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Friday, February 23, 2018

The Church again raises the issue of banning abortion

Russian religious leaders again raised the issue of the prohibition of abortion. While we are talking only about the proposal to bring abortion out of the mandatory health insurance system, but in the future, as stated, they need to be banned completely. I agree with this, not all. Whether the bill supported by the new composition of the State Duma?

On Tuesday, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has put the signature under the text of the appeal, calling to ban abortions in Russia and recognize the unborn baby human. The news published on the website of the ROC.

“It’s killing babies, I’m about the same in the festive sermon on Eid al-Adha said. Yes, without a doubt. This is godly”

“In this position of the Church is nothing new”

The text of the address was agreed with the Patriarchal Commission on family matters, protection of motherhood and childhood. In particular, the appeal contained a call to recognize the conceived child (embryo) the status of human beings, life, health and well-being which should be protected by law. Currently, medical science separates the human fetus during pregnancy and actually human, born after birth. The authors also propose to ban abortion, contraceptives with abortive effects, assisted reproductive technologies, integral to which is the “humiliation of human dignity and the murder of children in the initial stages of embryonic development” (referring to the so-called stem cells).

Many media have presented this post as an endorsement of the Patriarch to the total prohibition of abortions in Russia. However, in conversation with the news Agency “Moscow” a press-the Secretary of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, priest Alexander Volkov denied such interpretations. “This appeal is not about prohibition, but an appeal on the withdrawal of abortion from the MMI system (mandatory medical insurance). In this position of the Church is nothing new. But since there is a petition, the Patriarch, to draw attention to the problem, like other people, signed the document. On the complete prohibition of abortion is out of the question”, – said Volkov.

He stressed that, if changes are made to the legislation, abortion will be available exclusively on a commercial basis.

What is the principled position of the Russian Orthodox Church is demanding removal of abortion from the compulsory medical insurance system, TASS said the head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vladimir Legoyda. In his words, “the presence of abortion in the compulsory health insurance system means that abortion is marketed and perceived as a social norm.” “Therefore, at this stage we think it is important to eliminate abortion from the compulsory medical insurance system”, – he said, expressing hope that “this will be the first step on the path to what we’ll ever live in a society where, perhaps, abortion will not do.

The collection of signatures under the appeal are engaged in the all-Russian public movement “For life” and movement “Orthodox volunteers.” After signing the document, the first Hierarch thanked the participants for their efforts and blessed them, said Volkov.

“Our government is still secular

The actions of the Patriarch responded in the Public chamber. Member of the Commission for the support of families, children and maternity OP Sergei Ryakhovsky made the adoption of the legal changes that restrict abortion. “Probably, somehow, legislators will approach the consideration of the factors that our state is still secular. But, probably, some changes in the approach to this problem will be done,” Ryakhovsky said in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”.

However, the Supreme mufti of Russia Talgat Tadzhuddin has backed the idea of a total ban of abortion. “It’s killing babies, I’m about the same in the festive sermon on Eid al-Adha said. Yes, without a doubt. This is godly. We have a country – not the largest in the world. Only 145 million”, – quotes the words of Tajuddin RIA “Novosti”.

However, the adviser of the Plenipotentiary representative of the Council of Federation on interaction with the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation and the Commissioner of the President on the rights of the child Boris Lordkipanidze called the Church to engage the souls of men, not laws. According to him, it would be better if women refused abortions “as a result of prohibition, as a result of the work of the Church.”

And the doctor-gynecologist, Research center of obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology named Kulakov, Russian Ministry of health Olga Mikhailova has stated that the prohibition of abortion will lead to an increase in the number of illegal operations and postoperational serious complications. “I think that will increase dramatically the frequency of criminal abortions and, accordingly, the frequency of complications”, – said Mikhailov TASS.

According to her, the number of abortions in Russia annually decreases. So, in 2011 in Russia was made by 989 thousand abortions, and in 2015-m – 747 thousand. “Apparently, this is due to more competent for contraception,” – said Mikhailov.

