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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nonrandom records of the Russian coal miners

While the unfolding of the debate as to which scenario will develop the economy and whether our prosperity or stagnation, the Russian coal miners, wasting no time on words, honestly and professionally give the country of coal as the driving force for industrial growth. According to Rosstat, industrial growth in January—August 2016 accelerated to 0.4% in annual terms. Most actively growing production of energy resources. So, the average coal production increased in August by 3.2% compared with July (above the level of the corresponding period in 2015 of 11.2%).

A significant part of the industrial growth taking place in the SUEK enterprises, which this year showed a kind of “parade of records”. We tried to analyze — how amid complaints of pessimists to stagnation of the economy coal miners manages to impress everyone with record results.

In February of this year on the cut “Montenegrin” SUEK-Khakassia excavator KOMATSU РС4000-6 set a world record monthly throughput of overburden.

In June, a team of drifters Sergey Avkhimovich mine named after A. D. Ruban” JSC “SUEK-Kuzbass became the first team to break the boundary of two kilometers of mine workings since the beginning of the year.

And on 27 July the two millionth ton of “black gold” since the beginning of the year produced a team of Dmitry Godin’s mine “Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya-2” SUEK-Kuzbass. To achieve such high results at the mine contributed to the whole complex of works on modernization of equipment. Recently replaced the conveyor line, mounted high-performance conveyor belts. Just for this equipment SUEK spent about 1.5 billion rubles. the company’s Management expects that by the end of the year, a team of Dmitry Godin fully complete the ore in the lava and give the 3.5 million tons of coal.

Face team, led by Hero of labour of Russia Vladimir Miller (mine is “right” SUEK-Kuzbass), produced in August 2016 1.05 million tons of coal, setting a new all-Russia record in coal mining over the last month from one stope. This is the first stope on the new layer, it is equipped with the most modern equipment. Shearer Eickhoff new generation — the first and only representative of this class of technology in Russia, able to produce up to 4 thousand tons of coal per hour. His resource of 25 million tonnes of coal, it is equipped with four video cameras, sensors of methane, vibration and position processor, a data transfer system for technological process visualization and control system which can memorize the route and to work out the lava with a given speed and direction. Stope of the mine is equipped with a lawn conveyor, stage loader, crusher, high-pressure pump stations, a control system for mining machines RMS. And for the equipment of the main conveyor line in OOO Sib-DAMEL” — service company SUEK-Kuzbass — made two of a belt conveyor with a carriageway width of 1,600 mm and a capacity of 4,000 tons/hour. Over the past five years, the volume of SUEK investment in this company amounted to more than 8.5 billion rubles.

Another team break the previous national record, was the brigade of Hero of Kuzbass Vladimir Berezovsky mine “Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya 1. The August result was 1.02 million tons of coal. New achievement set in the lava with removable reservoir capacity of 4.5 meters, which is equipped with high-performance equipment. In the development of the mine “Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya 1 annually invested an average of 1.4 billion rubles. By the way, the team of Vladimir Berezovsky was the owner of the former Russian record — in March 2013, the team issued on-mountain 1 007 thousand tons.

As we have seen, to a large extent a record of the achievements of the coal miners is not random. This is the result of a major investment program to the enterprise constantly comes with the most modern technology and equipment, allowing to achieve unprecedented results. But, as noted by General Director of JSC “SUEK” Vladimir Rashevsky, congratulating Kuzbass teams with the new Russian record “the most important condition of your leadership is the professionalism, the constant striving to evolve, valor. You did a great gift to our whole company to the 15th anniversary of energy!”

And you can add a gift for our entire economy. Coal remains the base fuel, and therefore light and heat in homes, energy for industry. And yet, what not all know, coal is one of the five main export goods of Russia. So, every ton of exported coal is additional income to the Treasury of the country. Taking into account the fact that the role of coal continues to increase globally, particularly for developing economies, and with the development of technology, greatly improve the efficiency and sustainability of the use of this fuel for our industry and economy can strongly not worry — coal miners will not fail.


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