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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kim Jong-UN wants to go to the moon

“Digi-Digi-Doo, Digi-Digi-Doo! From the gun I will go to heaven. Will go to heaven!” — sang the Lyubov Orlova in the Comedy “Circus”. Gun shot really, and Orlov were on the moon, or rather, on the Crescent. It was funny, and everyone laughed. But when the same “singing” President of North Korea, Kim Jong UN, no one but he is not laughing. (The Iranian mullahs don’t count.) Even his Korean “Digi-Digi-do not cause anybody of fun. Why is that? Kim on the moon looks much safer than Kim on the Ground.

photo: AP

Kim Jong-UN

But jokes away.

Talk about flying to the moon carried out in North Korea in order to explain the tests that were conducted last week. Rocket engine, if he really so powerful, as claimed by Pyongyang, will compete with commercial rockets, which are now used by Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. They are known now target its aerospace company to send cargo into the Universe.

However, inside the intelligence agencies of the United States, there is significant skepticism about the plans of Pyongyang. There can’t believe North Korea really wants to show its flag on the lunar landscape. US intelligence agencies have been exploring other capabilities of the DPRK. They argue that President Kim rushes forward, taking advantage of the fact that the United States is now covered by the presidential campaign. North Korean leader uses this opportunity to build up its nuclear Arsenal, making it attainable for new York and Washington.

The intelligence agencies of the United States is suspected of and what the North Koreans are not working alone. So, in January, American intelligence has publicly declared that the DPRK might produce missiles 80-ton amount for a couple with Iran. The Finance Ministry has announced sanctions against Iranian officials and engineers, and called two names, said Mirakhmad’s nouchine and Assayed Mehdi Faraya. In the Treasury statement says that these scientists-engineers flew to North Korea working on 80-ton rocket (starting the engine). The construction of such a rocket is one of the primary task of the North Korean government, said a statement from the Ministry of Finance.

The newspaper “new York times” writes that the dramatic escalation of the North Korean nuclear and missile programs, will be by the time of the presidency of Hillary Clinton or Donald trump one of the most puzzling problems of Washington.

The engine, which should go from the cannon to the moon”, must have three times more starting power than the most advanced North Korean missile tested in April. Of course, now the American intelligence there is no more possible to reconcile exactly what “floor” is the North Korean nuclear missile program. But, according to some data, North Korea will need five years to consolidate its achievements missile with a nuclear weapon is relatively small, but both powerful enough to withstand entry into the atmosphere on an Intercontinental ballistic missile.

At this stage, the engineers working on the North Korean leader, has never carried out military tests, which could cover a distance further than the middle of the Pacific ocean. However, in his statement the other day, North Korea threatened to attack GUAM, where available, American bombers b-1.

Potential to link North Korea with Iran complicate things. As you know, Iran has ignored the Security Council resolution the UN adopted last year in connection with the agreement to freeze its nuclear program for eight years.

The Obama administration did not require sanctions, knowing that it is still a requirement in the Security Council will be subject to a veto by Russia and China. The history of North Korean-Iranian Commonwealth and the exchange of nuclear technology are well known. However, there is still no convincing evidence that the Iranians are involved in North Korean missile and nuclear tests.

It is not excluded that the flight to the moon is the desire of Pyongyang. However, the desire to reach the moon doesn’t mean you, sorry for the involuntary pun, a lunatic. Experts on missiles say that four of North Korea’s new engine set the basis of a spaceship, powerful enough to deliver goods to the moon. But for this North Korea will have to master other technologies before committing to a moon “Digi-Digi-Doo.”

Last month, the Director of the research Department of the North Korean administration on aerospace development Hion Kwang-Il gave an interview with the associated Press, saying that the flight to the moon was a national goal of North Korea.

“Despite the fact that the United States and its allies are trying to block our progress in space technology, our scientists have successfully conquer the space and are planning to leave your flag, the flag of the DPRK on the moon,” said Hion.

Kim Jong-UN is known not only by the fact that, according to rumors, shooting suspects in the betrayal of colleagues by direct fire from guns, but their propaganda flourishes. Informing about the latest successful missile tests, he performed on Korean national television. In a white shirt against the background of a Sunny day. It took place at the site of testing.

No matter where wants to go Kim, but the new engine, tested by North Korea, is quite sophisticated. It surpasses even the Russian missiles a decade ago. All this suggests that North Korea is capable of technological progress, without resorting to outside help, except for Iranian specialists.

“We saw something never seen before, said John Schilling, an expert on the North Korean missile program. Is something frightening, because they got the opportunity to make a cosmic flight to the moon”.

History suggests that any steps in the missile business, regardless of what goals they pursue, can be both civil and military. According to David Rothkopf, Peru which belong to two books on the history of the National security Council of the United States, since the war the Americans behaved and Soviet scientists, are now themselves the Chinese. Then Rothkopf asks: “why not the North Koreans?”

According to Dr. Schilling, the new large engine is more suitable for launching satellites and other space objects than to launch nuclear warheads. The North Korean military elite known that she prefers missiles small enough size to transport military equipment. She believes that this nuclear missile rig is easier to hide in the tunnels.

In Pyongyang saying that North Korea will not take much time to go to the moon and at the same time create the military capabilities to defeat any part of the United States.

“You link together four missiles and get quite effective a long-range missile,” says Jeffrey Lewis, a specialist on North Korea from the Institute of international studies in Montreux, California. Of course, the transition from the static start engines will require significant time. And rocket, waiting to launch, will for the Americans, kind of a sitting duck.

The impression that North Korea is trying to repeat the experience of the American “triad” — to create a nuclear Arsenal that can deliver nuclear weapons from the air, from ground-based missile launch mines and submarines. Just last missile tests were carried out with submarines. “We have 400 missiles, which are in the start-up mines,” says Dr. Lewis. However, this creates the threat that the silos could be destroyed. They are old-fashioned and subject to destruction in a pre-emptive attack.

According to David Wright, a scientist from Cambridge who monitors the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the North Korean program can result in the development of powerful long-range missiles, Packed in deep starting shafts. Dr. Wright in his blog said that the success of North Korea contributed to the fact that she may have a missile-type Chinese, which is known as the DF-5, which means in Chinese, “the East wind”. These missiles, says Dr. Wright, can deliver nuclear warheads to any location in the United States. “Who knows what North Korea wants,” says Dr. Wright, — In the present moment I don’t think we need to clear the table of nuclear long-range missiles”.

Yes, North Korea’s “Digi-Digi-Doo” at the table of Washington.

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis


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