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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Experts have calculated how many apartments can be rented by the Russian salary

Believe it or not, but in vain, our citizens and then complain about income and expensive housing. If you believe the all-knowing statistics, the average Russian is able to rent on his salary of fifteen apartments. It is clear that we are not talking about luxury apartments, and the “odnushke” or “kopeck piece” economy of comparable size.

photo: Roman Orlov

The wealthiest were the inhabitants of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district. With an average salary of 86 559 rubles (Rosstat) and the rental cost of 228 19 rubles they could rent a 4.5 apartment. Even more — 4,7 apartment — able to pay the Murmansk. Another thing is that the last salary is more modest: 48 738 rubles, and rental rates are low — 10 278 rubles. The third position is Yakutia with respect to 4.2 (the average salary is 57 218 rubles, and the cost of rent — 13 675 rubles). Almost the same results shows Kamchatka Krai: salary (58 of 226 rubles) enough for 4 months of rent (14 457 rubles per month). In fifth place — the Republic of Karelia. It is very pleasant to the ear of a Muscovite rental rates: 8446 rubles. Having toiled a month for 32 281 ruble (that is the average earnings in the Republic), you can rent an apartment for 3.8 months.

But on the southern borders results the opposite. Crimeans, for example, is not even enough monthly earnings to srednestatisticheskiy apartment on his own shores of the black sea. Here’s an example: the average salary of the inhabitant of Sevastopol is 26 089 roubles. While the rent he needs to pay 30 837 rubles. (Data averaged.) The Crimea in General, for a month you can get 24 421 ruble. Take housing for 26 593 rubles. What does it mean? Earned money krymchanin will only last for 0.8 month stay in Sevastopol, or 25 days.

Almost the entire salary will have to pay for an apartment in North Ossetia: the average rate here is 21 022 rubles a month, and the salary — only 21 835 rubles.

Very interesting situation in the Altai, which is divided into two independent administrative units. “In the Altai region wages (20 301) of the ruble, though outweighs the cost of renting (15 059 rubles), but the difference is not exactly clear. But in the Altai Republic for tenancy please mere pennies — 6350 rubles per month, and salary is close to 23 856 of the ruble. For this money you can rent an apartment from 3.8 months in Karelia”, — say the authors of the study, analysts of the Federal portal “World apartments”.

Exactly half the salary cost to rent in Novosibirsk, Volgograd, Tula, Tyumen, Kurgan region, Kabardino-Balkaria and Dagestan.

We can not say about main cities — Moscow and St. Petersburg. Capital reflect the average situation in Russia: shelter residents should give about 2/3 of earnings. Moscow 69 254 rubles rent “eat” 44 327 rubles per month, St. Petersburg 46 873 rubles — 32 393 rubles per month.

Analysts conclude that the average salary in the country 35 708 rubles rent is 23 469 rubles a month, and so the average fellow can use a salary 1.5 apartment.

— Note that the actual figures depend on many specific conditions and may differ significantly from the average values. In addition, the ratio of the wage to the rental rate does not reflect the full picture of living standards in the region, — says General Director of the portal Pavel Lutsenko. — The same values may have regions where wages differ several times. For example, in the Magadan region and Buryatia, Sakhalin and Arkhangelsk region, in the Tyumen region and Dagestan, the Moscow region and Stavropol Krai. It is clear that higher wages provides the best conditions, even if rents in the region are significantly higher.

Meanwhile, according to the September rating exclusive Moscow objects prepared “Inkom-real estate”, the most expensive rental housing in the capital will cost 800 thousand rubles: 3-level apartment on Ostozhenka area of 320 sq. m. the apartment has 3 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, high ceilings. In the entrance Concierge; the cost of hiring includes one Parking space. In the top five also includes a penthouse with an area of 290 sq. m with panoramic views and outdoor terrace area of 100 sqm (rent is 800 thousand rubles); the apartment is in the Kalashny lane area of 200 sq m with a wood burning fireplace and appliances from leading manufacturers (700 thousand rubles); the living area of 190 square meters with French Windows and repair copyright design project on Old Volynsk street, near the metro station “Slavic Boulevard” (550 thousand rubles); rounding the top sheet of the proposal with the insert 450 thousand rubles. This apartment of 300 sqm in the “Eurodom” at the Zoological street, near the metro station “Barrikadnaya”.


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