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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Actress Alla Demidova: “How the destiny turns to me, as I live”

“Not leaving,” she says. And it’s true. Alla Demidova is absolutely subject to nature. And that’s why she Demidova! No one will confuse. What is this nature? From the Outlook, the sense of being in space among images and people, introspection, self-education… it is often called the most intellectual actress. So I went to her for answers to troubling questions: about loneliness, about jealousy, about revenge, about betrayal… did I get what I wanted? I don’t know. I only know that she’s… For her talent, wisdom and mind does not even matter how much!

photo: Gennady Avramenko

Alla Demidova

— Do you love what is called loneliness? His loneliness? Cherish them?

— I would say, is not loneliness, but solitude. It’s completely different words and therefore different state of mind.

Loneliness is quite unacceptable? It’s something for you very pessimistic?

— Well, why we are going to talk about the philosophical sound of the word. Loneliness is lonely. But I can’t do it alone, because I, in General, people public: I’m going to a jury, then going to the concert I perform, I practice, I’m talking to you. Well, what can be lonely? But privacy is quite real.

— You are disappointed in your profession?

Is a completely different relationship with a profession than the charm or frustration. Naturally, when you are in the profession for more than 50 years, it difference. It’s not as simple as it was in youth, when only open truths that you have long been open. And now it is rather a finding that, first, it was interesting to myself, and secondly, so to turn the topic of how to you still nobody came.

— It is believed that the profession of an actor blurs the self”. That is, the artist would like to dissolve in their roles. Your profession erodes your stance m, your identity?

— Let’s return to Stanislavsky: I’m in the given circumstances. This is a very good, wise advice. And this is a very good school. But “I” can be different, depends on the coloring of these proposed circumstances. That’s all.

— I recently heard of Konstantin Raikin for this reason. He followed Michael Chekhov said that the “I” in the given circumstances for him is completely unacceptable. He doesn’t want his artists and he himself carried his “I” on stage. So you need to reincarnate to the “I” there is nothing left.

You know, this is theorizing. You could turn this theme. Still, in practice, the actor uses his material, and not strangers. The sculptor takes the marble, and it is made of marble carving, marble sculpture work, instead of clay. But if he takes the clay, that is clay sculpture, and not of marble. The actor himself and the material, and the sculptor, so he makes of himself what he wants. But that’s all he does! Another thing that he can do far. But still it will, it will still be his fantasy, his knowledge of life, his Outlook, his attitude to the character he plays. From itself will not go away.

“Nobody knew that the bard will go, and we’ll never finish this play”

— Realized. Why I first started talking about loneliness… You hate concepts such as a team or a crowd?

— You are for me come up with some incredible verbs. Why for me to do something? Dramatic art is a collective art. You want to or not, if you’re in theatre, you work in a team. And how do you feel — deep in your business that are hidden and not presented to the audience. The audience can’t know about it. As for not theater group, in principle, a random bunch of people I don’t like it because there is an unconscious, uncontrolled, sometimes explosive something. Then I really am going away from this kind of gatherings and groups. And when you’re in the theatre he worked for more than 30 years… I was in the team, of course. Again, can the team live, that is domestic. But in the theatre only to work. It is also two different lives. Some like to chat, discuss the news with friends… not Even friends, people with whom he works. But I don’t have to do it, not forced.

Just was the case when you Vysotsky has prepared a solo performance at the Taganka, he called colleagues — and nobody came.

— It’s all words. Nobody knew that the bard will go, and we’ll never finish this play. The performance was out of repertoire, so we rehearsed it after the main rehearsal. And showed the first act on stage after the main rehearsal, where people fled their homes. They have the same before the performance was some two hours, when something had to be done. Many think that they can watch it later. Some thought they will see it as a whole. Again no experience of the future. It’s not because it’s so bad we were treated. It just so happens that nobody paid attention to this ad. So often. Very often, when rehearsing a soul — and you’re rehearsing. So what?

“So you’re talking about. It’s been years, ” he said.

— And when the room was empty, we were not surprised.

And neither you nor Vladimir Semenovich not upset over this?

— Not that that did not upset we did not pay attention to it. After all, how many times we have the same Vysotsky rehearsing “the Cherry orchard” when he was only a Efros, Vysotsky and me.

— But there was also an announcement: come…

— So what? It’s just then, after death, begin to analyze, to remember… a PostScript.

“I’m just afraid of even the punishment of heaven”

— You have a feeling as jealousy?

— (Pause.) No… Thank God, no.

— And someone from the great said that the engine for their own perfection?

— But you never know in what context somebody to say something. Envy is, of course, in General, the sense of natural. If you’ve got it, this feeling corrodes the soul. Thank God I don’t have it. And so I say — thank God.

— And what is called revenge… You never took revenge on someone?

— No, God forbid. I’m not the enemy itself. Any bad action, consciously bad, comes back like a boomerang. I am absolutely convinced. And watched a lot when my eyes people just sometimes die because of their such actions. And then I’m a believer. I’m just afraid of even the punishment of heaven among other things.

— Are you a believer… sorry, long time ago?

“You know, I do not discuss it. No relation to the audience such questions are not.

— But in Soviet times… You never joined the party, you are not asked?

