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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Philippines change to Washington and beg in Moscow’s embrace

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said that his country had “passed the point of no return” in relations with the United States and he intends to conclude an Alliance with China and Russia. Although the new head of the state stoelinga known for his harsh statements, he really says what he thinks. But can the former colony to really go with the American orbit?

Rodrigo Duterte holds the post of President of the Philippines just a few months, but has already become a hero of the world press.

“I’m going to cross the Rubicon in relations with the United States over the next six years I need your help”

He is depicted Filipino trump – American billionaire although far from a former Prosecutor and mayor. Duterte threatens to alter the foreign policy orientation of the Philippines. Unlike trump, who at all desire will not be able to deploy American policy 180 degrees, Duterte can do much of what it promises.

The country, formerly first colony, and then a satellite of the United States, occupies an important strategic position in South-East Asia. And if the Philippines will begin to unfold from USA to China and Russia, it will affect the whole situation in the Asia-Pacific region.

After coming to power this summer, Duterte promised to kill drug traffickers – and his experience mayor of the second largest city of the Philippines Davao (which he headed for two decades) attests to the seriousness of his attitude. When the “international community” began to be indignant-judicial killings, Duterte in the literal sense of the word was to send everyone to hell. Secretary General of the UN, European Union, Barack Obama:

“I’m not an American puppet. I am the President of a sovereign state. We are no longer a colony. I’m not responsible to anyone except the Filipino people. A son of a bitch, I curse you. Tell it all”.

And it’s not just insults – this is a deliberate policy. Duterte wants to give the Philippines more sovereignty (to solve many domestic problems) – what in the world globaliseerumise inevitably leads to conflict with the United States. Especially if the history of relations with them such as the Philippines.

This island state was captured (and later purchased) by the Americans from the Spaniards in the late 19th century, after which few years the Yankees fought with the local population, who did not want to change some of the owners on the other. For half a century, the Philippines became the first American colony (under the status of “dependent territories”), then a semi-colony under the guise associated with the USA States. During the Second world war the island was captured by the Japanese, proclaimed the independence of the Philippines. To win back them back, the United States granted the country independence while retaining control over the elite defense and the economy.

The two largest American bases were widely used in the Korean and in the Vietnam war. And in the whole Philippines as a part of the military barrier reef, which stretched along the entire Western Pacific ocean from Japan to Australia. However, in 1992, the States lost the base. In 1986, he was overthrown who ruled the country two decades of Ferdinand Marcos and the new government wanted to get rid of the situation de facto occupied country.

At the same time as the Treaty of mutual assistance and military cooperation, naturally preserved – States still listed the Philippines among its nearest ward allies. Another thing is that Filipinos themselves increasingly resent their lack of independence. There are many problems, not only with drugs.

First, for decades lasted armed conflict with leftist rebels, and then added to his problems with radical Islamist groups (90 percent of the population – Catholics). The economy is weak, resources are scarce, the population is growing at a rapid pace. Americans don’t leave the Philippines without supervision, including as the main investor and main trading partner. And the military base is not averse to return.

In 2002, the U.S. sent their military units to fight local branches of al-Qaeda” (brought to the local guerrillas of the Islamists, who performed a terrorist act) – what was the reason for the return to the Philippines. Then, after a few years ago, Washington has officially announced pivot to the Pacific (to contain China), talks began on the possible use of Subic Bay former US Navy base. The goal is clear: Americans are working on building of an ASEAN anti-China redoubt, using as a pretext the territorial disputes between Beijing and countries in the region.

Although all the ASEAN countries want to have good relations with China and the United States, objectively it is Washington trying to hold back the development of their relations with Beijing. Somewhere like Vietnam or Cambodia, the U.S. has almost no features, but it Philippines the United States was not going to “give” to Beijing. Nevertheless, there is a real threat.

In 2015, the American soldiers were withdrawn from the two southern Islands, and recently Duterte said that must go and the remaining as training staff of the American special forces. When the answer began to talk about possible problems with the supply of American weapons, Duterte in mid-September announced that it is considering the possibility of purchasing weapons from Russia and China. It is clear that this is only exacerbated tensions with Washington.

In the USA some analysts earnestly expressed concerns that the Philippines not be dragged Washington into a war with China – although, of course, play the theme of the Islands in the first place the United States itself. But, of course, through the Philippines – Manila recently won a lawsuit in the Hague about the affiliation of the disputed Islands, which China ignored. States do not need to Philippines gained control over the Islands – and it is impossible without the desire of China, they just need as much as possible to save myself the territorial dispute, which gives them the opportunity to act as “guarantors of security” of the Philippines. The most unpleasant for Washington, if Manila and Beijing agree or even begin to negotiate.

And with the advent of the post of President Duterte such an opportunity. 71-year-old Duterte does not belong to the Philippine political elite, closely tied to the US – but the Pro-American forces are losing their former positions. Duterte rebellion against the United States is not a single riot.

USA, of course, began to put pressure on the rebellious satellite. But this Monday, after Western rating agencies began to face a decline in investment ratings of the country, which exacerbated the drop in the local peso, Duterte said that generally configured to change the orientation of the Philippines.

“I’m going to create trading alliances with Russia and China, so all you and other investors can just walk away. No problem… screw the ratings, I’ll open the Philippines to the Russian and the Chinese that they were our business, we will sign the trade agreement… I’m not going to sever ties with the US, but we make a Alliance with China and Russia.”

The President said that at the recent ASEAN summit in Laos, he said, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev: “I’m going to cross the Rubicon in relations with the United States, at least for the next six years I need your help.”

Duterte said that already held in private exploratory talks with both Medvedev and President of China XI Jinping, and this year will visit Beijing and Moscow with visits. He promised to open to foreign companies in the telecommunications and aviation sectors – that is, those sectors of the economy, which previously Manila adhered to protectionist policies.

It is clear that during visits to Russia and China will be discussed, and the supply of weapons and energy. Interesting Filipinos and our technology of exploration and mining, there is a need for the construction of hydropower plants. What Duterte appeals to China and Russia at the same time, is also significant – in the eyes of a growing number of countries the axis Moscow – Beijing is already working as an alternative to the US and the West in General. Of course, for the Philippines, the main partner is China – and in terms of investment and trade – but also with Russia can be a lot of interesting and important projects.

In may in Sochi was held the third meeting at the summit Russia – ASEAN, and the Philippines was the only country not represented at the highest level. And not because of the reluctance of the Manila – just Duterte has already been elected President but not yet inaugurated. Then he failed to meet with Putin, but now he has power, and earlier this month he appeared at a forum with Medvedev, where agreed visit to Moscow. Vladimir Putin still has not met with any head of the Philippines. But now, with the arrival in Moscow Duterte, he will fill that gap – in addition, the two presidents will meet in November at the APEC summit in the capital of Peru Lima.

So Russia will have the opening of the Philippines – the former colony finally decided to try to find true independence.


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