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Monday, March 12, 2018

Stephen Hawking said that people should escape from the Earth

If humanity does not begin to conquer space, he has no future. With such a loud statement was made by the famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. According to scientists, life on Earth is under constant threat, which only continues to increase, and the colonization of other worlds is the only way to significantly increase the chances of people on the preservation of the species regardless of how the fate of their home planet.

photo: pixabay.com

Scientist, famous for his research in the field of black holes, believes that the most significant threat to humanity are the possible consequences of their own actions. Speech, in particular, of such hazards as nuclear war, a genetically engineered invincible virus, as well as the effects of global warming to make the planet uninhabitable. It does not rule and scenarios, more reminiscent of scenes for science fiction movie — for example, the rebellion against the humans they created artificial intelligence.

However, Hawking said that he does not call to stop progress and, moreover, is aware that it is hardly possible. However, according to physics, humanity needs to realize that his home planet might be quite fragile refuge. At the same time, the creation on other planets self-sustaining colonies could provide humanity with a genuine confidence in the future — even if the Ground happen something irreparable, people will continue to live somewhere else.

Recently Stephen Hawking has shared another idea, focuses on what the future may await the Earth, according to scientists, if we are not careful about our location in the Universe can get to know the aliens, who themselves colonize our planet. In this regard, a physicist called upon to continue to look for traces of the existence of alien civilizations, but by the “hide”.

We will remind, recently the founder of the company SpaceX Elon Musk said that the first self-sustaining human colony on Mars can appear after a few decades. According to the businessman, shortly after the cost of sending man to the Red planet will be able to reduce several hundred thousand dollars to live there will go millions of earthlings.


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