Well, probably, suggested, because it seemed to offer everything. So what?

— You have not entered?

— No. It was already 60-70 years, “thaw”, when you didn’t have to join the party. Well, who has made a career of the party, he joined, of course, is their own business. But I can’t throw a stone in the garden of our fathers and grandfathers who came in Soviet times to the party. You never know for what reasons they did it. Not necessarily for her career, and sometimes just out of fear to be on the verge of life and death.

photo: Gennady Avramenko
Alla Demidova

— And you shared Soviet ideology?

I do not answer these questions. To talk about politics, it is necessary to understand very well, but narrow-minded these idle conversations I hate.

— Now all speak about politics, including many of your colleagues. Never you.

Is not my profession, what I’m going to talk about it. I don’t understand.

— Maybe you just consider yourself above this fuss?

— I have enough on my plate.

— There is a notion “citizen”, “citizenship”. You have probably she is?

— You know, as for faith, the so-called civil position, patriotism and all your favorite newspaper sentences — questions of internal order. And you are the person to whom should I disclose my soul. And your readers too. It’s the people I don’t know. They know me by my images, my poetic evenings, in my books. And if they are attentive, they know everything about me through this. Because people are more Frank than their roles can not be. If he plays well, of course. But these questions and answers is all from evil. Today I’m in a bad mood, I can give you is to say that you will not be happy.

That’s your right.

— I’m just tired, that’s all.

“We lived upstairs, we lived in the same country”

— Then, I’d like to ask you about betrayal. About that time, when I left Lyubimov and the Taganka actors all stayed with him on a moral level. But came Efros, and you were one of the very important for him Actresses. But you have in the theater at Efros reacted differently, sometimes very harshly. Soon after he died. You did not participated in these campaigns?

You know, I don’t answer such delicate questions that concern the fate of so many people, so many famous people. I don’t answer such questions in an interview. I about it wrote in great detail in his books. And just to answer something in order to tickle some unnecessary phrase your readers, I absolutely do not want. Although you can turn my words as you please.

— Let’s talk about the movie. You played great in the film, Kira Muratova’s “the tuner”. As far as you know Muratov as a Director? You can consider her an actress? Or even for you such a question — whose actress — illegal?

— No one will ever say about yourself: I’m an actor so-and-so Director. But the fact that Kira invited me to his next film, “Eternal return”, it says that she was just interested in working with me.

— How she was difficult to work with?

— Is not difficult. How difficult life can be with a talented person?

But talented players need at least to understand and accept such what they are.

Of course, we simply do the will of the Director.

But I read what you said as she cried on the set, was unhappy; he loves to work with Amateurs, and you were there one of the few professional actress, and you hated it.

— No, someone wrote instead of me something, and it went… kind of Stupid the next.

— When the film Tarkovsky’s “the Mirror”, where you played for a long time did not go on the screens, you understand why this is happening? You took it for granted? You understand that this is a “shelf” movie?

To “Mirror” my main movie “Daily star” lying on the shelf I do not know how many years, I have not counted. And he was all cut up. So it just came out without hands, without legs and without a head. And now to talk about “the Mirror”. We lived upstairs, we lived in the same country.

— And to the present time, the so-called post-totalitarian, what do you think? How do you accept it? Sometimes you want to go back? I speak about creativity, not about politics.

— As for the present time… I mostly worked abroad with Director Theodore Tersopulos. I had my own theater, the theatre “A”. We put co-production and took these performances around the world. As for my personal life, it is in principle not changed. Changed only look at the outside life. But let’s not vain about it. At any time there are pros and cons. Change formations (since I did graduate from Economic University) less likely comes from the will of the people. Is there are any energy, other threads. The reason is to be sought deep and very far back in history. And we just watch and discuss the investigation. And investigation… What to discuss them. They are, see them. And to talk about the reasons, it is necessary to know the history, philosophy, psychology. Know a lot to understand what happened then.

— Tell me how you know how to adapt to the current situation?

— The fact that I’m not adjusting, I just can’t resist. As fate turns to me, as I live. I just take the good with the bad in the flow of life. And life, it is not very easy. Who said it is easy?

— You understand that I’m not talking about hameleonstve. Just when the situation changes around you, you accept it or not accept?

“Well, don’t take, and then what?

— So you’re going against the tide? When the majority stands for something, and you’re one against. Against all.

— Oh come on for God’s sake! I don’t understand you. Give an example.

— Examples are many. Jesus Christ for example.

— What are you talking about?

— Haven’t you been in such a situation? Well, how would you explain that you understand? About Vysotsky’s do not speak… You watched the movie “Scarecrow” Rolan Bykov?

— “The Scarecrow”… “Stuffed”… Look, but a very long time. What?

— This film is not important to you? It’s a model of what I’m talking about.

— Okay, let’s move on.

I stood up.

“And you, “the Scarecrow” filmed?” “she asked. “No.” We bade each other goodbye, and I departed, confused and misunderstood.

Came home… And suddenly: of course, right now! I dialed her number: “Alla Sergeevna, you know what the song Vysotsky “Hunting for wolves”?” “Yes,” wonderingly said the interviewee.

Yes? Well, well. So, I hope it I still understand.


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