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Friday, March 16, 2018

Nikolay Fomenko: “Our main problem is the illusion of competence

In the Central House of journalists summed up the results of the first Moscow festival “Motherland is in heart”. The name itself raises questions. Few people remember today that there was a book “homeland in your heart” national teacher of the Soviet period of Vasily Sukhomlinsky.

photo: Vladimir Chistyakov

Nikolai Fomenko

He and his children taught in a rural school. Together with students of Sukhomlinsky walked tens of kilometers on the then Soviet Ukraine. And all in order to acquaint children with the lives of people in remote villages, the work of beekeepers and the farmers, to teach them to plant trees, do something with your hands. In the field the students were given the oath of allegiance, ready to join the Komsomol. Sukhomlinsky have developed a theory of education beauty. Today it is an impressive reading, although many of his ideas seem ridiculous and naive.

Since the creation of Patriotic films today priority, some savvy filmmakers to get funding. That stamp precocious movie on a current topic, glamorous, and unbearable. Member of the jury of the festival, directed by Valery Akhadov just talked about how difficult it is to remove sincere, devoid of pathos movie, imbued with the spirit of true patriotism, and not to shout about his love for the country. He urged everyone to try to make life better and start with yourself, your home, entrance, street.

The jury also consisted of: documentary filmmaker Andrey Osipov, the actress and the Director Elena Tsyplakov, film critic and TV presenter Alexander Kolbowski, journalist Dennis tokarski. They have looked 54 paintings, sent by journalists from across the country. The prize for best documentary was awarded to “Division” Marina Isostichopus from Nalchik. “Best television program” the jury found Perm “Cadet Bulletin” directed by Anastasia Petukhova. “Best reportage” made by V. Ivanchuk of Balakhna in Nizhny Novgorod region and it’s called “we’re together – we are invincible!”

In the framework of the festival held master classes of TV presenters Nikolay Fomenko, Sergey Babaev and Natalia Metlina, TV producer Askar Tuganbaev, journalist Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich and Alexander Kolesnichenko.

Nikolai Fomenko remembered the 90s.

Is the time, which gave us very much. We saw ourselves. We were in the USSR, these beautiful, proud that we have such a culture, excellent education. And then there were gangsters, shoot each other, kill, and steal without end. And we didn’t know how to behave, how to deal with it. If we talk about the 90s, then it is important that the world has changed. I think Gorbachev did the greatest thing – he opened the door, broke the German wall, and people began to travel to Europe. 90 years – heavy, terrible, but go through them needed as now using a completely different stage of history.

Nikolai Fomenko gave advice to the aspiring journalists taught them to interview.

– I have been living, saw free air played havoc with Professor Pleischner. Early prominent journalists were iconic figures, could afford a lot., but “to afford a lot” has always been culture. Journalism is the containment of internal contradictions, especially on paper. We must not forget that for you will observe, you will be read by a large number of people, and, most likely, you will affect their perception of the world. The most important thing today is to recover the journalistic profession, the depth of immersion. Do not believe those people who say: “We are 24 hours in the air. Today we are talking about the auto industry, and then about the food industry, new performance, film, fashion. I’m sorry, man, I messed up. Well, do not worry.” Behind this terrible incompetence. Our main problem ( to the reporters, she refers in the first place) -the illusion of competence. Ran on Google, opened two times, “Wikipedia”, and you’re competent. And earlier the journalist had a month to prepare significant articles, interviews. When you meet a person, and a great personality is a phenomenon to such a meeting we must prepare. Questions should be competent. And when it fast, because it’s hard to live, hard to earn, when interview here and then somewhere else, and they all relate to different things, what can happen? Therefore, asking questions at the level of “how are you doing?” People are preparing for an important meeting, festival, forum, and in the press conference asked: “do You like dogs?”. And they are trained annually to this event. I would like to see a future generation of outstanding people were dealing with competent journalism. When you are competent and deeply dig the theme, you get a single player on the field, better versed in the material.

About patriotism Nikolai Fomenko said: the most important thing for him is family, it is necessary to preserve and protect. He also noticed that all the wives and children he has a great relationship.


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