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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The party divided posts of the state Duma: the place of Spring is a former Deputy Bastrykin

Caught in the state Duma of the seventh convocation of the party completed consultations on the structure of the lower house of Parliament. Pre-made a decision to reduce the number of heads of the Duma in last convocation there were about 200, and now may remain slightly more than 180.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

The state Duma of the sixth convocation set a record: if you count the speaker (1), Vice-speakers (8), heads of the committees (30), their first deputies and deputies, and heads of permanent commissions like the Commission on Deputy ethics and control over reliability of information about income, assets and expenses of the deputies, it turned out that the leaders of a level was about 45% of the deputies. In some committees, the chiefs were the majority in the Committee on nationalities, for example, there were five of the eight members of the Committee for culture — 8 of 11 members of the Committee on Federal structure and local self-governance — 5 of 8…

In the aftermath of the September 28 meeting of representatives of “United Russia”, KPRF, LDPR and “CP” where it was determined the total number and proportional distribution of posts of Vice-chairmen of committees, it became clear that the leaders of different ranks in the Duma will be less.

The leader of fraction “ER” in the last convocation, nominated by the party for the position again Vladimir Vasilyev told journalists that United Russia got 26 posts of first Deputy heads of committees (any Committee will be the first Deputy from the ruling party), the Communist party and the LDPR — 10 such posts, and the “SR — 6. And “just deputies-United Russia party in the committees will be 52, Communists and LDPR members 5 and spravorossov — 2.

If you consider that the number of Deputy speaker remains the same (8), of which the first two (for these positions are available United Russia Alexander Zhukov and the Communist Ivan Melnikov), it turns out that leadership positions will get approximately 40% of the deputies…

Progress is being made.

In the smallest fraction, “SR”, half of the deputies will become the chiefs of different levels. And the liberal democratic party, the percentage of executives is even higher: about 54%!

Tonight also held a meeting of the Presidium of the General Council of “ER” where there was approved the list of candidates for the posts of heads of committees on party quota (half of the total number of committees — 13) — this list it is recommended that the Duma faction “United Russia”. Radical personnel revolutions in the level of United Russia to organize did not. New heads of committees and those who did not occupy the same positions in the Duma of last convocation), only six.

The Committee for security and countering corruption, made famous thanks to the tireless legislative activity Irina Yarovaya, headed by former first Deputy head of the Investigative Committee Vasily Piskarev, sent the President in resignation from this post at the end of April 2016. To do will probably be the same, but quieter…

The Committee on natural resources, property and land relations received Nikolay Nikolaev, Vice-President of “OPORA Russia”, the representative of the Russian popular front (led by the Centre of the popular front for the independent monitoring of execution of presidential decrees).

A new Committee on ecology and environmental protection will be headed by Olga Timofeeva, also a representative of the onf, in the last convocation worked in the Committee on information policy. And the Committee on rules and organization of work of the Duma, Olga Sevastyanov, Deputy head of the Executive Committee of the popular front and member of the Board of “Union of women of Russia”. And the chief of the Committee for health protection “EP” offers to make Infousa — pediatric surgeon Dmitry Morozov, izbivshego in single-mandate district in Moscow.

The Committee on defense headed by the former head of airborne troops of Russia Vladimir Shamanov. And the Committee for nationalities — MP experienced Ildar Gilmutdinov: the Duma of the sixth convocation, he worked in the Committee on education and is one of the authors of the bill on criminalization of inducing the athlete to use doping.

The other candidates for the posts of chairmen of the committees held these posts in the last convocation: that’s Andrey Makarov (Committee on budget and taxes), Vyacheslav Nikonov (the Committee on education and science), Evgeny Moskvichev (Committee on transport and construction), Stanislav Govorukhin (Committee for culture), Pavel Zavalny (Committee on energy).

First Deputy head of the Communist party Ivan Melnikov told “MK” that the meeting of leaders of all parties were discussed including the question of the name of certain committees,” that is about bringing these names to human-readable form. It is primarily about two new committees: on state building and constitutional, civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation (it should head the United Russia party member Pavel Krasheninnikov) and industry, economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship (he goes to Lmprove Sergei Zhigareva). “Furious” names can be shortened. The first of these is likely to be called by the Committee on state building and law.

Read the story “United Russia” announced the creation of the state Duma Committee.”

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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