“One of the main troubles of Russia is a huge number of abortions”

Note that the Patriarch has repeatedly taken a position on this issue. In January of last year, speaking in the Duma, he also proposed to exclude services for the artificial termination of pregnancy from the list of CBOs and encouraged the state to develop comprehensive measures against abortion. “One of the main troubles of Russia is a huge number of abortions. I believe morally justified removal operations abortion from the system of compulsory health insurance, which is supported by taxpayers, including those who categorically reject abortion,” he noted.

The Primate has called unacceptable that the abortion is often the pressure on a pregnant woman by doctors, relatives, material and housing difficulties. “In recent years, the number of abortions has decreased, but still their number remains shockingly high. If managed twice to reduce the number of abortions, then we would be steady and powerful demographic growth,” – he stressed.

The deputies heard of the Patriarch. In the spring of 2015, the then Deputy Elena Mizulina (now – the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation) submitted to the state Duma draft laws on the removal of abortion from the compulsory medical insurance system and their conduct only in public health institutions. In addition, it was proposed to license the activity associated with abortion, and also to restrict the circulation of drugs for abortion, and to introduce in medical institutions audio – and videoprogressevent fetal heartbeat of the child.

Recall back in 2013 with a proposal to ban free abortions performed Samara deputies. But then the bill was rejected because of the failure of requirements of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the State Duma regulations”.

“This is more than the removal of abortion from the compulsory medical insurance system”

President of all-Russian public movement “For life” Sergey Chesnokov stressed that the Patriarch called for a complete ban on abortion, “that is for the legislative protection of a child’s life from the moment of conception”. But the primary measure – removal of abortion from the system. “This is more than the removal of abortion from the compulsory medical insurance system – an initiative that is under consideration in the state Duma. Now a new political season, and we have high hopes that many MPs will support the initiative on the complete prohibition of abortion,” said Chesnokov newspaper VIEW.

He explained that the removal of abortion from the compulsory medical insurance system involves the protection of the rights of citizens. “In our country of 300 thousand citizens signed a petition to ban abortion. They believe abortion is murder. And in their defense the focus of the initiative for the removal of abortion from the MMI system. Why these 300 thousand citizens to pay for abortions? I hope that the number of signatories will increase significantly after treatment of the Patriarch,” says Chesnokov.

He called a myth the argument that restricting abortion will increase women’s mortality. “We are on the subject of Analytics, which is based on the study,” said Chesnokov.

“It only leads to clandestine abortions”

In turn, member of the Board of public organization “Invitation to life” Svetlana Product emphasizes that the Church should Express position on the total ban on abortion.

“Arguments about what the term abortion, is immoral and absurd. Whether you need a complete ban? This should be ready. The Church cries out to ensure that our heart was morality. And from a social point of view it is known that when a woman is placed in the position of choosing to abort or not, and thus it offers no support, it all ways looking to have an abortion. It only leads to clandestine abortions. This should not be”, – said the newspaper Product LOOK.

According to her, society must prepare to take responsibility to support these women to agree to give birth. “The withdrawal of abortion from the compulsory medical insurance system is a step to ensure that the society began to take more responsibility for the origin of life. And now for the visit of the Cabinet and the termination of life no responsibilities, even for free… This is a complete devaluation of human life,” she said.

International practice

Abortion is legal according to UN statistics, in 98% of countries. In most cases, they are permitted if necessary to save a woman’s life. Almost 70% of countries permit abortion to preserve physical and mental health of the woman. Abortion after rape is allowed approximately 60% of the countries, and more than 30% of countries allow abortion for social or economic reasons (poor financial conditions, disability, etc.).

30% of countries, among which Russia, abortion is enough of female desire. Abortion can be done for free in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy at a woman’s request in the following 16 weeks a pregnancy can be terminated for special reasons. In most European countries for abortion in the first weeks of pregnancy has enough desire women, but not among them, for example, Spain, Portugal and Finland.


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