 – 5 km in range of his missiles.

Our military on the day of the death of Malaysian Boeing also recorded a radar of a Ukrainian battery of Buks, and then its subsequent redeployment from the area of zaroshchens’ke closer to Donetsk. While the missile launch they are not detected, although the General staff did not rule out that the complex rocket could not be allowed, but his radar helped the data of the Ukrainian pilot, who at that time was near the Malaysian Boeing.


All these facts, the Russian side gave the result of, and in a way that eliminates forgery. And recently, Concern “Almaz-Antey went on a completely unprecedented step: removing the secrecy, gave the Dutch the documentation with the technical specifications “Letter” revealing features of defeat of various air targets. Well, except going to lay such facts are the one who feels guilty?

But who cares about facts, if it’s about policy? Politics and politicians shuffle the facts to their advantage. For example, shortly after the Russian General staff laid out their data, recognizing that he has pictures of a missile launch “Buk”, the us media, citing leaks from razvedenkov” wrote: spy satellite USA, supposedly, such a start is still spotted. It would seem, here it is – the triumph of American technology: space, satellite, intelligence – iron texture! So present it to the world to stigmatize the Russian barbarians, shoot down civilian Airliners.

But to show satellite images of the Pentagon refused. It said: been there, done that, but nothing show – secret. The same thing repeated today in the presentation of the report in the Netherlands in response to a request of journalists to show these pictures, which were in the main evidence against the militia. Meanwhile, initially, about these satellite data, the American media wrote that their military say the exact place of start of the rocket “earth-air” our companion is not detecting, but it is certain that this area controlled by the militias.

Well, maybe so, but a few questions still remains. First, if the satellite does not see the spot start on earth, then on what basis the conclusion that the Boeing was flying that rocket “earth-air”? The satellite “see” only its approach to the target, so it could be a missile “air-air”, released by plane. And second, if not defined the exact coordinates of the launch pad, then what criteria determines that a district-based militia?

But on these questions the answer is no secret. But I wonder if that picture was the start of the rocket flying from the area controlled by the militia, he would have remained a secret to the world?

In the case of the Malaysian Boeing these “secrets” – the sea. Somewhere secret disappeared Ukrainian air traffic controllers, who were hit by the plane. Information locators and records of negotiations with the crew of the Boeing “secret study” from the ends seized SBU. The Ukrainian military “classified” all: the flight schedule of the aircraft the day of the disaster, areas of deployment and plans for relocation of air defense systems, information from their radar…

But the principle is the same: the facts we do not give, because without them know, who is to blame. And further – as it should be: again the cries about the Russian “Buk”, who secretly brought from somewhere near Kursk, in order to bring down the Malaysian liner.

The absurdity is off the charts, but personally I think more and more that all these dances around the “Buck” (he Russian or Ukrainian, it doesn’t matter) are aimed only at one thing: at any price to distract attention from the other version, the airliner was shot down military plane in Ukraine.


What is so unpleasant a Ukrainian version of the plane? At least the fact that in this case the destruction of the Malaysian airliner it is impossible to imagine as a coincidence. Only as a planned action. Who-planned – this is the next question.

If we assume this much at once falls into place: the fact that at the crash site did not find the right striking elements of “buck,” and fake SBU, and super-short leash Poroshenko, in which it holds the West, and the fact that the investigation was not given to Malaysia, and assigned him to the Netherlands, in violation of all norms of ICAO (International civil aviation organization)…

At first, because the militia gave black boxes of Boeing, the representatives of Malaysia, a country which owned the downed plane. According to the ICAO rules it, or the Ukraine were to lead the investigation.

Ukraine – it would be at that time too provocatively, and Malaysia proved too uncomfortable for both Ukraine and the United States. Malaysians had a dense economic ties to Russia, was less engaged by other international representatives on the scene of profit immediately after the militia worked there longer than their Western counterparts…

In addition, they first started talking about the fact that Boeing was hit by a missile “air-air”, and then he was finished off from aircraft cannon(!). Make the case featured a Ukrainian military plane, the Americans had no means impossible – they are responsible for those who tamed. And very soon the main investigation became obedient to the Dutch.

But back to the Ukrainian plane. Of course, theoretically the traces aircraft missiles on the hull of the Boeing with difficulty, but still somehow it is possible to explain a mistake: an inexperienced pilot confused the civilian airliner with a military plane and put a rocket on it. But how to prove that after that he “accidentally” stabbed him from the aircraft guns? And if the reasoning someone will go further, assuming that the order to destroy Boeing got from someone is not only a pilot, but Poroshenko himself? From whom?

No… the “Beech” as the option to retreat is much more profitable. If you still fail to convince the world that the airliner was destroyed by the militia and Russia, will slowly drift to the last saving version: Yes, Boeing Ukrainian air defense shot down, but only for a tragic mistake. They are more so to err is not the first time: in October 2001 over the Black sea they already shot down the airplane of airline “Siberia”, flying from tel Aviv to Novosibirsk.

As a result, escaped with little blood, USA can even get some of the benefits: chide Kiev to punish scapegoats, to remove objectionable (by the way, a good wire will get rid of the annoying Poroshenko), dotting everywhere the right people, and again to move the arrow to Moscow to say: none of this would have happened, if not for Russian aggression.


On the announcement today of the report it was also stated that the timing of the investigation and extended until 2018. That is today’s legal conclusions and the consequences of waiting even earlier. However, it is clear that all this time Russia will be under the sword of Damocles accusations and sanctions. Beyond what is permitted for the investigation of this case establish the United States, and to expand these boundaries without their permission will not work for anybody.

The Collapse Of The “Boeing”. Chronicle of events

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