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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Moscow screening of the film “Dryden-Suite” Vladimir Naivnogo ended with embarrassment

Recently, one of the most original artists of our time Sergey dreyden noted the 75th anniversary. Director Vladimir Nepevny filmed a documentary about him “dreyden-Suite”, which was presented in Saint Petersburg and then in Moscow. Nothing equal about actors lately, not made, except that the Georgian film “And if there is the theatre?” Nana Janelidze about Kakhi Kavsadze. Capital but the audience left the anniversary event until its completion.

A scene from the movie “dreyden-Suite”

In some moment appears on the screen of the St. Petersburg artist Roman Gromadsky. He gives Sergei Dreiden award and well-modulated voice, said that the officials should be ashamed of the fact that this artist still has regalia. At this time, behind Gromadsky Dryden portrays grief, sleeve wipes imaginary tears. Room dies of laughter.

Before we see Sergey Dreyden in the Museum of Dostoevsky from his own paintings (he is also an artist). It captures the father’s house, or rather apartment. Dryden talks about his parents, childhood, shows clearly where and what was where was a window which had a view of the portrait of Stalin. Here is the entry for “Voronkov”, one of which took his father Simon Dryden, who served as literary Manager at the Chamber theater. There is a child Sergei visited more than once, went by the handle with aunt Alice UNC. She wondered what he thought of the play and her role. The naive boy did not say that and did not see her on stage. Dryden, of course, played himself, though it is documentary, but he is so free artist and a gifted man to madness, what is all this film is not harmful. And the approach was almost absolute. Vladimir Nepevny refused the operator did all the work, to penetrate into his character. Here Dryden went to a suburban sofa, sipping wine, reads Brodsky, treats, and he treats red fish in the kitchen, sitting at the table with rustic rugs. In red pants, he’s walking the dog. On his head marginal headdress a La skullcap. Uncontrollable person living according to his inner essence. Can only envy.

A scene from the movie “dreyden-Suite”

Vladimir Nepevny took the rehearsal of the play “dandelion Wine” at the St. Petersburg youth Theatre in 2014. Dreyden and very young actors rehearse with Adolf Shapiro. Wise Shapiro carefully glances, does not interfere with the fantasies of Dryden, gives him the opportunity to Express themselves fully. These frames are unique in themselves.

“Dreyden-Suite” did not take on the festivals, which was understandable, because it is not full format, as does Dryden. And what about the audience? Few of their squad have gathered in the Theater center na Strastnom. Someone left during the movie bored, although the picture is very funny. After showing the waiter brought to the table. Came Sergey dreyden, put a few read books travelling library of artist, as he himself said, and began to read the story Zoshchenko about the man stopped to watch women. Read as myself, wondering: “why women don’t look at me?”. Whether poorly dressed, whether the complexion is not the same, or just got old. Dreyden — master of artistic expression, but a number of spectators amicably left the small room, where quietly it sneaks. Dryden entered into a dialogue with them, he turned to his friend, who is also going to leave the room: “You said that you have the time?”. And sadly reassured the audience: “I’ll read mediocre one poem, and you’ll leave.” And Craig, for sure, not just reading one story and one poem. But what can you do, now manners. “All the good ones remain, and they leave. May be, the questions what is? We’re from out of town arrived. Ask: “How’s your water supply like the boss?” – continued to comment on the mass Exodus hero of the day. And so it was funny, if not sad. Could not resist Adolf Shapiro, came on the scene, told as cut off: “Never do anything without a Director. We had tickets for a seven thousand to sell, and it would be Packed”. Dreyden distractedly replied that Volodya Nepevny could not sell tickets to your film, you can’t. In General, it’s all ridiculous, it was embarrassing for supposedly the audience. And then people raised his head, spoke with Sergei Draganom standing on the stage, admired, praised for his masterful VoiceOver in the project on urban planning and architecture. Someone remembered how the hero of the day did not go to the artists, selecting a more serious profession.

A scene from the movie “dreyden-Suite”

This surreal evening I was reminded of the film “Mad help” Boris Hlebnikova, where Sergey dreyden played half-mad in the opinion of the inhabitant of the Moscow engineer, ready to save everyone from Belarusian workers to a sad girl, which had to be cut to all the problems disappeared. Complete lack of understanding of his destiny. That “capital spectator” once again proved its inability to perceive the present.


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