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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The experts evaluated the plan by Elon musk to Mars

Representatives of the Russian space community is ambiguous about the idea in the near future to send to Mars about a million people. The plan of colonization of the red planet presented the head of a private U.S. space company, Space X, Elon Musk. However, even if the project fails, Musk will be able to earn trillions of dollars on Earth.

The idea

The idea of the head of Space X Elon musk is to create a vehicle that can carry on Board 450 tons of cargo, and the number of passengers is 100 people with a prospect of increasing to 200. The company is already working to create such a device. It is planned to send people to a two-year expedition to Mars.

“From Earth it is extremely difficult to do. Not because missiles are bad, but because the laws of physics are so arranged”

To run the module in the space you plan to use reusable stage rockets. Manned ship will lead to an intermediate orbit, and then refuel, after which it will go. Cost for one participant of the expedition will be about 100 thousand dollars “as a luxury car or a cheap American home,” said the Mask.

In the next 40-100 years Musk wants to send to the Red planet more than a million people, which will create a city-colony. However, to become the first passenger of the expedition, the entrepreneur expressed a desire not because he wants to see his kids grow up.

He noted that people should be “interplanetary” because it is not excluded that in the future the Land can survive the catastrophe, after which the existence will be impossible.

“We want to make Mars a reality and do it in our lives. We may fail, but we will try,” promised the head of SpaceX.

As for financial support, it is planned to implement the idea at the expense of the Space X, which she earned on commercial flights and NASA contracts. The entrepreneur intends to invest all your savings. Also, does not exclude the use of the donation.

Note that the Mask already has success in the Mars program. As reported VZGLYAD, his company recently conducted the first tests of the rocket engine Raptor that you plan to use rockets on the Dragon for the expedition to Mars in 2024. Methane is a device, which power exceeds the engines installed on modern rockets, the Falcon 9 a few times.

Just not enough resources

The Russian space community has ambiguously reacted to the idea of the head space company SpaceX Elon musk can colonize Mars

According to a researcher of the Moscow space club Ivan Moiseev, in the next few decades, this flight is completely unrealistic, because mankind is simply not enough resources:

“First, I believe that it is not necessary. There is no possibility for life, and the Mask will always have to supply the colony. Secondly, the money that this requires, exceeds the capacity of all mankind. Musk, to put it mildly, missed the point, intending to raise funds by crowdfunding”, – said ironically in an interview with the newspaper OPINION of Moses.

As for the technical ideas that the entrepreneur gave in his report, the expert believes that the businessman also gets many of the difficulties that would be possible during the flight to Mars, even two people.

“Musk did not give a main summary of vehicle parameters. He relies on a closed system provide – that is all that the person makes on the Board, is returned to him. While the record is 30% Chinese lasted three months. In America was a project “Biosphere”. The people there lived in this cycle for two years. But it is a huge structure, which is impossible to lift into space, and the experiment was unsuccessful,” – said Moiseev.

“I think Musk just missed a lot of critical issues without which flight is impossible. Even when talking about the flight one-way repeated – it is necessary to continuously supply the colony, and the cost of delivery of cargo on Mars is fantastic,” continues the expert.

Speaking about the prospects of flight to a neighboring planet, Ivan Moiseev said that it will be possible in 20 years – and then only in order to land on Mars two people. But the US will have to quit for the implementation of tasks all their powers, including Elon musk. The US will have to go the way of the Lunar program, greatly reducing the cost of the military-industrial complex.

“Flight to Mars, rather, will be possible after creating a base on the moon. Because Land is extremely difficult to do. Not because missiles are bad, but because the laws of physics are so constituted,” – concluded the researcher.

In 30-40 years, everything is possible

As considers the test-cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Valery Tokarev is currently manned flight to Mars is really possible.

“Guessing is not necessary. Now this, of course, unrealistic. We have not solved the main problem: how to protect people from cosmic radiation. Then the question arises, how to ensure the colony if we got anyone but robots have not yet sent. That is just no information on how to live on this planet. Of course, if you expect 30 years from now, no one knows where we come,” – said the newspaper VIEW Tokarev.

“Space revolutionary developed the first 10 years, most intensely for the first 7-8 years. We are with you until from earth orbit do not come off. Yes, there was a breakthrough on the moon, but short. It is difficult to fantasize. Elon Musk, of course, brilliant people and we must pay tribute to his ideas, the fact that he swings at such distances. But for the next 15-20 years have in relation to the ideas share of skepticism, but after 30-40 all possible,” – said Tokarev.

Musk can make trillions of dollars

According to a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics. Tsiolkovsky Andrei Ionin, entrepreneur ideas is while grandiose plans for decades. But he has already proved that space is serious.

“Now he’s not just a member of the space market, and I would even say that an ideological leader, so his words are weighty. It is important that the plans to colonize Mars says the man is young and is a project of his life: the Mask will have to implement the intentions myself. When these people claim in age, it is clear that they can not survive,” – said the expert in an interview to RIA “Novosti”.

Ionin added that the Mask have a technology yet to be developed. But something he is experiencing now. For example, the return rocket to Earth and land it on a platform in the ocean.

“Besides, there is also commercial interest. Elon Musk understands that who will be the first in the industry, developing technology to deliver humans to Mars, he will earn trillions of dollars on Earth,” – concluded the scientist.


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