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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Saakashvili accused of plotting a coup in Georgia

The state Security service of Georgia has opened a criminal case against ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili. This time he is accused of plotting to overthrow the government. The reason for initiation of proceedings audio recordings posted on the Ukrainian segment of Wikileaks. On the records of the wiretap of negotiations of the Governor of Odessa with their colleagues on the Georgian party “National movement”. In Georgia, we will remind, on October 8 elections to the Parliament. “National movement” has a good chance to hold legislative candidates. But as it turns out from the negotiations, even the election of Saakashvili is not satisfied: “in Short, without a coup, we this power not to throw! Elections we will achieve nothing” – he assures his supporters.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Mikheil Saakashvili

Experts who have studied the record of negotiations, came to the conclusion that communication with their leader arrived in Odessa activists of “National movement” — MPs Akaki Bobokhidze, Nugzar Tsiklauri, Petre Tsiskarishvili, Akaki Minashvili and Gigi Tsereteli. Not all of them agree with the rebellious attitude of Saakashvili, who demanded the creation of a revolutionary situation and bring people to the streets. A former ally of ex-President Georgy Vashadze declared that do not agree with this scenario. And if he is trusted to lead the party headquarters, he guarantees that the “National movement” honestly receive the election a sufficient number of votes and will be able to bring the power of new people. And received a sharp response from Saakashvili: “you’re all clear, that Melia does not occur and will lead the staff.” Further, tucked into the mouth of the opponent, Saakashvili and colleagues busily started to develop a scenario of rebellion. This scenario is simple and traditional for all the “color revolutions”. Saakashvili asks for more to connect mediaresource to create the protest mood in society. How to determine the situation presumably (voice) Giga Bokeria: “Right show-off needs to go in the media.” For this purpose, Saakashvili proposed to use the TV, and in particular the “Rustavi-2”. However, according to his colleague there are problems with Gvaramia (CEO TV), which has some personal problems. “What’s private, don’t drive me crazy!” – responded Saakashvili. And continued guidance. According to him, it is necessary to excite people in the regions, telling them how weak the current government, and that soon she will collapse. What colleague Nugzar Tsiklauri said that the mood in the regions is good. And if you have Finance problems will not be. Funding Saakashvili promised. Further, according to the plan outlined Boqueria, the people immediately after the election going to take to the streets: “All say that the government rigged the elections and stole the voices of the people. We know what a show-off to let. We do that all the authorities are to blame.” It held Bobokhidze: “”Georgian Dream” in every one accused of fraud, and all the people on the street and the revolution.”. Further companions of the conspiracy planned to involve the uprising of all the “former” who now occupy different positions, including the interior Ministry and other power structures. Colleagues worry that Saakashvili is now a little attention to Georgia and if he is more involved in the process, many have been able to connect to the process of the coup. The Governor of Odessa region allegedly said: “These Ukrainian idiots prevented, but will switch completely to you, in Georgia, the revolution must start and finish!”

Meanwhile, these Ukrainian idiots,” as they dubbed Saakashvili was not asleep. Negotiations accomplices were carefully recorded and posted on the web. Audio got and the Georgian authorities. In this connection, the President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili has instructed the police and intelligence agencies to investigate the appearance of recordings, which covers preparing protests in the country. The mouth of the press-Secretary of the President of Georgia, Saakashvili has sent a signal: “the President of Georgia appealed to the representative of the government of Ukraine and high-ranking official of Ukraine — would be better if he would refrain from interference in the election process in Georgia, and it will be good if it will also exercise restraint from making a charge of tension in such an important process of the election”. All members whose voices are identified on the record, invited to the state security Service for questioning.


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