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Saturday, March 17, 2018

For drugs with no markings will be put

In 2017, to mandatory labelling of fur products, added medicines, wood, shoes, and possibly food. They will strike a special chip that allows you to track the movement of goods from the manufacturer or boundaries, if the imports to the final consumer. The Federal tax service (FNS) expect that this will not only increase budget revenues, will clear the market from “grey” schemes, but will help the ordinary citizen to detect counterfeit, and thus to acquire better quality products.

“Since the launch of the information system-labeling of fur products (from April 2016 it work in a pilot mode. — “MK“) it signed up nearly 6 thousand companies and entrepreneurs, said at the meeting of the state Commission to counter illegal turnover of industrial products, the head of the FTS Mikhail Mishustin. — Already sold 50 thousand labeled coats, hats, mittens. Ordered 5.6 million of control marks (Kiz), which is 16 times higher than the official statistics of Rosstat and customs concerning the total turnover of products from natural fur for the entire 2015 year.

These figures speak eloquently about the “quality” of the work of Rosstat. According to the Agency, fur turnover for last year amounted to only 310 thousand units: 240 thousand — import, 70 million domestic. It turns out that in the statistics of Rosstat were unaccounted millions of products.

Hence the first problem faced by entrepreneurs. Because nobody expected such a shaft of orders for stamps, Goznak does not cope with the timing of their production. Initially, FNS stated that since the date of application until receipt of the keys will take several days. Most likely, this will happen, but later on when they fall off the high demand.

Connect to the information resource labeling, ordering keys, payment, description of goods through the taxpayer’s personal account on the website FTS. The cost of one paper brand, which has a small antenna, depending on the method of fixing will cost the entrepreneur from 15 to 22 rubles. You can get them in two ways: either the pickup from a branch of Goznak in the region (eight of them, and they are all in the European part), or arrange delivery by post or courier service. It will have to pay. In principle, given the high cost of fur coats and large amounts of ordered stamps is almost no impact on the cost. At least, so says one of the leaders of the large chain leather and fur retail Armen Osipov.

Verification of the legality of the fur is carried out using any QR reader, including your smartphone. You need to download a special mobile application. After entering the number, yields the following data: name of product, type of fur and country of origin (marks of red color marked import, green — domestic), manufacturer, brand, seller, the number of the Declaration of conformity.

After October 1, 2016, sales of fur no chips in Russia will turn into prohibited from fishing, which provides for administrative and criminal liability. In the best case, the seller is left without goods and, at worst, will receive real term for trafficking in furs.

A complete system will work only if it will join all five countries included in the EEU. Until that Russia in this sense is not far behind only Belarus. In Kazakhstan, marking fur tested. Armenia and Kyrgyzstan have just started this work.

The head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov, fur revenues to the Russian budget (taxes and import duties) will increase significantly — up to 14 billion rubles per year, which for one item is a good addition.

In the next year, pilots will start the chipping of the medicines, shoes and maybe some food. In addition, not so long ago in Krasnodar region have been tested for radio frequency labels marking of wood of valuable species. This should help in the fight against illegal logging, smuggling of raw materials from the Far East to China.

As for drugs, they will be marked exclusively with QR codes that do not require additional costs. As suggested by Denis Manturov, due to this medications are not more expensive. Because tablets and pills are much cheaper fur.


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