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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Published the full text of the outcome of an international investigation of MH-17

The public Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands after the presentation of the report about the death of Malaysian Boeing, crashed in Ukraine, has published a summary of the results of the investigation, which is leading an international group of prosecutors and detectives. We publish the full text and video reconstructions associated with the crash of flight MH17.

“The international investigation team, the flight MH-17 was shot down by a missile air defense system “Buk” fired from the district town Pervomaysk.

photo: youtube.com

Members of the International investigation team, investigating the causes of the crash of flight MH-17 that occurred on 17 July 2014, convinced that a conclusive evidence that the airliner was shot down by antiaircraft missile series 9M38 anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”. In addition, the Committee has evidence to claim that the missile launch site was a field near the village of Pervomayskaya, which at that time was under the control of Pro-Russian militants.

This was announced today during the presentation for the relatives of those killed in the crash. Member States of the International investigation team (Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, Netherlands and Ukraine, are conducting a joint criminal investigation of an airliner.

Today the result was presented interim findings, including on weapons systems, of which the plane was shot down and the missile launch site. The investigation against the perpetrators of the Holocaust continues.


Conduct expert studies, testimony, data taken from mobile phone networks, satellite imagery, radar data, expert opinions and other evidence available to the investigation indicated that the plane was shot down by anti-aircraft complex of the earth.

It is noted that the International investigation team have been developed and other versions of causes of the disaster. In particular, the result was excluded versions on the emergency situation and the attack on Board the plane. On the contrary, the results of expert studies confirm the hypothesis that the plane suffered damaging effects from the outside. The theory that the airliner was shot down by a military aircraft was developed, however, on the basis of radar data, witness testimony and expert data research it was declared insolvent.

International investigative group has sufficient radar data (obtained from both Ukraine and Russia), which together give a complete picture of the airspace over the Eastern part of Ukraine. Based on these data, it is established that at the time of the accident aircraft that can shoot down flight MH-17, nearby was not.

Last week, the Russian Federation announced the discovery of “new” data from the primary radar on the basis of which it also concludes that in close proximity to aircraft other aircraft that could shoot it down, it was not.


The investigation revealed that the plane, flight MH17, was shot down by a missile 9M38 series used in anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”. The investigation compared the fragments of the alleged munitions that were discovered at the crash site with material comparisons.

This was done dismantling of different types of series of missiles 9M38 Buk missile system and conducts a comparative analysis of this reference material with metal fragments found at the crash site.

Video presentation: Tools of destruction:

Forensic examination

The tasks of the expert group included the relation between the detected fragments and the circumstances of the shooting down of flight MH17. It was necessary to prove that these fragments were not in the area before the accident and was not placed there by third parties subsequently. The crash site was not fenced for the holding of the examination by forensic experts. It is obvious that access to the crash site was free.

Two examples, confirming the link:

When the autopsies of the flight crew members have found a few fragments of the warhead of the rocket series 9M38 Buk”. On the surface of one of the fragments were found traces of glass are typical of the type used in the construction of the cockpit of the Boeing 777. It was found that the fragment had penetrated the aircraft from outside through the cockpit window.

In one of the window openings was discovered a metal fragment, identified as a fragment of a series of missiles 9M38 Buk”. This fragment was extracted from the aperture in the strained look that indicates that he hit the window in an explosion of high power.

Video presentation: Forensic examination:

Transportation SAM

The international investigation team managed to identify most of the route, which followed the SOU of SAM “Buk” on the territory of Ukraine, as well as the route of its movement in the opposite direction. This became possible due to the handling of the information obtained from the records of intercepted telephone conversations, witness statements, photos, and videos posted on social networks, as well as footage that has not been given publicity and was obtained from the witness. SAM moved from Russia into Eastern Ukraine and later moved to the white truck brand “Volvo” and Tralee. The vehicle was accompanied by several cars and people in uniform.

The territory of the rocket launch

The destination of SAM “Buk” were farmland near the village. May day. This fact is confirmed by information provided by a large number of witnesses who saw and who managed to fix the condensation trail of a missile launched by using SAM “Buk”, as well as its movement in the air. Another group of witnesses could establish a link between contrail and SOU of SAM “Buk”, which they saw earlier on July 17, 2014

The investigation team worked with witnesses who saw a column of smoke, SOU of SAM “Buk” missile launch site in the village. Day, but also the missile itself since its launch.

Reporters interviewed witnesses who watched the launch from a short distance from the launch site. These witnesses claim that they heard a very intense and high whistling sound.

After the launch was made with SAM “Buk”, SOU of SAM “Buk” left the scene of the rocket launch on their own. Some time later it was once again loaded onto the truck brand “Volvo” and drove to the Russian border. At night, the convoy crossed the border towards the Russian Federation.

Video presentation: the route of the missile launch site:

The perpetrators

Once we have identified what happened, the investigation is now focusing the main attention on finding the perpetrators. to give an answer to this question will take a lot of time. At the moment international Investigation team had identified about 100 people who can be involved in the Downing of MH17 or the transportation of self-propelled fire installation BUK. An international Investigation team received information about these people from a variety of sources such as recordings of intercepted telephone conversations and the testimony of witnesses.

In addition, investigation on the structure of command. Who gave the order to bring the self-propelled firing installation BUK in Ukraine and who was ordered to shoot down the plane, carrying out flight MH17? The crew of the Beech made the decision alone, or was he following orders of their commanders? These questions are important for the qualification of the crimes committed by suspected perpetrators.

An international investigation team wants to emphasize that it continues to seek additional information and evidence, including information about witnesses who were directly related to the crime. Ukrainian legislation stipulates a shorter term of imprisonment, and, under certain circumstances, exemption from criminal responsibility for those who will cooperate with the investigation.

In addition, the website www.jitmh17.com includes a certain number of intercepted telephone conversations. An international investigation team requests information about certain people who took part in these conversations. People who can recognize these voices, please inform the International investigation team.

International investigation team will be actively involved in the investigation in the near future, and from these considerations, the agreement with the International investigation team was extended yesterday until January 1, 2018.

Videoconstructid work “Buka:

Read the review of the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov on the investigation into MH17: press Secretary of the President said today that the Russian radar data clearly show: the rocket, which, as expected, was the cause of death of “Boeing”, were released from the area which was not under the control of the Donbass militias.

Peskov stressed that around the tragedy of flight MH17 — a lot of speculation and questionable information, including “sinks” in the press.

The DNR has responded to today’s report: Eduard Basurin, the Deputy commander of the operational command of the self-proclaimed Republic said that he considers the findings of the international Commission wrong.

In the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation draw attention to the fact that the Ukrainian side is investigating in the wrong direction, hiding “unfavorable” information about the accident MH17.

Already followed the first reaction of politicians: the MP Leonid Slutsky, who in the state Duma of the new convocation will head the international Affairs Committee, called the findings of international experts “highly politicized” – he believes.

Today at 17 o’clock the representatives of the concern “Almaz-Antey” is going to give a press conference with his assessment of the report. Recall that the last data they provided to the international group, there is “not yet” to consider.

Read the story “report on the crash of the “Boeing” over the Donbas: the defence Ministry is preparing the cards”.


The Collapse Of The “Boeing”. Chronicle of events

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