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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Russian physicists have figured out how to turn light into antimatter

The specialists representing Institute of applied physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, presented a method of producing antimatter by colliding ultra-bright beam of laser radiation with a sheet of foil. In the future, this may allow much better to study the antimatter, as well as to improve the efficiency of the experiments for which it is needed.

photo: pixabay.com

The idea that light can turn into matter and, in particular, antimatter, scientists have put the calculations devoted to the interaction of ultra-bright beams of laser radiation with power more than a trillion terawatts. These calculations showed that under certain conditions this process can lead to avalanche-like formation of the positron is the simplest antimatter particles similar to electrons but with a positive charge.

As the researchers explain, during the experiment, the photons will collide with each other and produce electron-positron pairs. The electrons are subsequently born would also enter into the laser beam and, in the case of a fast enough move, they will begin to emit photons which in turn will also decay into pairs of electrons and positrons. As a result, every new “generation” of the rate of appearance of new positron will only increase.

The phenomenon, which in this case is expected to manifest themselves, is called “quantum electrodynamic cascade, experts say. Theoretically its existence was predicted earlier, but in reality to observe it still failed. However, experts hope that in the future, to test their conclusions will be possible.

Scientists also report that, according to their calculations, the resulting positrons will not appear randomly, but will be “twisted” in a kind of spiral, which will facilitate their further application.


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