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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna: “People like the monarchy”

In 2012, on the eve of the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, the Union of writers of the Russian Imperial house (RIED) has established a literary prize “Heritage”. Get it, those who cleverly writes about the dramatic history of our country. Announced winners of this year’s head of the REED that her companions asked to be called by Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna. She did not fail to communicate with “MK”.

The President of the Union of writers Dmitry Kravchuk and the Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna. Credit: courtesy of the writers ‘ Union

Hall of the Central House of writers was full of people but no familiar faces. Here gathered admirers Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, who stand in the hallway for a hour or two to kiss the knob of her Highness. She meanwhile, in a Small hall tells reporters about the nuances of the award.

Competitive selection of participants takes place on the literary portals Prose.<url> and Poems.<url>. They differ in that they write in there can be anyone (900 thousand registered authors), so long the jury selected the nominees. Their works released 15 anthologies — a feature of “Heritage”.

The winners get an opportunity to publish your personal books at the expense of the organizing Committee. The balance among them a nomination “Prose” went to Olga cherniyenko and archdeacon Sergiy Alberowa, nomination “Poetry” — Gennady Tolino, Igor Gurevich, Yuri Vorotina.

The press conference ends, and suddenly I hear: “the Princess can give you an exclusive interview, want?” — “Allow”. — “The most important thing — first you have to address it, “your Imperial Highness”, and then can simply “your Highness.” But the Princess was a woman of democratic and calmly accept the standard form of treatment.

— As you learn about literary novelties?

— The office selects for my books. The Internet read with difficulty: you can start work in the electronic version, but will definitely finish the print edition. It is important for me to feel the book, see the cover illustration, to feel the aroma. Sometimes out the library and find children’s essays from our house in France, POPs up a lot of memories is the joyful moments of my life. And find out news mostly from Newspapers.

— So you are aware of what is happening in Russia? Because someone accuses you in ignorance of contemporary realities, because the life you have lived abroad…

I often go to Russia and monitor key events. And to those who are talking about us, I wish to love our country as much as we do. We left her and lived abroad on their own. Endured a lot of adversity, and, as the rescued family of Noah, we now bring to our country best Russian traditions, which were able to maintain in Europe. But we do not teach and share what we hold dear and that we were able to keep in Europe.

— There is extremely stable monarchy. In your opinion, in Russia it is possible to revive it?

— It can be. This will happen if people will understand that the monarchy is a very flexible form of government. People will like it. But if the monarchy is not coming back, as long as the government does not experimented with the state system. This can lead to the most disastrous consequences.

— We know from the history of the Romanovs… do you think they are today in the minds of Russians?

— Yes, but the attitude towards them is strange, from ignorance of history and truth. Now, in the Internet age, this problem is easy to fight. But don’t forget about the lies, which is enough in the Network.

— Why are you skeptical about some relatives?

— We can’t please everyone. Often people make mistakes out of ignorance or intentionally for a particular commodity. This behavior often leads to great conflict. To solve them is hard, because someone thinks he’s above the other. We must learn to respect people.


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