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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“The clown is a Bank with vitamins”

— You must be idiots. Well, just very silly and funny! — so begins the invasion of the clowns in the Morozov children’s clinical hospital. The festival “Gavroche”, who is now in Moscow, for one day turned the medical establishment in the theatrical Playground. Observer “MK” took an active part in this cultural and charitable event.

photo: Marina Raikin

Waist Zafra at the Department of cardiology.

The auditorium in the administration building prepare for the master class: his for medical staff and volunteers spend three clown from Israel. One of them is called ballet filename Waist, and the moment she get into on a bright green shirt in peas, ridiculous pants and hat. So small that it immediately sinks into her crazy curls.

— You take the hat. It’s beautiful — with veil. All serious and hat the seriousness of the situation removes…

Her two friends and colleagues also looks: one — striped stockings, red tight jacket; the other in a bright blue Bathrobe, and hair on end stand.

In the hair Bank? — ask her.

The artist cleverly painted with a smiling eye: “There is the balloon. But it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone”.

Several doctors, interns and volunteers from two funds gathered in the auditorium. Waist builds all in a circle and explains the first — they are not a disease, but a person. The second medical clowns help the child in communicating with doctors and nurses during procedures, preparing children for surgery.

I have to feel like an idiot, ” says Talia innocently, and her eyes Shine like before taking in the room a cake with candles. In this perspective — being stupid — much joy on the faces of the serious people I do not watch. Personally helps me idiotic cap that kept on parole in the hair, and everything else… to Become an idiot, that is a clown, was not so easy.

However, an hour lesson on the basis of acting exercises and etudes do their work and take individual and collective clamp. But you need to do nothing-stretch your hands and looking neighbor in the eye and scream, “I love you!” Then throw each other words as the ball. Then… Exercise a lot, the atmosphere first becomes warm, then hot, then all laughing and the laughter transformed: the handsome men and beautiful women in white coats! I am sure that with children, they will find a common language.

photo: Marina Raikin
Ayelet Shadmon.

After an hour, go to the Department of cardiology and rheumatology. Clean, cute, kids saunter down the corridor. Some babies who can not walk, parents are on hand. But somehow dull and humdrum here. And then the three discharged clown imperceptibly embedded in children’s weight — and now one of the boys chasing them with a plastic syringe, and then they build a plastic Shoe covers bouquet, veil and hoisting it on the head of the baby. Sing “Kalinka-Malinka”, and as a microphone — stick broom. Delight extraordinary. Duhopodemnoe obvious. Medical institution temporarily change the image.

Well, the final part of the work — “the Story of a newspaper”; his play for children from several outlets. But until the performance began, I was talking with Talia Safra.

I started in 2003 and was Israel’s first clown-doctor. Came to the hospital, and I caught three clowns-men: “we Have no women, come to us!” At first we were few, only about 17 people. Now, in Israel, 160 hospital clowns. By the way, a year later I started working in hospitals I was invited to drama school to conduct a special course. So 14 years I’ve been in hospitals, and 13 teaching clown.

— The main conclusion over these years of work: what do you like the actress gives work in hospitals? With misfortune, illness and even grief, which brings the disease?..

— The system of values to better understand what is important and what is unimportant in this life. Second — it gives me a lot of freedom and keeps quiet at the sight of the most awful scenes in the hospitals. Learned to see and not be afraid. I have the opportunity to look at it from different angles, in different “glasses”.

Three times I was pregnant while doing it — you can tell, took place in the hospitals life. Sometimes my imagination running wild, and I think, when my time comes and I will be there in heaven, then these children will meet me with shouts of joy…

— It is believed among medical professionals that all of this — playing adults. You can argue those who believe that the pain is not a game?

— When I was a kid and there were no clowns in hospitals, I remember running down the corridor from the doctor. He was running my mother followed my father. And I’m hiding on the balcony of the hospital, and no I there cannot find as long as I don’t dare to go, because I’m not looking for anybody… When you’re a kid, the reality for you is quite different, not the same as for adults. It seems to me that hospital clowns help reality children, connecting her with such clear reality of the adult world.

photo: Marina Raikin
Marina Raikin, Waist Safra and Joian Zimmerman: did a great job.

— How many times a week do you work in hospitals?

Sometimes four, sometimes five times a week.

— How am I charged for this work in Israel?

I get money for it, but you have to understand that it’s not the paid work. Many people think: “Oh, clowns, therefore, charity.” But I teach people how to be clowns and personally know how hard it is to be stupid. This is a complex process — to become a clown. Means that you first must renounce one’s own ego, to tell him “goodbye”. And also to say goodbye to the critic who sits inside of you…

Now I’m starting my own course where I will learn to be not only the hospital clowns, but also a social who work in nursing homes, help in the rehabilitation of adult patients. I believe that clowns open people: you saw what on the master-class people were at first clamped, and then began to play. The clown is the Bank with vitamins. It is the clowns help the society to adopt some kind of a closed part of society — for example, people with disabilities, the elderly, because the clown always sees another way of interaction, and with him all relaxed.

— Do you think that the clowns will save the world?

I do not know. But I’m sure that this is the most simplest and honest way to look at life and accept it for what it is. Clown connects life the extreme and leads the world in balance.

But I want to say that the actor and clown culture in Israel is not as old as you in Russia. Here it’s in the blood we felt it in our performances (which we played in the theater “Contemporary”), and master classes. And I’m very jealous of your movie such theaters (larger with multiple scenes, etc.) we have very little. Our actors very difficult lives, especially those who work for children. But it still frightens nobody.


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